Acropolis Museum in Athens: everything you need to know

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Acropolis Museum in Athens is by far the most modern and impressive museum of the capital of Greece. Along with a visit to the Acropolis Temple is one of the best things to do in Athens. I visited recently with my family and here is everything you need to know:

acropolis museum athens
Acropolis Museum in Athens is located in a newly-built and impressive building overlooking tha famous Parthenon Acropolis Temple and it’s home to thousands of antiquities that were found in or around the temple

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Acropolis Museum is a truly magnificent building that opened in 2009 and it’s more than just a museum, as its glass floor is literally showing the findings from the excavation that took place while building the concfrete foundations of the museum itself back in the 00’s.

acropolis museum floor
The concrete foundations of the Acropolis museum are literally built in the archaelogical excavation that took place while constructing the building itself

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acropolis museum glass floor
The museum’s entrance has an impressive reinforced glass floor that allows you to see the stunning excavations underneath


  • I highly recommend you combine the visit to the Acropolis Museum with a visit to the temple of Parthenon (yes, the famous one); this guided tour includes tickets to both attractions and it’s a great way to understand what you are actually seeing
acropolis museum athens underground metro map
Athens Metro Map: for the acropolis Museum you have to get off at the “Acropolis” stop of the red line
  • The best way to get to the museum is by the underground metro RED LINE (Line 2) and stop at “Acropolis Station” (on Google Maps). The Museum is literally behind the exit of the station and the best ticket to get is the ATH.ENA Card for public transport within Athens.
  • If you live close to the center of Athens in areas such as Kolonaki, Koukaki, Syntagma Square, Monastiraki, Plaka, Thission you can literally walk to the Acropolis Museum as it’s about a 20-30mins walk from all those areas.
  • The ticket for the museum costs 15 euros per adult person (over 25 years old) between April-March (a.k.a. summer) and 10 euros between November-March (aka winter).
  • Non-EU Young people and children from 6-25 years old pay a reduced ticket of 10€ and 5€ respectively (summers/winter)
  • EU Young people and children from 6-25 years old GO FOR FREE
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The Acropolis Museum

acropolis museum tickets
The ticket hall of the museum is massive and I don’t think it ever gets too busy that you have to wait for long in the line.
acropolis museum athens
There are video installations with projectors showing the topology and the how the landscape used to be (read more Acropolis vs Parthenon)
acropolis museum
After entering you get into this big hall with lots of antiquities and a glass floor
acropolis museum miniature
A very detialed miniature of the Acropolis Parthenon Temple is in display after you enter the main entrance. There are signs and tags explaining everything.
girl acropolis museum
My daughter taking a peak through the glass floor where ancient cups and ceramic artefacts are in display.
acropolis museum artefacts
There are literally thousands of beautifully painted cups and pots in display.
acropolis museum stairs
Stairs that lead to the 1st floor of the museum (there are 3 floors in total (the restaurant and the shop are on the top floor)
acropolis museum
The 1st floor is full of beautiful status and marble heads
acropolis museum
karyatides acropolis museum
These are the stunning Karyatides statues. Not all of them are in the Acropolis Museum. Guess where the missing 2 are…
acropolis museum 12
Lots of amazing details on all the statues
acropolis museum 13
There are obviously thousands of ancient gold coins found in or around Acropolis that are on display
acropolis museum toilets
The toilets of the museum are easily accessible on every floor and there are baby changing facilities as well
acropolis museum 23
Even the lighting of the museum is designed in the most efficient and unique way

The Acropolis Museum Shop

aacropolis museum shop
The museum has a cute littel shop on the top floor just next to the restaurant with lots of books for ancient Greece and the Acropolis
aacropolis museum shop
And lots of souvenirs as well
acropolis museum 17
A ton of children’s books about ancient Greece in many languages
aacropolis museum shop
The museum shop is just next to the restaurant

The Acropolis Museum Restaurant & Café

acropolis museum restaurant
The museum has one of the most beautiful terrace restaurants in Greece and in Europe with unparalleled views of the Parthenon Acropolis temple
acropolis museum restaurant
acropolis museum terrace restaurant cafe
The views from the Acropolis museum restaurant are stunning
interior acropolis msueum restaurant
There is a constant dialogue between the interior and the stunning exterior and the rock of Acropolis
interior restaurant acropolis museum
There is lots of space inside the restaurant as well and the menu has a large selection of snacks and drinks
acropolis museum 21
The temple is reflected on the glass walls of the museum restaurant


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