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Written By: Pavlos Inglesis

Amorgos is one of the most underrated greek islands and I really believe it’s in its own league. The best beaches in Amorgos are mostly located on the north side of the island but the famous “Big Blue” beach (aka Agia Anna is on the southern and most rough and rocky side of the island.

amorgos beach map
Amorgos has a very rough terrain with massive rocky cliffs and mountains but with possibly some of the clearest sea waters on earth
best beaches in amorgos
Aegiali beach with its golden sand and turquoise waters is the best beach in Amorgos but the island has many more nice beaches

Most of the main beaches on the island are reachable by the Amogos local buses but I highly recommend renting a car as the island has a very rough terrain and you’ll definitely be more flexible on exploring it.

I have to warn you though that for some of the most remote beaches of Amorgos you are going to have to him a bit. If this is not your thing but you still want to enjoy a nice beach then Aegiali is the best option for you. Bear also in mind that most of the beaches in Amorgos are covered with pebbles and can be quite rocky. The famous Agia Anna (where the Big Blue movie was shot) it is not even considered a beach in my opinion, but it’s rather a rocky complex from where you can basically dive in the totally blue waters.

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So, the best beaches in Amorgos are (in no particular order):


  • Does Amorgos have nice beaches: Amorgos has extremely beautiful and unique beaches from the long and wide sandy Aegiali to the rocky Agia Anna and Levrossos with its turquoise waters.

  • Best Beach in Amorgos: many people consider Aegiali to be the best beach in Amorgos because it has the best vibes overall and it is the most family-friendly but some of the most quiet beaches of the island are also amazing such as Levrossos, Mouros or the remote Kalotaritissa at the very southern tip of the island.

  • Best Beach for Families with kids in Amorgos: I believe that the best beach for families and kids in Amorgos is Aegiali; Aegiali is a golden sand beach with lots of restaurants and cafes behind it which can be ideal for a meal on the beach. In Aegiali you will also find the best diving centre of the island from where you can rent equipment or just book a diving experience and tour. The only thing you should be aware of is that none of the Amorgos beaches is actually organized with sunbeds like you would find on other greek islands, so you will need to bring your own umbrellas and towels to lay down . You can still sit on a sunbed which is usually behind the beach on any of the beach bars.

  • When can you actually swim at the beaches of Amorgos: you can swim whenever you feel comfortable, to be honest, but all beaches are at their best in June, July, August and September when the waters are very warm and the ambient temperatures are more than 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). Amorgos is an island that it never gets too busy and you will always find a spot to sit on any beach even in August.
  • Tickets: there are no tickets on any of the beaches in Amorgos and there are no sunbeds on the beaches themselves. This is actually a very unique thing these days as most of the beaches on the most touristic islands in Greece have been ruined by the hundreds of sunbeds that lay around. Amorgos has still kept its wilderness, on that.

1. Aegiali Beach

aegiali beach amorgos greece
Aegiali is by far the best beach in Amorgos and the most family-friendly with lots of restaurants and beach bars behind the sand and even a beach volleyball court on one side

Aegiali Beach Information

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2. Levrossos Beach

levrossos beach amorgos greece
Levrossos is very close to Aegiali beach and it has thick sand and a lovely beach bar

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3. Agios Pavlos Beach

agios pavlos beach amorgos greece
Agios Pavlos is one of the most unique beaches in Greece, with its nose-shape and probably the most clear waters you would ever see; Aquapetra Hotel sits just behind the beach

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4. Agia Anna Beach

agia anna beach amorgos greece
Agia Anna is the famous “Grande Blue” movie beach but it’s really not a beach but rather just a complex of rocks below a lovely white chapel with some of the most clear waters in Greece

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5. Maltezi Beach

maltezi beach amorgos greece
Maltezi is a lovely sandy beach in a small bay next to Katapolaand you can either walk to it or just take a small bot to get there

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6. Paradisia Beach

paradisia beach amorgos greece
Paradisis beach can be reached by car and it is about 10km away from Chora; it is a small and sandy beach with some ruins of old stone houses on top of the surrounding cliffs

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7. Ammoudi Beach

ammoudi beach amorgos greece
Ammoudi Beach is one of the most remote beaches on Amorgos and it is on the eastern side of the island

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8. Kalotaritissa Beach

kalotaritissa beach amorgos greece
Kalotaritissa is on the most southern tip of the island and it’s a lovely bay with a beach bar and a small lagoon from where the boats to Gramvoussa island depart

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9. Mouros Beach

mouros beach amorgos greece
Mouros is one of the best but pebbly beaches on the island, and it is not organized; on the far end of the cliffs there are lots of small sea caves you can discover and there is also a small cafe on top of the hill behind the beach with some of the most fantastic views of the sea

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10. Kambi Beach

kambi beach amorgos greece
Kambi is another very remote beach close to the famous monastery of Hozoviotissa and Agia Anna beach; this is a pebbly beach with very clear waters

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11. Mikri Vlichada Beach

mikri vlichada beach amorgos greece
Mikri Vlichada is on the most northern tip of the island and it’s a small romantic bay covered with pebbles and rocks

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12. Psili Ammos Beach

psili ammos beach amorgos greece
Psilli Ammos is the little sister to Levrossos beach as it’s literally next to it and has a very similar geography and surface

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13. Nikouria island Main Beach

nikouria beach amorgos greece
Nikouria island is the little isle that sits opposite Agios Pavlos beach from where you actually take a small boat to get to; there is nothing else on the island apart from a long sandy beach with amazing waters and a small beach bars with a few sunbeds and umbrellas so you need to get your own food and drinks if you plan to stay there for a few hours

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14. Nikouria Island Small Beach

nikouria small beach amorgos greece
Nikouria island has two beaches and the small one is even more remote and the small boat from Agios Pavlos actually drops you there first

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15. Katapola Beach

katapola beach amorgos greece
Katapola is the main port of Amorgos and while it might not have the most exotic vibe on the island, it has a very decent (but narrow) beach by all means

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16. Agii Saranta Beach

agii saranta beach amorgos greece
Agii Saranta is a very remote small beach but if you are unlucky you may find some rubbish

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17. Gramvoussa Beach

gramvoussa beach amorgos greece
Gramvoussa is a small desert island opposite Amorgos in its southern side with a lovely beach; you can go there in a few minutes by taking the small boat that departs from Kalotaritissa beach

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So, these are the Best Beaches in Amorgos. I keep on saying that Amorgos is an extremely underrated greek island with an incredible capital town (that is Chora). When it comes to its beaches, it is certainly not the most gifted Cyclades island compared to Ios, Mykonos or Milos, but Amorgos beaches in my opinion are much better than Santorini beaches for example with some of the most fantastic crystal clear waters in the Mediterranean.

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