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greece travel blog
This is literally me back in the 80’s visiting Mykonos with my two sisters. Yes, we travelled a lot as a family.

This is my Greece Travel Blog!

Greece is where I come from. I am actually Greek! Greece is considered one of the cultural capitals of the world and it is the birthplace of so many things such as theatre, democracy, poetry, architecture and more. Greece is also considered a top travel destination and it’s no wonder that it is on many people’s bucket lists. From the cultural and archaeological heaven of its capital Athens to the stunningly photogenic Greek islands, Greece is welcoming everyone to visit it and explore it and I really hope my Greece Travel Guide will help you plan your next holidays.

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This is a list of my general travel guides for Greece, but If you want to explore greek destinations in more detail, you can visit the dedicated pages: Athens | Santorini | Mykonos | Crete | Paros | Amorgos

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πŸ—ΊοΈ Greece How To’s

  • Best Time to Visit Greece
    Greece is at its best during summer time between June-August where the weather is nice and warm, but there is more to it.
  • Best Greek Islands to visit
    Greek islands are considered some of the most beautiful places in the world but not all islands are the same.
  • Best Greek Islands for beaches
    Santorini is not the best greek island for beaches but Naxos, Mykonos, Crete and many more have some of the most stunning beaches you can find in Europe.
  • Best Greek Islands to visit in June
    June is probably the best month to visit the greek islands as the weather is hot but the islands are less busy
  • Best Beaches in Greece
    Greece is famous for its stunning beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. These are the best beaches of my country.
  • How To Plan Your Greece Honeymoon
    Greece is an amazing honeymoon destination and it’s considered one of the most romantic places of the world.
  • Best Greek Islands for Families
    Greek islands are some of the best family destinations in the world and they are ideal for kids of any age with their beautiful beaches and the amazing family resorts.
  • Best Greek Islands for Teenage Families
    Teens would love outdoors fun activitiesand culturally rich islands with many exciting opthings to see and do.
  • Best Greek Islands for Couples
    This is the list of the best greek islands for couples as they are all very romantic and will be the perfect getaway for any trip with your other half.
  • Best Greek Islands for Older Couples
    Unfortunately, Santorini and Mykonos might not be the best options if you are over 60 years old
  • Best Cave Hotels in Greece
    Greece has some of the best cave hotels in the world and these are usually located either in Santorini or in Mykonos
  • Best Family Resorts in Greece
    Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Kos islands have some of the best family resorts in the country with amazing pools and kids clubs
  • Best Family Villas in Greece
    Greece is home to some of the best family villas in Europe with hundreds of options close to sandy or even rocky beaches with nice pools and amenities.
  • Best Things to Do in Greece
    A complete list of things to do in Greece from island cruises to visiting archaeological ruins and caves, Greece has it all
  • Best Greek Beers
    The brewing industry has been booming the last 15 years with excellent new beers from microbreweries being added every year
  • Best Greek Islands Near Athens
    Islands such as Hydra, Poros, Aegina or even Kea and Andros are very cloise to Athens and are ideal for a daytrip while in the capital of Greece
  • When is Summer in Greece
    Most of the businesses in Greece operate during the high season and the summer when the demand is higher and there are direct flights to the islands
  • Tipping in Greece
    Tipping in Greece can be tricky if you don’t know the culture or what is expected and where

Other greek Islands & places

Cyclades Islands

  • Paros
  • Naxos
  • Amorgos
  • Best Hotels in Milos
    Milos island is one of the most diverse but less touristy greek islands with stunning beaches and lots of new impressive hotels
  • Best Beaches in Milos
  • Milos or Santorini
  • Best Hotels in Tinos
    Tinos has always been a sacred place for greek orthodox but it’s now boasting lots of stunning resorts and hotels
  • Best Hotels in Ios
    Ios used to be a party island in the 90’s but it is now home to stunning hotels and family friendly beaches
  • Best Hotels in Syros
    Syros with its neoclassical capital town Ermoupoli is only a 2 hour ferry from Athens and offers a very different experience than any other greek island.
  • Best Hotels in Andros
    Andros is only a 2-hour ferry from Rafina port and it’s a favourite among greeks who live in Athens but it’s a Cyclades island with stunning beaches and great vibes
  • Best Hotels in Antiparos
    Antiparos is the little sister island of Paros with very calm vibes away from the tourist crowds
  • Best Hotels in Astypalaia
    Astypalea is a small Greek island with one of the cutest Venetian castles in Greece making it a top romantic destination that is also off the beaten path with less crowds in general
  • Best Hotels in Sifnos
    Sifnos is a typical Cyclades island with lovely boutique hotels and a few sandy beaches, only 2.5 hours on a ferry from Athens
  • Best Hotels in Serifos
    Despite the fact Serifos is a pretty small island it has great beaches and some nice hotels and boutique suites
  • Best Hotels in Folegandros
    Folegandros has one of the cutest capital towns in Cyclades with a lovely hill and white-washed terraces and houses
  • Best Hotels in Kythnos
    Kythnos is a small island in Cyclades that is only a 2-hour ferry from Athens from Rafina port, making it ideal for a long weekend
  • Best Hotels in Koufonisia
    Koufonisia is actually two small Greek islands south of Naxos, that can be great for a weekend or even more days escapes in Cyclades
  • Best Hotels in Kimolos
    Kimolos is the little sister island of Milos with a rich history and one of the most weird rock formations in Greece
  • Best Hotels in Sikinos
    Sikinos is a very quiet greek island with a lovely capital town and a few cute small hotels

Ionian Islands

  • Where To Stay in Corfu
    Corfu is one of the most diverse greek islands with lovely fishing villages and a beautiful old Venetian town so this is a handy list of the best places to stay on the island
  • Best Hotels in Corfu
    Corfu is an island in the Ionian sea on the west side of Greece with amazing hotels and very good infrastructure; these are its best hotels
  • Best Corfu Beaches
    Corfu has some of the most impressive sandy beaches in Greece surounded by green hills and meditteranean landscapes
  • Best Hotels in Zakynthos
    Zakynthos island with its famous Navagio Beach has some of the newest hotels in Greece, with excellent service and amenities
  • Best Hotels in Kefalonia
    Kefalonia is one of the biggest and greenest greek islands with lots of history and the magnificent Melissani Cave
  • Best Hotels in Kythira
    Kythira is an underrated greek island south of the Peloponnese with an airport and lots of beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Best Hotels in Lefkada
    Lefkada is only one of the two Greek islands that can be accessed by road and it has some of the best beaches in the world
  • Best Hotels in Paxos
    Paxos is one of the smallest greek islands but it’s small Mediterranean paradise that is worth your visit if you can afford it.

Dodecanese Islands

  • Best Hotels in Rhodes
    Rhodes has the most impressive all-inclusive hotels in Greece, close to the best beaches or in Rhodes Old Town
  • Best Beaches in Rhodes
    Rhodes beaches such as Tsabika or Agathi are some of the best and most diverse in Greece with golden sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters
  • Best Hotels in Kos
    Kos island has some of the most impressive all-inclusive hotels in Greece and it’s pretty close to Rhodes
  • Best Hotels in Symi
    Symi is a very small island north of Rhodes with rich history and one of the most unique architecturally harbours in Greece
  • Best Hotels in Kalymnos
    Kalymnos island is the rock climbing capital of Greece with more than 3000 climbing paths and an overall quiet and family vibe
  • Best Hotels in Patmos
    Patmos is a holly greek island and the place where John of Patmos wrote the Book of Revelation; it also has some very well-designed hotels

Sporades Islands

  • Best Hotels in Skiathos
    Skiathos is a little gem of an island with turquoise waters and covered completed in pine trees, with some unique hotels
  • Best Hotels in Alonissos
    Alonissos is the only greek island with a protected marine park and some of the greenest sea waters in the Mediterranean.
  • Best Hotels in Skyros
    Skyros is a beautiful, quiet and very unique island in the Sporades group of islands with some very new and well-designed hotels.
  • Best Hotels in Skopelos
    For many, Skopelos is just the “Mamma-Mia island” because parts of the movie were actually shot there, but the island is much more than that.

Saronic Gulf Islands

  • Best Hotels in Hydra
    Hydra is a little gem ideal for a 1- or 2-night stay since it’s very cute and close to Athens.
  • Best Hotels in Spetses
    Spetses is one of the cutest greek islands near Athens with a fantastic old town full of neoclassical architecture hotels
  • Best Hotels in Aegina
    If you are in Athens then you can be in Aegina island within 40 minutes with just a ferry from Piraeus ferry port.

Other greek Islands

  • Best Hotels in Chios
    Chios is one of the most underrated greek islands with lots of history and (rumours say…) the birthplace of Homer himself
  • Best Hotels in Ikaria
    Ikaria is an island known for the long life that its locals live and the crazy greek summer festivals called “panygiria”
  • Best Hotels in Lesvos
    Lesvos being the 3rd largest greek island is an extremely diverse place with some of the most unique landscapes in Greece
  • Best Hotels in Samos
    Samos is the birthtown of Pythagoras and a lovely green island close to Turkey with a few great hotels and restaurants.

Mainland Greece

  • Best Hotels in Delphi
    Delphi is one of the most important and sacred places of ancient Greece with some of the most breathtaking views in the country
  • Best Hotels in Meteora
    Meteora is one of the most impressive landscapes in the world and definitely one of the top attractions in Greece
  • Best Hotels in Thessaloniki
    Thessaloniki being the second largest city in Greece, has thousands of years of history with lots to see and do, along with some incredibly well-designed urban hotels
  • Best Hotels in Kavala
    Kavala is one of the most beautiful towns in northern Greece with an international airport, surrounded by lovely beaches.
  • Best Hotels in Parga
    Parga is a beautiful old Venetian town surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches that can be reached in 1 hour drive from Aktion International Airport.

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