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Glyfada, Sidari, Paleokastritsa, Sidari, Kavos and Marathias beach are only some of the incredible beaches that the island of Corfu has.

Corfu beaches are mostly sandy and located in beautiful green landscapes nested under pine trees while having turquoise crystal clear waters.

Corfu island is ideal between June and October every year but bear in mind its climate is quite different than the one you find in the Cyclades (Santorini, Mykonos islands etc.) as it’s on the Ionian sea where it rains more and it gets colder sooner in the autumn (September-October-November).

Corfu has some of the best beaches in Greece and definitely some of the greenest ones with a really impressive shoreline. Overall, the island has more than 60 beaches and small coves that you can swim (preferably from June to October when the weather is hotter)

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The best beaches in Corfu are:

  • Paleokastritsa
  • Glyfada
  • Agios Gordios
  • Sidari
  • Issos
  • Pelekas
  • Kavos
  • Barbati
  • Marathias
  • Kalami
  • Nissaki
  • Avlaki
  • Agios Stefanos
  • Roda
  • Gialiskari
  • Arillas
  • Kerasia
  • Porto Timoni

If you are wondering, if you can actually visit Santorini or Mykonos from Corfu then I have some bad news for you, because even though it is doable, it’s really not worth it as you will be spending too much money on ferries and planes

Corfu is on the west side of Greece, while Santorini and Mykonos are on the east side. So, it will be very tiring and expensive after all, unless you are spending a month in Greece.

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  • When You Can Actually Swim in the Sea Water of Corfu: the sea water is perfect in Corfu between June-October (and including these two months), so if you are visiting anytime outside of these months, you may get sunshine and 30C degrees temperature, but the sea water won’t be warm enough; if you are brave enough, you can certainly give it a try!

  • Best Beach of Corfu: Glyfada Beach is considered the best beach in Corfu with incredible golden sand and crystal clear waters with fabulous sunsets; there are also lots of amenities around which makes it ideal for families as well

  • Best Beach for Families and kids: Glyfada, Paleokastritsa and Agios Georgios beaches are (with lots of amenities for kids) – they are all sandy with very clear waters

  • Most unique Beach of Corfu: Porto Timoni is one of the most tropical and unique beaches in Greece, with a gorgeous double bay and a stunning surrounding green mountains

1. Paleokastritsa Beach

paleokastritsa beach corfu
Paleokastritsa beach is probably the most famous in Corfu for several good reasons so it shoudl definite;y be on your bucketlist while on the island

Paleokastritsa Beach Information

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2. Glyfada Beach

glyfada beach corfu
Glyfada with its golden sand is a family friendly beach with beautiful crystal clear waters

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3. Agios Gordios Beach

agios gordios beach corfu

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4. Sidari Beach

sidari beach corfu

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5. Issos Beach

issos beach corfu

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6. Pelekas Beach (Kontogialos)

pelekas beach corfu

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7. Kavos Beach

kavos beach corfu

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8. Barbati Beach

barbati beach corfu

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9. Marathias Beach

marathias beach corfu

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10. Kalami Beach

kalami beach corfu

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11. Nissaki Beach

nissaki beach corfu

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12. Avlaki Beach

avlaki beach corfu

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13. Agios Stefanos Beach

agios stefanos beach corfu

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14. Roda Beach

roda beach corfu

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15. Yaliskari Beach

gialiskari beach corfu

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16. Arillas Beach

arillas beach corfu

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17. Kerasia Beach

kerasia beach corfu

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18. Porto Timoni Beach

porto timoni beach corfu

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So, these are best Corfu beaches: Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, Avlaki, Roda, Porto Timoni, Sidari, Agios Stefanos, Kalami and Kavos.

There is no doubt that Crete beaches and Mykonos beaches are equally beautiful but the great difference is that Corfu beaches that are on the Ionian Sea are surrounded by green hills and landscapes that cannot be found elsewhere.

If you only have time for only one beach, then visit Paleokastritsa beach as it is the beach that has everything and it is overall perfect for almost every situation: couples, solo travellers, honeymooners, families, kids and seniors (no steps at all).

If you are visiting Corfu in the winter you won’t be able to swim between November-May as the seawater will be pretty cold for most people’s standards but in June, July, August, September and October the seawater is perfect.

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