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These are the best places you can stay in Mykonos. The island has to offer some of the best hotels and villas in Europe, and the best area to stay might not be that obvious 😉. If you are researching where to stay in Mykonos, then my guide will definitely help you out.

where to stay in mykonos
If you are looking to be near all the buzz and the nightlife you should stay as close as possible to Mykonos Town, otherwise you should go closer to any of the tens of beaches surrounding the island



Depending on your situation, this is where you should stay in Mykonos (click to jump quickly):

While you are researching for the best area to stay in Mykonos you might be confused with all these towns with weird names but I am going to make everything clear to you now.

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Where To Stay in Mykonos

So, you are probably wondering: Mykonos town or Ornos

Or maybe Panormos?

What about Agios Ioannis , Agios Stefanos, Psarrou or Platis Gialos (Platis Yialos)?

Where is the best area in Mykonos for nightlife?

What is the best place to stay in Mykonos?

The answer is actually pretty simple:

Mykonos Town is the best area to stay overall but most of the hotels and resorts are scattered all over the island and so it really depends on your situation and the hotels that you have chosen to go for.” 

Keep reading…

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1. Best Place To Stay In Mykonos (Overall)

mykonos town
Mykonos Town is full of cute restaurants, bars, tavernas and shops that can easily make you spend every night there…

The best place to stay in Mykonos is at Mykonos Town (or Mykonos City as you may also find it).

Mykonos town is the place with the beautiful white-washed houses and the picturesque alleys that are full of cute shops and tavernas (restaurants).

Mykonos town is by far the liveliest place on the island with the most amenities, shops, bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

The best hotels in Mykonos Town are not in the town itself but outside of it mainly, built in the best way to have uninterrupted sea views to the aegean sea.

Alternatively, and if you want to be as close to a beach as possible then you can stay at Ornos , Platis Gialos or Panormos which are excellent beach resorts with amazing hotels.

2. Mykonos Town or somewhere else ?

mykonos little venice
“Little Venice” in Mykonos Town is full of sute restaurants, bars and cafes and make the place ideal for a romantic night out…

As I said previously, Mykonos Town is where everything is happening in Mykonos.

The only other 2 places that have something happening and they are not in Mykonos Town is Super Paradise Beach (with its famous beach bar) and the famous club Cavo Paradiso (Google Maps).

There is literally no other place on Mykonos where you can find restaurants and shops.

Yes, there are small villages with cute tavernas like Ano Mera and beautiful beach resorts like Elia beach or Agios Ioannis with very good beach bars and restaurants but there is nothing else around…

Stay at Mykonos Town if: 

 – you want to be close to the nightlife, the shops and the restaurants

– you will be moving around with Mykonos buses and you won’t have a car

– you don’t care about the beaches and swimming

On the other hand, if you want to stay in a much quieter place without being close to all the fussle of Mykonos Town (which I admit, it can be too much during July and August sometimes…) you can stay at Ornos or Platis Gialos.

Stay in outside of Mykonos Town if: 

– you found an amazing hotel in Mykonos that you really want to stay at

–  you don’t care about nightlife, clubs and bars

– you have your own means of transportation or planning to spend money on taxis

– being close to the beach is the most important thing for you

3. Best Place for a Honeymoon in Mykonos

mykonos honeymoon
Mykonos is not considered as romantic as Santorini but there are some very good honeymoon hotels on the island that can really take your honeymoon to a different level…

Honestly, Mykonos is not as romantic as Santorini but the amazing hotels on the island along with the picturesque Mykonos town, make it an ideal destination that can easily be combined with a Santorini honeymoon .

A perfect honeymoon starts with a perfect hotel and Mykonos has loads of them, with amazing views, private pools, beautiful sunsets and a really bohemian atmosphere.

I honestly believe Kensho Boutique Hotel is the best honeymoon hotel in Mykonos.

However, do not make the mistake and book your honeymoon in Mykonos (or Santorini) in July or August because both of these islands are packed with tourists and the prices also go to to the roof during these 2 months… (these are also the months that the greeks go on holidays so it’s good to avoid…) 

Mykonos has far less diverse things to do than Santorini  as a couple and basically wandering the streets of Mykonos town, spending a day on the beach and dinners at posh restaurants and bars/clubs are the main things you can do on the island.

But I truly believe that accommodation is the A and Z for a great honeymoon.

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You may not want to be as close to the nightlife but I truly believe a hotel around Mykonos Town or an impressive beach resort might be the best options for you: 

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Mykonos Town: 

Best Honeymoon Beach Hotels in Mykonos: 

4. Best Place for Families with kids in Mykonos

mykonos families
Mykonos has much better and more beaches than Santorini and this is ideal for kids!

Mykonos is ideal for kids and families as the long sandy beaches of the island with lots of amenities around are perfect for kids and families.

If you are visiting Mykonos with kids then the best thing you can do is to stay at one of the beach resorts so that you will have the beach at your doorstep.

The most family friendly places in Mykonos are the ones that are close to the beaches of Ornos or Platis Gialos .

You can still stay close to Mykonos town if you want but kids would love having the beach at a walking distance…

Mykonos and Greece are super safe in general and you don’t have to worry too much (but that doesn’t mean you should not be careful every time you are on holidays).

There are areas though that are great for kids and if your kids are in their teens they would probably enjoy Kalafatis and Elia beaches more as there are also plenty of watersports available for them to try.

Best Family Hotels in Mykonos: 

5. Best Place for Young Couples in Mykonos

mykonos couple
Mykonos is perfect for a young couple but my advice is to spend more days in Santorini in general as it is an island with many more things to do

Mykonos is not a cheap island but it’s really worth your visit.

I won’t lie to you: you will struggle to find good affordable accommodation these days but this shouldn’t prevent you from visiting this beautiful greek island.

The amazing beach bars of the island will give you unforgettable memories.

The best beach bars and sunset bars of Mykonos are: 

So, if you really want to enjoy the best of Mykonos without spending a fortune you have to find a decent but cheaper hotel.

These are the Best Cheap (but decent) hotels in Mykonos:

6. Best Place For Nightlife in Mykonos

mykonos nightlife
Mykonos nightlife is famous all over the world and the biggest DJ names in the dance and house scene play every year in Mykonos

Ok…that’s an easy one.

If the famous nightlife of Mykonos is your top priority then you should stay as close to Mykonos Town as possible as it will be super easy for you to explore the famous bars and clubs.

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The only 2 clubs in Mykonos that are worth your visit and are not in mykonos town are: Cavo Paradiso and (obviously) Super Paradise .

Best Bars and Clubs in Mykonos are: 


So, there are the best places to stay in Mykonos! Always remember that Mykonos is not a cheap place and you will find extremely high prices on everything and everywhere (including restaurants, bars, clubs and obviously hotels)

The best area to stay is Mykonos Town but if you find a hotel that you really like and it’s outside of Mykonos Town or by the beach , then do not hesitate to book it unless you are visiting Mykonos to club every night.

As a final note, always have in mind that you should book your accommodation at least 6 months in advance as most hotels sell out quickly every year!

Mykonos beaches, its picturesque town and the celebrity vibes won’t disappoint you…

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