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It was difficult to try at first, but I had to eat snails while in Crete (they are called chochlioi boubouristi) and they were actually very yummy!

This is my Crete Travel Blog!

Crete is the largest and most diverse greek island. Crete is the same size as Hawaii’s big island so there is a ton of options when it comes to accommodation, things to do, places to stay, tours and restaurants. If you are planning to visit Crete then the best thing I could advise you is to spend at least a week on the island so you’ll get the opportunity to explore as many areas as possible. If you only have a few days to spend in Crete then you should visit western Crete or Chania area, as it is the place with the most famous beaches (Elafonisi, Falasarna etc) and the most picturesque town of the island (Chania old town). 

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πŸ›οΈ Crete Hotels

  • Best Hotels in Crete
    Crete has some of the most stunning hotels in Greece and it offers an incredible variety of resorts, family friendly and all inclusive hotels all around the island.
  • Best Crete Family Resorts
    Crete has some of the most impressive family hotels in Crete, with kids clubs and lots of entertainment for children of all ages
  • Best Place to Stay in Crete for Older Couples
    Crete is definitely the best greek island for older couples with no shortage of beachside resorts with lots of amenities
  • Best Villas in Crete
    Some of the best villas in Greece can be found in Crete. Large private swimming pools and spaces that can sleep more than 8 guests are all included in this list. 
  • Best Beach Villas in Crete
    Staying close to a beach is one of the best decisions you can take for your accommodation in Crete
  • Best Villas in Crete with Pool
    Having a swimming pool on your doorstep is the best summer feeling ever so these amazing villas make sure to satisfy that
  • Best Family Villas in Crete
    Crete is an awesome place for family holidays and these villas have pretty much everything covered.
  • Best Hotels in Heraklion
    Heraklion is the capital city of Crete and it has some amazing hotels
  • Best Villas in Heraklion
    Heraklion perfecture has some of the best villas in Crete that can sleep more than 6 people usually and they all have stunning views.
  • Best Hotels in Chania
    Chania is probably the most picturesque town in Crete and one of the most beautiful places in Greece, so staying there it is a very good and reasonable decision you can take.
  • Best Villas in Chania
    Chania area offers some great villas that are really family-friendly and large enough to accommodate more than 6 people
  • Best Hotels in Rethymno
    Rethymno is a cute old town between Chanis and Heraklion and can ba a great option if you are looking to explore Crete and stay in a very convenient location that can be reached from everywhere.
  • Best Hotels in Koutouloufari
    Koutouloufari is a cute little village close to Hersonissos and Stalis that has some impressive hotels with stunning sea views. These are the best.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Crete How To’s

  • Where To Stay in Crete
    If it’s your first time in Crete then you should definitely start with the western part of the island as it is the most diverse (and for many the most beautiful).
  • Best Time to visit Crete
    Crete is one of the warmest destinations in Greece and the summer lasts longer.
  • How To Get From Crete to Santorini
    Visiting Santorini on a daytrip from Crete is totally possible!
  • How to Get From Athens To Crete
    Ferries take too long and can actually be proven more expensive and definitely more tiring but they can be a better option than a flight in some cases
  • Crete or Santorini
    If you are considering visiting one or the other Greek island, this detailed comparison will help you out.
  • Crete Resorts to Avoid
    This is the black list of the island (at least for me…)
  • Crete in April
    April is a great month to visit Crete but it won’t feel like summer;Greek Easter celebrations is to look out for though!
  • Crete in May: what to expect
    May is one of the best months to visit Crete as the weather will be sunny and you will be able to swim in the beautiful Cretan beaches

πŸ–οΈ Things To Do in Crete

  • Best Things To Do in Crete
    Crete is a massive island and there are literally hundreds of amazing things to do from hiking on the mountains to scuba diving and water sports.
  • Best Crete Beaches
    Crete is the island with the most beautiful beaches in Greece and some of them are frequently voted as the best in the world.
  • Best Chania Beaches
    Western Crete is the best area of the island overall, with remote and secluded bays to family-friendly sandy beaches with lots of amenities

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