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athens travel blog
This is the famous Acropolis with the Parthenon Temple in Athens which you have to visit while in Athens (check my advice on Acropolis tickets).

This is my Athens Travel Blog!

Athens is the capital of Greece and it is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, and its a cultural and archaeology heaven. From the picturesque Monastiraki square to the unique Acropolis Temple and hundreds of museums, Athens has something for everyone. My advice though, is that if this is your first time in Greece and you are not interested at all in museums, you would probably be better off going straight to a greek island, especially if it’s summertime, as the weather can get very hot.

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πŸ›οΈ Athens Hotels

  • Where To Stay in Athens
    If it’s your first time in Athens then you should definitely start with the basics and stay downtown but not every area is the same or equally safe.
  • Best Hotels in Athens
    This is a very handy list with some of the best hotels in Athens along with tips on which ones to avoid
  • Best Family Hotels in Athens
    Athens with kids might be challenging (especially for young kids) so where you are staying is very important.
  • Best Hotels in Plaka
    Plaka is the cutest and one of the safest areas to stay in Athens with lots of boutique hotels with lovely rooftops

πŸ—ΊοΈ Athens How To’s

πŸ–οΈ Things To Do in Athens

  • Acropolis Tickets
    These are the best options for you with tips on which entrance is the best and how to book your Acropolis tickets to skip the lines and get the most out of the best attraction in Greece
  • Best Things to Do in Athens
    Athens is full of history, culture and beautiful neighbourhoods with so many unique things to do
  • Best Beaches in Athens
    Athens has some very impressive beaches on its southern suburbs that you can reach either by bus, tram or by driving
  • Best Greek islands near Athens
    Some of the best greek islands are actually within a 2 hr ferry trip from Athens and you should definitely try to visit them
  • Best Greek Island Tours from Athens
    Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Egina and Agistri island are only some of the magical greek islands in the Saronic gulf that you can visit for a daytrip from Athens
  • Acropolis Museum
    Everything you need to know about the best museum in Greece with lots of pics to help you
  • Acropolis vs Parthenon
    Acropolis is not the same as the Parthenon temple, so I am explaining the differences in this post
  • National Historical Museum in Athens
    Located in the greek old parliament, this is a great museum to learn more about modern Greece and the Greek War of Independence.
  • National Archaeological Museum in Athens
    This is the single most important museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in Europe, so make sure you visit it
  • A small bronze plaque on the Acropolis
    The story of Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas is one of the most fascinating ones in modern Greece’s history and there is a thing to look out while on Acropolis

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