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amorgos travel blog
The incredible beach of Agios Pavlos in Amorgos is only one of the beauties of this underrated greek island

This is my Amorgos Travel Blog!

Amorgos is one of the less-known islands of the Cyclades greek islands group, but it’s not one to ignore. Amorgos became famous worldwide in the last decades due to the highly successful 1988 French film “Le Grand Bleu” by director Luc Besson. But apart from that, Amorgos is one of the most picturesque (and I dare to say underrated) greek islands and its capital called “Chora” is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece, with narrow white-washed alleys and small tavernas offering yummy greek food and the famous “Hozoviotissa Monastery” that is literally built on a dramatic vertical rock next to Agia Anna beach. Keep reading to discover more from my personal Amorgos Travel Guide.

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πŸ›οΈ Amorgos Hotels

  • Where To Stay in Amorgos
    There are 3 main areas to stay on Amorgos but this is a complete guide explaining where to stay on the island depending on your situation
  • Best Hotels in Amorgos
    These are the best hotels on Amorgos island with some of the best views in Katapola or Egiali towns.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Amorgos How To’s

πŸ–οΈ Things to Do in Amorgos

  • Best Beaches in Amorgos
    From the family-friendly Aegiali beach to the rocky but movie-famous Agia Anna, Amorgos beaches are very diverse with extremely crystal clear waters.
amorgos highspeed ferry katapola
Highspeed Ferry in Amorgos Port called Katapola; it can take you from Athens to Amorgos in 6 hours (that’s the fast one)
katapola amorgos greece
Katapola is one of the 2 ferry ports of Amorgos (Egiali being the other one) snf it’s a typical small greek island ferry port town with lots of restaurants, shops and tavernas on a long strip that gets quite busy in July and August
katapola amorgos bus stop greece
The bus stop at Katapola from where you can basically take a bus to everywhere else on the island
amorgos greece road  goats
It is quite common to meet wild Greek goats (called kri-kri) on the roads up on the rough mountains of Amorgos
amorgos greece road mountain car driving
In my opinion, Amorgos has one of the toughest and most dramatic terrains I have ever experienced on any greek island; it’s not that you need a 4×4 car to drive around by the roads are literally hanging from vertical cliffs
egiali aegiali amorgos greece
Egiali (or Aegiali) is where you should stay in Amorgos island if you want to be close to a beach; it has lots of restaurants, tavernas and shops
aegili egiali amorgos playground
Egiali has a small (but life-saving if you have kids…) playground that sits meters away from the main beach
egiali beach amorgos
Egiali is the best place to stay in Amorgos if you are looking to be close to a beach; this is also the most family-friendly area on the island; this is the best beach on the island and it never gets too busy, even in August
egiali amorgos greece
Egiali is full of small shops and tavernas but overall, it is not as cute or picturesque as Amorgos Chora is, to be honest.
egiali beach amorgos greece
In Egiali, most restaurants and cafes are literally a few meters away from the beach itself
egiali floating cafe sandwich bar amorgos greece
Egiali’s port is also home to the only floating sandwich nad souvlaki bar in Greece!
frou frou amorgos egiali greece cafe ice cream
Frou-Frou is one of my favourite places in Egiali with possibly the best ice cream and deserts on the island
egiali bus stop amorgos greece
The bus stop in Egiali is at the edge of the town
Aegialis hotel and spa amorgos
The views from Aegialis Hotel & Spa over the Bay of Egiali are stunning
hozoviotissa monastery amorgos greece
The breathtaking monastery of Hozoviotissa is one of the best things you can see in Amorgos
hozoviotissa monastery amorgos greece
The path to the famous Hozoviotissa monastery in Amorgos can be a tough one for some people, but in general, it is pretty smooth and well-paved; it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to reach the monastery itself
amorgos chora
The capital of Amorgos island is called “Chora” and it’s one of the cutest in Cyclades islands
amorgos chora
Amorgos Chora town is full of cute cafes in picturesque white-washed alleys
chora amorgos greece
Amorgos Chora castle hiding behind white and blue houses
Amorgos Chora has the best restaurants, brunch cafes and cafes on the island
Most of the restaurants in Chora are small and usually protected under vine trees that cover the whole alley
amorgos chora cafe breakfast brunch
The great thing about Chora of Amorgos is that there are literally tens of cute terraces with some of the best cafes and restaurants you can find in the less-touristic Greece
amorgos chors greece
There is an abundance of cute cafes and tavernas in Amorgos Chora; this is by far the best place to eat in Amorgos
amorgos chora playground greece
Chora town in Amorgos also has a cute little playground overlooking the Aegean Sea
amorgos chora cafe breakfast
The views from the super cute Jazzmin cafe are stunning (along with probably the best breakfast and brunch on the island)
lagada amorgos greece
Lagada is another very picturesque village of Amorgos in a typical Cyclades architecture and urban design
lagada village amorgos greece
Lagada has no shortage of cute alleys and white-washed terraces
lagada Nikos restaurant amorgos greece
Nikos in Lagada is one of the best restaurants that I have ever eaten in my life and definitely a hidden gem
agios pavlos beach amorgos
Agios Pavlos beach with its unique nose-shape is one of the best on Amorgos
amorgos nikouria boat ferry
One of the best things you can actually do in Amorgos is to take the small boat and go to the Nikouria desert island that has a lovely beach with a small beach bar
nikouria island greece amorgos
Nikouria is a small island that is opposite Egiali bay; you can take a small boat and spend the day there on its beach
nikouria island amorgos beach greece
The beach on Nikouria island is very good with a few umbrellas and sunbeds along with a small beach bar

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