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If you are researching where to stay in Paros, then chances are you are probably confused with the weird names of the islandโ€™s towns, the different pros and cons each area has, or even wondering if Parikia or Naoussa is better to stay. Hopefully, my guide will help you decide the best place to stay in Paros island in Greece, and my maps will assist you visually to pick the best area ๐Ÿ˜‰. If you are looking to visit Paros with kids you should also take a look at this list of the best family hotels in Paros.

where to stay in paros
The best place to stay in Paros really depends on your situation but in general Naoussa and the surrounding areas are considered the best areas to stay



Paros has something for everyone but as I always advise people looking for holidays in Greece, the accommodation or the place you stay really depends on your situation. So, this is where to stay in Paros (Jump quickly with the links below or keep reading):

As in every greek island pretty much, the place and the area you will stay in Paros can really make or break your holidays on this very hyped (rightfully so) greek island.

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Where to go in Paros

paros island port greece
Parikia Port (the capital of Paros Island) can get quite busy in the summer months of July, August and September

Paros is a relatively small island but with a lot of accommodation choices. In the last 5 years, Paros has become the best alternative greek island to visit as it is probably less touristy than Santorini and Mykonos, but it is equally beautiful and picturesque in many cases.

The great thing about Paros is that it doesn’t actually have a super expensive area (like Santorini has Oia, for example) and then less expensive areas, so hotels are scattered throughout the island

So, to put it simply:

  • If you want the vibes, the nightlife, the restaurants and the transport hubs, then stay in Parikia and Naoussa.
  • If, on the other hand, you want a more quiet area, stay up on the hill in Lefkes village.
  • If you want the beach life, stay as close as possible to Chyrssi Akti, Pounda or Livadia.

But the thing is that even if you stay in Naoussa, you will still be close to the famous Monastiri and Kolybithres beaches as you can very easily visit them by bus, taxi or even your own rental car.

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  • Best Place To Stay in Paros: Naoussa โ€“ it has the best vibes overall, the best restaurants, the best nightlife and it is also close to some of the best beaches of the island (see also my list of the best hotels in Naoussa)
  • How to Book a Hotel for Paros: go to Booking.com and make your choice with the right filters. Airbnb has far fewer available rooms and villas for Paros and all greek islands, to be honest.
  • Best Sunset Views in Paros: if you are looking for sunset views in Paros (why wouldn’t you?) then you must stay on the western side of the island and in places such as Pounta Beach or Parikia that has an amazing sunset over the port
  • Parikia or Naoussa: in my honest opinion, Naoussa is much more picturesque with its fishing village past vibes but overall, Parikia is a larger town and also the port; Naoussa in my opinion, is better for any traveller visiting Paros as you will also be closer to the beaches on the north side of the island

  • Paros Beaches: If you want to be close to a beach then Paros is the perfect island for that with some of the best beaches in Cyclades and in Greece such as Pounta, Chryssi Akti (Golden Beach), Monastiri and Kolympithres. Apart from Pounta the best beaches on the island are mostly on the north and eastern side and only a few kilometres apart from each other.

  • Cheapest Hotels: you will find most of the best budget hotels on the island in or around Parikia in general

  • Best Family Place in Paros: Naoussa, Chryssi Akti and Livadia are great places to stay if you are visiting with a family or with kids

  • Most Romantic Place to Stay in Paros: Naoussa as it has the best vibes overall but if you want more seclusive areas you can stay anywhere from Lefkes to Livadia; overall the hotels matter not the area you are staying in Paro
  • Steps and stairs: there are no high cliffs and steps in Paros so you won’t have any issues anywhere

  • Best Alternative Places to Stay in Paros: Lefkes is my favourite alternative place to stay in Paros as it’s a super cute little village on the top of the hill, in the centre of the island; admittedly, you won’t be very close to a beach but Lefkes is the definition of a “Mamma Mia” greek village
  • Paros Bus: Taking the local bus to get around on Paros is a great option as they are reliable and relatively frequent and on time. The main bus hub of the island is in Parikia and the tickets cost between 2-4 euros depending on the destination. However, it goes without saying that by taking the bus you waste more time waiting and planning ahead. A car will always give you more flexibility to move around.

Best Place To Stay In Paros (overall)

naoussa paros greece
Naoussa is the best place to stay in Paros as it has the best vibes and it is close to the best beaches on the north side of the island

The best place to stay in Paros is Naoussa because it has the best vibes overall, the best restaurants and the best nightlife on the island. On top of that, it is also a 10 minute drive from the best beaches in Paros, such as Monastiri and Kolympithres.

The best restaurants (and bar-restaurants) in Paros, are also located in Naoussa and this old fishing village is now transformed into one of the cutest destinations in Cyclades and one of the most hyped towns in Greece after Santorini and Mykonos, so it might be a bit busy in July and August. Naoussa nowadays is full of cute little boutique shops, trendy fine dining restaurants by the sea/port and lots of walkable cute alleys.

Naoussa is also very well connected to the rest of the island by the local Paros buses that during the summer are very frequent.

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Parikia or Naoussa ?

parikia or naoussa
Parikia and Naoussa are quite similar but Naoussa has a better vibe and it’s cuter in my opinion

Parikia is the capital town of Paros and the main transportation hub for the island. This is also the main port of Paros with all ferries departing and arriving on an hourly basis in the summer months.

Naoussa, on the other hand, is super cute, with a lovely seaside strip full of fine-dining restaurants and cocktail bars that stay open till late at night.

Stay in Parikia if:

  • You are visiting any month between November and April as most other places on the island will be deserted and closed (businesses in Naoussa included)
  • You want more budget-friendly options in accommodation and food
  • You don’t have a car

On the other hand, if you want to stay in a place with much better nightlife, boutique shops, with better vibes overall, then you should stay in Naoussa.

Stay in Naoussa if:

  • You want to have the best nightlife in Paros
  • You want to be close to the best beaches on the north side
  • You want to experience the best Paros has to offer in restaurants and bars

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Best Place for First Time

naoussa paros greece
Naoussa with its lovely waterside full of cute restaurants and bars, is ideal for first-timers in Paros

In my opinion, Naoussa is also ideal for people visiting Paros for the first time as it will give you the opportunity to be where all the vibes are and also allow you to visit the northern beaches of the island much quicker. It is a very lively and walkable fish town that bustles with people in the summer.

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Best Place for Families and Kids

kolibithres beach paros greece
The stunning Kolybithres beach on the north side of Paros is ideal for families with kids

Being a father to two lovely (but cheeky) girls has taught me one thing: the best playground in the world is a beach! The closer you are to a beach in Greece the better time your kids will have during holidays. So, if you are anything like me and you are visiting Paros with your young kids, then staying close to a beach is the best thing you can do. I recommend the northern beaches such as Kolybithres, Livadia and Monastiri as they are less windy than Chryssi Akti or Nea Chryssi Akti and less busy than Pounta beach on the west side. However, the best family hotel in Paros is located close to Chryssi Akti and it is Poseidon.


Best Place for Couples in Paros

moraitis winery paros greece
Naoussa has its own winery (one of the two on the island)and wine-tasting in Paros is by itself a great activity to do as a couple while on the island

The great thing about Paros island is that it is ideal for many occasions and visiting the island with your other half is one of them. Paros is a relatively small island, with very cute and romantic towns but also some extremely well-designed and romantic hotels, all over the island. The great thing about it is that there is a very good hotel for any budget from luxury boutique hotels to very decent family-run b&b’s. If you want to avoid the Santorini crowds and the wealthy kids of Mykonos then Paros is definitely the place to go with your other half.


Best Place for Honeymoon in Paros

naoussa paros honeymoon greece
Naoussa is the best place to stay in Paros for honeymoon

There is no more romantic and cute place in Paros than Naoussa with its white-washed alleys and the restaurants on the fishing port itself. If you are thinking of having your honeymoon in Paros then Naoussa is the place to stay and Senia is the perfect hotel for such an occasion as it has pretty much everything: well-designed rooms with stunning views and some of the best private pools on the island.


Best Place for Solo Travellers in Paros

parikia paros greece
Parikia with all of its connections and overall crowds might be better for a solo traveller

In my opinion, Parikia is a better place to stay as a solo traveller because it is much better connected to the rest of the island, it probably has more affordable accommodation and it might feel “less romantic” or “couply” than Naoussa (but that’s just my feeling). In all honesty, if you stay in Parikia you can go pretty much anywhere on the island and obviously visit Naoussa if you want to.

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Best Place for Seniors

Naoussa with its cure restaurants on the beach and its overall flatness, is ideal for seniors and old couples

I strongly believe that Paros is ideal for seniors and old couples holidays because it is flat overall, it has great amenities and restaurants without being extremely busy and crowded such as Santorini or Mykonos. It is also ideal for middle-aged couples looking to get away from the tourist crowds of the other Greek islands as it can be driven easily, it has great food, it has its own domestic flights airport and it has excellent amenities overall.


Best Place for Nightlife

naoussa paros nightlife greece
Naoussa has the best nightlife and restaurants in Paros

Okโ€ฆthatโ€™s an easy one.

If you really want to be as close as possible to all the nightlife of the island then you should stay in Naoussa.

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of clubs and bars in Parikia and in fact, back in the 90’s, Parikia used to be the clubbing hub of the Cyclades (after Mykonos, of course…). Paros nightlife in general is pretty serious! Still, nowadays, Naoussa is where you must be if you want to be next to the best cocktail bars and clubs in Paros.

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Best Place for Beaches

punda beach paros greece
Punda beach is one of the best beaches of Paros

Hands down, the best area in Paros to enjoy the amazing crystal clear waters is either the north side (Naoussa, Livadia) or any of the eastern side areas such as Chryssia Akti, Piso Livadi and Nea Chryssi Akti. Overall, the island is pretty small with lots of beautiful sandy beaches so as long as you stay somewhere on the eastern or north side you will be very close to a nice sandy beach.


Best Place for the Winter in Paros

parikia paros greece
Parikia being the capital of the island is the liveliest place and with the most open businesses and hotels during the winter in Paros

The best place to stay in Paros during the winter or low season months of November, December, January, February, March and April is Parikia.

The main reason for that is that Parikia is pretty much the only place that stays busy during the winter months.

Winter in Paros is considered the following months: November, December, January, February, March and April

You wonโ€™t be able to swim in the sea if you are visiting Paros in any of these months. The seawater will be too cold for most peopleโ€™s standards.

So, the best thing you can actually do is stay in the liveliest town, which is, by far, Parikia. There will still be open restaurants and hotels all year round in Parikia.

The great thing about winter in Paros (and in every greek island, to be honest) is that you should expect to pay far less for your accommodation as prices are considerably lower.

The other benefit is also the fact that most areas will be really quiet with not that many people around.

But the weather can be windy and cold (5 degrees Celsius for example) though it might be sunny!

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Best Place for the Budget Hotels in Paros

parikia paros greece
There is no shortage of cute white-washed alleys and budget hotels in Parikia

If you are looking for more affordable (but decent and clean) hotels in Paros then you should stay in Parikia. Overall, Parikia has a cheaper feeling and Naoussa feels more luxurious and hyped but they are both super cute to my greek eyes. I had great fun in any of these two towns but in general, you should expect to pay more for everything in Naoussa. All the best cheap hotels in Paros island are located in Parikia.

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Where To Stay in Paros Without A Car

santorini without a car
You can definitely stay in Paros without a car, as the local buses are very frequent, cheap and generally reliable

Driving on any greek island can be challenging with lots of unexpected obstacles (donkeys, horses, ATV’s or even other drivers…) and increased difficulty as you may have to drive on very narrow roads with old asphalt and minimum side protection.

So, if you don’t want to drive in Paros then you should stay in Naoussa because it is much closer to the north side beaches of Monastiri and Kolybithres. I am not saying it’s the easiest hike in the world but it’s definitely doable. Also, if you don’t want to go to Kolibithres you can even walk to at least 3 more beaches nearby that are sandy and not windy at all such as Agioi Anargyroi and Piperi.

The local buses in Paros can take you anywhere and it’s the best way to move around on the island but as on any greek island, your own vehicle will give you more flexibility and time.

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So, there are the best places to stay in Paros!

Paros used to be a much more affordable island but that’s not the case anymore, unfortunately, and it has slowly become one of the most hyped greek islands after Mykonos and Santorini. However, it is generally more affordable, less crowded and overall has a more quiet feeling and vibe than the other 2 Greek islands.

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