Best Place To Stay In Crete for Older Couples

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If you are looking for the best place to stay in Crete for older couples, then you came to the right article. Crete is a pretty big island and every area is different, so you need to make sure you are staying at the right place and town.

best place to stay in crete for older couples

Crete is the best greek island for older couples as it offers pretty much everything you would ask for, without it being very crowded

You can find something for you in every area in Crete whether it is Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon, Hersonissos, Agios Nikolaos, or western Crete (which in my opinion is the best area overall to stay in Crete).

BEST HOTEL IN CRETE FOR OLDER COUPLES: Elounda Mare Relais & Chateaux Hotel

Here is a quick map of all of Crete’s 4 main prefectures to get an idea of the geography of the island:

where to stay in crete
A rough Crete Map that explains the different areas of the island. You need at least a week for each area, or you will be driving lots of kilometres every day trying to see everything.

It’s totally understandable if you really cannot figure out where to go in Crete as an older couple, because there are many different places and the island is so diverse and different from one area to another, that makes it extremely difficult to decide.

The best place in Crete for older couples, is totally dependent of where your hotel is, but overall the best area is the western part of Crete and as close as possible to Chania because it is the best town of Crete with the best hotels and beaches. However, if you don’t plan to travel around and you plan on spending most of your time in your resort, then the best hotel for older couples in Crete is Elounda Mare Relais & Chateaux Hotel .

Judging from my 78 year old mother, if you are over 60 years old, there are certain things you should be looking for, at the area you would be staying, such as:

  • flat surfaces without lots of steps to make your hotel and other areas as easily accessible as possible
  • direct flights to the area so that you avoid the long trips with ferries if possible
  • relatively quiet towns without millions of tourists crowds
  • lots of accessible tours and things to do without too much effort
  • easily accessible restaurants with lots of different options for food (vegetarian and gluten free options are also a plus)
  • lots of taxis and easily accessible drivers that could take you anywhere
  • easily accessible shops, pharmacies, hospitals or doctors in case of emergencies
  • hotels with breakfast and attentive staff that

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Overall, you need more than 5 days in Crete (that’s why I do not recommend taking the ferry to Crete) and you must understand and accept the fact that there is no way you can see the whole island, as you would probably need 3 months to do that.

Crete is one of the biggest islands in the meditteranean and it’s pretty much the size of Jamaica.

So, if you don’t really want to drive (which is totally understandable) then you should choose an excellent hotel from my list below. Without a doubt, these are best resorts in Crete for older couples.

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So, without further ado let’s see the best places to stay in Crete for older couples:

1. Elounda Mare Relais & Chateaux Hotel

elounda mare crete hotel
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2. Minoa Palace Resort

minoa palace crete hotel
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3. Avra Imperial Hotel

avra imperial hotel
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4. Creta Maris Resort

creta maris resort hotel crete
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5. Atlantica Caldera Palace Hotel

atlantica caldera palace
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6. Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas

elounda beach hotel crete
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7. Amirandes Grecotel Resort

amirandes grecotel resort
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Crete Weather

Crete is one of the hottest places in Greece and one of the hottest places in Europe.

Here are the average temperatures in Crete from Holiday-weather:


These are just the average highs and lows, but usually, the temperature can be more than 40 degrees Celsius in July or August.

Bear in mind that because the island is so big, the temperature obviously varies depending on the altitude and the wind. It’s obviously colder up on the mountains.

What is the hottest month in Crete?

july is usually the hottest month in Crete but August can be equally hot and humid.

You won’t need any jackets or long sleeve clothes in July and August in Crete; that’s for sure!

However, Crete can become notoriously windy in August, which brings the temperature down.


  • Best Place To Stay in Crete for older Couples: Chania and Western Crete – this is the best area to stay in Crete for older couples as it has the best beaches, the best hotels and direct flights to
  • When Should You Go to Crete?: the best time to visit Crete is in June or September because the weather will still be hot but you won’t find that many tourists on the island; avoid July and August by any means if possible
  • How to Book a Hotel for Crete: go to and make your choice. Airbnb has far less available rooms and villas for Crete.
  • Best Area in Crete for families with kids: Hersonissos – the best thing about Crete is that it has hundreds of all inclusive resorts that are probably the best thing for families with kids as they have plenty of amenities and everything in walking distance; Hersonissos is the area with the most family resorts around but there are family resorts all over the island and if you find another one that you like go for it (especially if it is around Chania)!
  • Is it Always Windy in Crete?: no it’s not always windy but it can get windy in July and August (especially on the north side that looks over the aegean sea) so you should get prepared for that scenario; most important thing to remember is to check the wind and go to a beach that is not hit by the winds and the best way to know that is if you ask any locals! 
  • What is Crete Greece famous for?: Crete is famous for its history (Knossos Palace and Minoan civilisation), the amazing landscape with the thousands beaches, the incredible Samaria gorge, the delicious cretan food, the picturesque towns of Chania, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and of course the lovely and extremely hospitable Cretan people who are some of the proudest people in Greece
  • Places to Avoid in Crete: unless you are looking for cheap drinks and drunk people on the streets every night, then I do not recommend staying in Malia or Hersonissos.
  • How to Get From Athens to Crete: I definitely recommend taking the 45mins flight from Athens to Crete


So, there are the best places to stay in Crete for older couples! Crete is literally the best greek island for older couples with all of its hundreds of awesome resorts and all inclusive hotels. Most of those resorts offer the benefit of being literally a few meters away from the beach, so you won’t even have to drive or take a taxi to go to a beach if you want to. But the greatest benefit of staying in one of those hotels is the fantastic flexibility and almost unlimited options in regards to restaurants as they all have a large number of great in-hotel restaurants with excellent greek and cretan cuisine (but not only). If you are over 60 years old and you are thinkingof booking your holidays to Greece this year then Crete is the best option and the hotels on this list are the best. You are going to have a great time!


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