Crete Resorts To Avoid

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Written By: Pavlos

There is no doubt that Crete is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece (and in the world). There is so much history, an incredible landscape to explore, and some stunning beaches and great food. However, there are many Crete resorts to avoid as they do not offer the level of experience or service that a traveller would require nowadays.

It’s either the location, the vibes, the services or even the facilities that make the following areas not ideal for many people and it’d be better if they will be avoided.

Obviously, many people would think that there is no bad resort or area; there are just low prices. And this can actually be true because usually, you get what you pay for. But in many cases, there are some resorts that can definitely be avoided in Crete and I am explaining below why.

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  • Where to Stay in Crete: Unless you are staying in an all-inclusive resort or at a unique villa, then you would definitely need a car on the island and more than 5 days in total. The best area to stay in Crete is the western part of the island or the “Chania prefecture, as it has the most picturesque villages, the gorgeous Samaria Gorge, the beautiful beaches of Balos, Falassarna, Platanias, Elafonissi and obviously the most picturesque town of Crete which is Chania old town

  • Where Are the Best Hotels in Crete: the best hotels in Crete are scattered everywhere on the island but mostly the Elounda beach area and the beachfront towns of Heraklion perfecture have the most impressive resorts. is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

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So…without further ado, let’s see the Crete Resorts to Avoid:

1. Malia

Yes, you will see drunk people in Malia…usually between the ages of 18-25 years old and usually from the UK

Malia is a lovely resort town just outside of Heraklion that used to be a small fishing village with a nice sandy beach. Back in the early 90’s some UK tour operators started advertising Malia as the new hot spot for teenagers. They started offering very cheap holiday packages with the promise of unlimited booze, incredible nightlife and sunny weather. I am not going to lie to you: if I was a middle or lower-class 18 year old girl from Norwich, then that would be the perfect holiday. But let’s be honest: this kind of tourism has ruined not only the local economy of Malia but also…the stomachs of all those kids who have visited Malia for the last 3 decades.


I believe that the best hotel in Crete is Domes Noruz but to be totally honest there are so many good hotels and resorts on the island that it will be difficult to pick one.

All hotels offer amazing services from a very lovely staff and you should never forget that apart from the amazing landscape and the stunning facilities, the food in Crete is probably the best in Greece and you will be amazed by the fresh produce and the local delicacies.


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