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Crete island is in my opinion one of the best greek islands for families with literally hundreds of options when it comes to accommodation and lots of kids-friendly beaches and towns. When it comes to family hotels in Crete though, there are so many options that researching all the places might make you feel overwhelmed.

family hotels in crete
Crete has some of the best family hotels in Greece with lots of options in all the areas of the island

if you are visiting Crete with kids I highly recommend you avoid taking any ferry from Athens as they can be very boring and tiring for kids (believe me I tried it and failed…). You would definitely be better off with a direct flight from any major European city (Expedia has all the available flights).

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There are plenty of family resorts (mostly are all -nclusive) but also small b&b’s that are run by local families and owners and those can be great options as well sometimes.

But as a father myself, these are the things that I would be looking in a family-friendly hotel:

  • well-maintained and very clean (if it’s also new or newly renovated it’a plus)
  • lots of options for kids entertainment (swimming pool, kids activities, kids club, water sports etc)
  • super safe with lifeguards at the swimming pools
  • good restaurants with plenty of options for food and snacks during the day
  • very close to or in front of a beach (a beach is always the best option for a kid’s entertainment to my experience).
  • relatively close to a large town and not very remote (this is handy in case of emergencies)
  • large rooms with lots of space and storage options
  • good or excellent online reviews from families (I target hotels with more than 9.0 scores in general on

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  • Where to Stay in Crete with kids: Unless you are staying in an all-inclusive resort and you don’t really want to move around then I highly recommend you stay in Chania or as close to it. This is the best area in Crete with the best beaches and the best villages overall. If you rent a car (which is the best way to see the island) then you must visit the best beaches in Chania that are kids friendly. I do not recommend staying in Heraklion which is a big busy city (and ugly) but you can also stay in Agios Nikolaos or even Rethymno which is a cute and picturesque town between Heraklion and Chania. In any case, anything close to Chania should always be your first option. Some of the best family hotels in Crete though, are closer to Heraklion and that’s not aproblem as you might be staying in your hotel anyways most of the time. is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

Ferryhopper is the best website to book your ferry tickets or check the timetables for Santorini, Mykonos , Crete & all greek islands

Get Your Guide has the best and largest variety of Tours in Athens and the greek islands (Santorini, Mykonos, Crete etc)

Rentalcars is the easiest way to rent a car or a quad for Greece with thousands of available options

Expedia has all the available flights to and from the greek islands

So…without further ado, let’s see the Best Family Hotels in Crete:

1. Creta Maris Resort

creta maris resort crete

2. Lyttos Beach Hotel

lyttos beach hotel

3. Euphoria Resort

euphoria resort crete

4. Candia Park Village

candia park village hotel resort crete

5. Stella Palace Resort & Spa

stella palace resort

6. Mitsis Laguna Resort

mitsis laguna resort

7. Fodele Beach Resort

fodele beach resort

8. Anemos Luxury Grand Resort

anemos luxury grand resort

9. Pilot Beach Resort

pilot hotel crete

10. Kiani Beach Resort

kiani beach resort crete
where to stay in crete


I honestly believe that the best family hotel in Crete is Creta Maris but each one of theabove is a great option for your holidays in Crete. All of these hotels on this list have kids clubs with people working with kids for a few hours every day making sure they have a good time and they are engaged in interesting activities without the need for the parents to be around. However, if an all inclusive hotel like the ones above is not your thing then my tip would be to check for any hotel that has large rooms, preferably a swimming pool and it’s close to a beach, as with only these 3 every kid would be pretty much occupied for a whole day and happy. And a happy kid makes a happy parent, doesn’t it?

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