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If you are researching where to stay in Amorgos, then you are already in a very good place as you are looking to visit one of the most underrated greek islands. Hopefully, my guide will help you decide the best place to stay on Amorgos island in Greece, and my maps will assist you visually in picking the best area πŸ˜‰.

where to stay in amorgos
There are not that many options for accommodation in Amorgos as there are basically 3 main towns on the island: Katapola, Aegiali and Chora

BEST HOTEL IN AMORGOS: Aegialis Hotel & Spa


Amorgos is a very unique island with a very rough terrain and one of the cutest capitals (Chora) in Cyclades full of traditional cafes (called “kafeneia”), brunch restaurants and small tavernas nested in its white-washed narrow alleys. Bus as in every greek island, the accommodation or the place you stay really depends on your situation. So, this is where to stay in Amorgos (Jump quickly with the links below or keep reading):

As in every greek island pretty much, the place and the area you will stay in Amorgos can really make or break your holidays on this very hyped (rightfully so) greek island.

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Where to stay in Amorgos

chora amorgos greece
Chora town in Amorgos is the capital of the island and the most traditional and cute place to go in Amorgos, but it’s up on the mountains far away from any beaches

Amorgos is a relatively small island with not that many options in regards to accommodation. The island has a very rough terrain and it has become world famous after the movie Big Blue was shot there.

The great thing about Amorgos is that it is not that expensive compared to other greek islands but it has really nice beaches, a relatively quiet nightlife mostly with small bars and restaurants in Chora and great vibes overall.

So, to put it simply in Amorgos, this is where to stay in Amorgos:

  • If you want to be close to a beach , stay as close as possible to Aegiali or Agios Pavlos
  • If you want the vibes, the nightlife, the cafes and the restaurants then stay in Chora
  • If, on the other hand, you want to be close to the main hub and port of the island, stay in Katapola

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  • Best Place To Stay in Amorgos: Aegiali – it has the best beach on the island, it’s close to Tholaria and Lagadia (two super cute villages on the mountains) and it is also directly connected with a ferry from Piraeus
  • How to Book a Hotel for Amorgos: go to Booking.com and make your choice with the right filters. Airbnb has far fewer available rooms and villas for Amorgos and all greek islands to be honest.
  • Best Views in Amorgos: if you are looking for views in Amorgos (why wouldn’t you?) then you must probably stay in Aegialis Hotel & Spa that has stunning views on the Aegiali bay and beach but in general Amorgos has stunning sea views (from Hozoviotissa monastery for example) but it’s difficult to find accommodation with views as they are mostly in remote areas
  • Katapola or Aegiali: in my honest opinion there is really no reason to stay in Katapola as it’s a small port with nothing to see or experience; Aegiali on the other hand has the best beach of the island and Chora has the best vibes overall

  • Beaches: If you want to be close to a beach then Aegiali or Agios Pavlos are the best places you can stay; in general Amorgos beaches can be remote and difficult to reach but these 2 are awesome and very easy to experience; they are also perfect for families with kids

  • Cheapest Hotels: you will find most of the best budget hotels of the island in or around Katapola

  • Best Family Place in Amorgos: Aegiali with its long sandy beach and restaurants strip is a great place to stay if you are visiting Amorgos with a family or with kids

  • Most Romantic Place to Stay in Amorgos: Chora of Amorgos is one of the most romantic and artistic towns in Cyclades so it’s ideal for that reason
  • Steps and stairs: forget about Chora with its millions of steps and small hills and better stay in Aegiali that has a flatter surface and a lovely beach

  • Best Alternative Places to Stay in Amorgos: in my opinion, Tholaria and Lagada are two super cute villages close to Aegiali that are a bit more remote and overall can be great places to stay if you don’t want to stay in any of the other main towns
  • Amorgos Bus: Taking the local bus to get around on Amorgos is a great option as they are reliable, relatively frequent and on time. The main bus hub of the island is in Katapola and the tickets cost between 2-4 euros depending on the destination. However, it goes without saying that by taking the bus you waste more time waiting and planning ahead. A car will always give you more flexibility to move around on the island.

Best Place To Stay In Amorgos (overall)

aegiali beach amorgos greece
Aegiali with its long sandy beach and the excellent beach bars and restaurants around is the best place to stay in Aegiali but if you want a more artistic and vibrant place then you should stay in Chora

The best place to stay in Amorgos is Aegiali because it has the best beach of the island along with excellent restaurants and cafes. On top of that, it is also a 10 minutes drive from the cute villages of Tholaria and Lagada.

However, the best restaurants, wine bars and shops in Amorgos, are located in Chora so if you are looking for a cuter and slightly busier place (but without any beach). Both Aegiali and Chora can be very busy in August but they are in general much more quiet than other greek islands on any other month, even in July or September.

amorgos chora
Chora in Amorgos is far from any beach, but it has the best atmosphere and vibes overall; I do not recommend staying there as a family with kids, though

BEST HOTEL IN AEGIALI: Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Katapola or Aegiali ?

katapola vs aegiali
For me, there is no comparison and Aegiali is a much better place to stay in Amorgos

Katapola is the main port of Amorgos but a ferry arrives in Aegiali every other day in the summer months. However, Aegiali and Chora has much more to offer to anyone visiting Amorgos as it has the lovely and lively beach life that cannot be found anywhere else omn the island.

BEST HOTEL IN AEGIALI: Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Best Place for First Time in Amorgos

amorgos chora
Chora with its artistic vibes, cute little aleys full of shops and restaurants is ideal for first timers in Amorgos as for many people it is the highlight of the island

In my opinion, Chora in Amorgos is the cutest place to stay and it is probably the reason why this island needs to be visited (along with its famous monastery and Agia Anna beach…). If you really want to experience the vibes of Amorgos for the first time then you need to stay in Chora and basically rent a car to move around on the island as you definitely need to visit a beach during the summer months. Even better, if you want to experience both worlds then you can stay 3 days in Chora and another 3 days in Aegiali to live the beach life for a bit.

Best Place for Families and Kids in Amorgos

aegiali amorgos greece
Aegiali with its long and sandy beach is the best place for families in Amorgos

Being a father to two lovely (but cheeky…) girls has taught me one thing: the best playground in the world is a beach! The closer you are to a beach in Greece the better time your kids will have during holidays. So, if you are anything like me and you are visiting Amorgos with your young kids, then staying close to a beach is the best thing you can do. I highly recommend you stay as close to Aegiali beach as possible. There are many excellent hotels and villas around the sandy beach of Aegiali and if for some reason you cannot afford or find a room in Aegialis Hotel & Spa then I highly recommend you stay at Agios Pavlos beach and in the Aquapetra Hotel.


Best Place for Couples in Amorgos

amorgos chora
The best place for couples to stay in Amorgos is the super cute Chora town

The great thing about Amorgos is that it can actually be a great place for couples who want to go off the beaten path (aka Santorini-Mykonos-Crete). Amorgos is a relatively small island, with one of the cutest capital towns (Chora) but with not that great designed hotels to be honest (ad that is probably a good thing). However, I highly recommend staying in Chora as the last 10 years there is an abundance of cute restaurants, shops and bars that have been developed and now make Chora ideal for a a romantic night out.



So, there are the best places to stay in Amorgos!

Amorgos is still a very affordable and underrated greek island with mainly greek tourists as it’s not that well known to the outside world. However, it is a lovely quiet greek island with excellent food choices, nice beaches and one of the most impressive capital towns in Cyclades. It’s definitely worth a visit (or two!).

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