The Best Hotels in Santorini

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Santorini has some of the most amazing hotels in the world but finding the right one can be overwhelming as there are literally too many options for such a small place.

There are some things to consider though, when looking to book your hotel in Santorini as not every area/town is the same.

The best place , area or village/town to stay in Santorini really depends on what you are looking for and what your situation is.


The 10 Best Hotels in Oia Santorini

If you want to be as close as possible to the world famous sunset of Oia, then these are the best options for Hotels in this amazing location.

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The 20 Best Luxury and Boutique Hotels in Santorini

Ultimate Luxury, Perfect Service and nothing less than 5 star experience. Hands Down these are the Best Luxury and Boutique Hotels in Santorini

The 20 Best Infinity Pools in Santorini

You’ve seen them on Instagram, you’ve dreamed of them but where are they and how you can stay in a hotel with an amazing infinity pool in Santorini?

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15 Amazing Airbnb Places to stay in Santorini

Have you ever stayed in an old winery? Have you ever dreamed of having your own small private cave pool

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The 10 Best Hotels in Imerovigli Santorini

Imerovigli is possibly the blest place to stay in Santorini and it has some of the most seclusive and impressive hotels of the island.

The 25 Most Stunning Villas To Rent in Santorini

Private pools, jacuzzis overlooking the caldera and amazing spaces that can sleep more than 2 people in some really unique locations on the island.

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The 20 Best Hotels at Fira

Fira is the capital town of Santorini and it is where all the buzz is. You will literally have all restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and souvlaki street food places at your doorstep within 5 minutes walking distance.

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The Best Private Plunge Pools of Santorini

Having a private plunge pool at your doorstep is an unforgettable experience but also a very expensive one. These are the best you can find on the island.

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Best Beach Hotels in Santorini

It might not be your first choice but it is definitely a cheaper one. Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari are the beach towns that have the best hotels (even though you don’t get the famous Santorini caldera views).

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Best Cheap Hotels in Santorini

These are not the most luxurious options but they offer decent quality and services for prices that won’t break the bank.

But…Where To Stay in Santorini?

Here are some handy tips to have in mind:

  • For being close to all the bars, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and the buzz: Fira (it’s the capital of the island and the town with the most grocery stores, shops and nightclubs)
  • For views to the famous sunset (along with thousands of other tourists on your roof, balcony and walls around sunset time every day in July and August): Oia
  • For equally beautiful sunsets and views to the caldera and the volcano (without thousands of tourists): Imerovigli and Firostefani
  • For being closer to the famous black beach (like 5-mins-walk close…) and the best beach bars of the island: Perissa or Perivolos (no famous caldera and volcano views though)
  • For being closer to the other black beach with lots of restaurants and amenities: Kamari (no famous caldera and volcano views though)
  • For being close to the famous Red Beach but still have views to the caldera: Akrotiri (but it’s a 20-30 mins drive from Fira-capital)
  • For being closer to most of the Santorini wineries (but not worried about the famous volcano/caldera views): Pyrgos
  • For having the best private pools and jacuzzis with caldera views in Santorini: Imerovigli or Firostefani.
  • With kids and lose to the beach with amenities: Kamari
  • With seniors or disabled persons: avoid the famous cliff with volcano views as most of the hotels there have many stairs due to being on the cliff – avoid Fira, Oia, Firostefani, Imerovigli or ask the hotels about the access