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Santorini is an island, so getting the boat and “moving around” is one of the best things to do on the island. There are a lot of Santorini Boat Tours that are currently on offer, but they don’t all offer the same things, so here is what you need to know. β›΅

BEST SANTORINI BOAT TOUR: All-Inclusive Luxury Catamaran Small Group Cruise

santorini boat tours
A Santorini boat tour will usually stop at the sea waters below Oia so that you can see the sunset (between 18:00-21:00, depending on the month you are visiting)

I am pretty sure that a boat tour in Santorini will easily be the highlight of your trip, and it will be a shame if you don’t do one.

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There are a ton of boat tours to choose from, but all of them usually follow the same route, taking you to the volcano inside the caldera (the volcanic sea lagoon), the volcano island, the volcanic hot springs, the island of Thirassia, the famous red beach and even the white beach of Santorini.

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santorini athinios port cruise cheap

The cheap sailing cruises to the volcano are very popular and it shouldn’t cost you more than 40-50 euros per person. They usually last about 5 hours and there is one in the morning and on the afternoon. You can book the cheap Santorini boat tour here.

santorini cruise

This is on board the cheap Santorini boat tour. The cheap Santorini boat tour will take you to the volcano, the hot springs and the island of Thirassia. These tours are carried out on large wooden sailing boats (with a motor though) and in the high season they sell out quickly so you should book it well in advance.

spiriakos santorini food

Spiridakos boat tour in Santorini is one of the most famous and well-established tour operators on the island with decades of experience. If you hop on one of their tours (usually on a catamaran), you will also be offered (included in the price) a full meal and drinks as there are people on board cooking it. You can book Spiridakos sailing cruise here.


  • There are mainly 3 types of boat tours you can take in Santorini: 

    • Cheap boat tours that will take you to the volcano, the hot springs and the sunset (around 3-4 hours and usually in large sailing boats with more than 20 people – no food is offered on board and they usually depart from Athinios port Cost: approx 30-40 euros per person
    • Catamaran boat tours that will take you to the same route (pretty much) but will usually pick you up from your hotel and also offer you lunch or bbq on board (around 5-6 hours) in a smaller group of people (usually 5- 10 people on the catamaran) – Cost: approx 100-200 euros per person
    • Luxury VIP Boat Tours that will also take you to the same route for about 5-6 hours but will usually offer a luxury lunch on board and a luxury boat, catamaran or even a luxury yacht – Cost: more than 200 euros per person
  • All tours are of excellent quality with very experienced crew, and whenever food is offered, it will be of high quality (usually seafood and fresh fish).
  • There are usually two boat tours per day for every operator: morning tour (no sunset) and an afternoon tour (sunset included). The morning tour will allow you more time to swim but doesn’t include the sunset. The afternoon boat tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the famous sunset.
  • If you are on a honeymoon you MUST do a boat tour and preferably one on a catamaran as this will provide more luxury, though it is more expensive. There is nothing wrong with the cheapest ones and they are great, too if you are on a budget.
  • Most of the Santorini Boat tours operate between mid April and end of October. but there are a couple of boat tours that also operate till the end of November.
  • You shouldn’t worry if you are easily getting seasick because the waters are almost always very calm because you will be sailing mostly in the sea lagoon, which is calm 99% of the time.
  • If you book one of the most expensive private boat tours then you would have the opportunity to change the departure and arrival times as per your needs (but these tours can be expensive)
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So, without further ado, let’s see the best Santorini boat tours:

Catamaran Cruise with Meals and Drinks (Spiridakos)

santorini boat tours spiridakos

All-Inclusive Luxury Catamaran Small Group Cruise

santorini boat tours

Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit

santorini boat tours sunset

Catamaran Cruise with Meal and Open Bar

santorini boat tour

Private Riva Yacht Cruise with Meal & Open Bar

santorini yacht tour

Custom all-inclusive motor cruiser experience

santorini yacht sunset private tour

Premium Catamaran Cruise with Fresh BBQ & Drinks

santorini sunset cruise

Private Sunset Cruise with Barbecue and Drinks

santorini boat tour bbq

Private Catamaran Cruise with Food & Drinks

santorini catamaran cruise sailing


santorini catamaran
The most famous sailing tours are the ones carried out on a catamaran like this. If you are worried about getting seasick then these are the most stable boats and you won’t have any issues as the waters are usually very calm in the summer months.

santorini sailing cruise tour guide
Before sailing, your tour operator will explain to you all the safety procedures and what the tour schedule is.

santorini rocks cruise volcano
During the boat tour, you will see some very weird and beautifully shaped rocks that have been formulated during the volcanic eruptions throughout the centuries.

santorini rocks cruise
The boats usually approach some of these incredible volcanic rocks that you see all over Santorini and they will have plenty of opportunities to take photos.

santorini chapel rocks
A highlight of your boat tour will definitely be the little “7 brothers” greek orthodox chapel in the Armeni bay, that was built back in the 1700’s and it is only accessible by boat. Back in the day, many locals from Oia were actually spending the night before Easter Sunday there, sleeping in the cave.

santorini cruise hot springs
The cheap boat tour with lots of people on it. The boat stops at the hot springs for a quick dive (but you don’t have to dive if you don’t want to obviously…)

hot sprigs volcano santorini
A catamaran boat approaching the volcano island and the hot volcanic springs. You will be given the opportunity to dive there but bear in mind that there is high sulphur in these waters (nothing to worry about it’s just a slightly different smell and colour sometimes).

santorini volcano tour
One of the main stops of the cheap boat tours in Santorini is a 1.5 hour stop on the volcano island. This is a unique Mrs-like landscape and one of the very few active volcanos in Europe, so I highly recommend you do the (easy) hike. If you do one of the private and more expensive tours then you can customize the tour with the tour operator and ask specifically for a stop at the volcano island.

volcano tour santorini
The hike on the volcanic island is not a tough one but you need proper shoes. Flip flops is a no-go.

thirassia tour santorini
The cheap boat tour does not offer any food on board but it stops on the small island of Thirassia where you can have meal at one of the tavernas and restaurants at the small port. Thirassia is a also a volcanic island but there a few people living on it.

red beach sailing tour
Most of the boat tour operators will also take you to the famous red beach in Santorini where you will see it in all of its glory.

santorini bbq boat tour
This is how your bbq is prepared at your cruise. If you food is included in the price of your tour (it should be very clear when you book it) then you will have a great experience of bbq on the boat. It’s usually seafood but it can also include meat (like this one) or chicken. You should clarify that with the tour operator. There are usually plenty of salads and veggies too.

spiridakos food sailing tour boat santorini
The food on Spiridakos Sailing Cruise is literally cooked on the boat and it’s got plenty of options. Don’t expect any luxuries though, but you won’t be hungry after your boat tour, that’s for sure.

santorini sunset cruise
If you take an afternoon cruise then the highlight of it will be the sunset at the end.

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