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This is the Santorini Bus Schedule with connections to all main towns of the island. Times, tickets and the first and last buses from Fira, Oia, Perissa, Perivolo, Kamari and other towns of the island is shown in the tables below.

Santorini’s local buses are called “KTEL Buses” or just simply Ktel Santorini and they operate all months of the year.

The local buses of Santorini are the best and cheapest way to get around the island but if you really want to explore the island with much more flexibility you should rent a car or a quad.

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  • The main hub for all buses in Santorini is at Fira.

  • Fira town is where all the buses depart and finish their routes.

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Santorini Bus Schedule


Here are all the available routes and local bus schedules in Santorini (click to jump to the relevant time schedule) :

santorini bus map
Santorini Bus Map : The longest distance that a local bus does is a 30 mins drive
santorini fira bus station
This is the main bus station at Fira. Fira is the transportation hub for the whole island and it is the place where all buses depart and arrive. You will find lots of information there and plenty of timetables available (as these may change on the spot sometimes). You can also ask any bus driver and they will be willing to help you and give you advice.

local bus santorini timetable poster
You will be able to find the timetables at many bus stops around the island, but that may not be the case everywhere.

This is my video from the busy Fira Bus Station (feel free to like and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos from Santorini and Greece)


11:30 , 12:00 , 14:30

  • From Fira to Athinios Port is a 25 mins drive
  • Athinios Port is the main port for all the ferries from Athens and the other islands
  • There is always a bus that corresponds to the departure of a ferry
  • The ticket from Fira to Oia costs 2.30 euros


12:00 , 12:30 , 15:15

  • From Athinios Port to Fira is a 25 mins drive
  • Athinios Port is the main port for all the ferries from Athens and the other greek islands
  • The ticket from Athinios Port to Fira costs 2.30 euros

The central bus stop at Fira can become a busy place in the summer but you will definitely need to visit it if you are looking for the most up to date information and timetables or check the latest ticket prices.


07:00 , 08:30 , 09:30 , 10:00 , 10:30 , 11:00 , 11:30 , 12:00 , 12:30 , 13:00 , 13:30 , 14:00 , 14:30 , 15:00 , 15:30 , 16:00 , 16:30 , 17:00 , 17:30 , 18:00 , 18:30 , 19:00 , 19:30 ,  20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00

  • this is the same bus that also goes from Fira to Imerovigli (Imerovigli is just a stop between Fira and Oia; close to Fira)
  • Last Bus from Fira to Oia is at 23:00 every day
  • From Fira to Oia is a 25 mins drive
  • The ticket from Fira to Oia costs 1.60 euros


07:30 , 08:50 , 09:50 , 10:20 , 10:50 , 11:20 , 11:50 , 12:20 , 12:50 , 13:20 , 13:50 , 14:20 , 14:50 , 15:20 , 15:50 , 16:20 , 16:50 , 17:20 , 17:50 , 18:20 , 18:50 , 19:20 , 19:50 ,  20:20, 20:50, 21:20, 21:50, 22:20, 22:50, 23:20

  • this is the same bus that also goes from Oia to Imerovigli (imerovigli is just a stop between Oia and Fira ; close to Fira)
  • Last Bus from Oia to Fira is at 23:20 every day
  • From Oia to Fira is a 25 mins drive
  • The ticket from Oia to Fira costs 1.60 euros


07:00 , 08:30 , 09:30 , 10:15 , 11:00 , 12:00 , 13:00 , 14:00 , 15:00 , 16:00 , 17:00 , 18:00 , 19:00 ,  20:00 , 21:30 , 22:30

  • this is the same bus that goes from Fira to Imerovigli (imerovigli is just a stop between Fira and Oia; closer to Fira)
  • Last Bus from Fira to Imerovigli is at 22:30 every day
  • From Fira to oia is a 7 mins drive
  • The ticket from Fira to Imerovigli costs 1.60 euros

This is the bus stop at Imerovigli. There is no special bus route for Imerovigli. It’s simply the same bus that goes from Fira to Oia (and vice versa) that just stops at the main square at Imerovigli as it is literally on the way to Oia.


07:10 , 08:40 , 09:40 , 10:25 , 11:10 , 12:10 , 13:10 , 14:10 , 15:10 , 16:10 , 17:10 , 18:10 , 19:10 , 20:10 , 21:35 , 22:35

  • this is the same bus that goes from Oia to Fira (imerovigli is just a stop between Fira and Oia; closer to Fira)
  • Last Bus from Imerovigli to Fira is at 22:35 every day
  • From Imerovigli to Fira is a 7 mins drive
  • The ticket from Imerovigli to Fira costs 1.60 euros

The local Santorini bus arriving at Perissa black beach.


07:00 , 08:30 , 09:20 , 09:50 , 10:00 , 10:20 , 10:50 , 11:00 , 11:20 , 11:50 , 12:00 , 12:20 , 12:50 , 13:00 , 13:20 , 13:50 , 14:00 , 14:20 , 14:50 , 15:00 , 15:20 , 15:50 , 16:00 , 16:20 , 16:50 , 17:00 , 17:20 , 17:50 , 18:00 , 18:20 , 18:50 , 19:00 ,19:20 , 19:50 , 20:00 , 21:00 , 22:00, 23:00 , 00:00

  • Last Bus from Fira to Perissa is at 00:00 every night
  • From Fira to Perissa is a 20 mins drive
  • Perissa is the Black Beach
  • The ticket from Fira to Perissa costs 2.20 euros


06:30, 07:35 , 09:00 , 09:40 , 10:10 , 10:20 , 10:40 , 11:10 , 11:35 , 11:40 , 12:10 , 12:35 , 12:40 , 13:10 , 13:35 , 13:40 , 14:10 , 14:35 , 14:40 , 15:10 , 15:35 , 15:40 , 16:10 , 16:35 , 16:40 , 17:10 , 17:35 , 17:40 , 18:10 , 18:35 , 18:40 , 19:10 , 19:35 , 19:40 , 20:10 , 20:35 , 21:30 , 22:30 , 23:20

  • Last Bus from Perissa to Fira is at 23:20 every day (but there might be a later one in the summer…so always ask the drivers!)
  • From Perissa to Fira is a 20 mins drive
  • The ticket from Perissa to Fira costs 2.20 euros

santorini bus stop kamari
The bus stop at Kamari is literally in front of the Crazy Donkey Beer Brewery


07:15 , 08:30 , 09:15 , 10:00 , 10:30 , 11:00 , 11:30 , 12:00 , 12:30 , 13:00 , 13:30 , 14:00 , 14:30 , 15:00 , 15:30 , 16:00 , 16:30 , 17:00 , 17:30 , 18:00 , 18:30 , 19:00 , 19:30 , 20:00 , 20:30 , 21:00 , 21:30 , 22:00 , 22:30 , 23:00 , 00:00

  • Last Bus from Fira to Kamari is at 00:00 every night
  • From Fira to Perissa is a 20 mins drive
  • The bus from Kamari to Fira also stops at Kamari Open Air Cinema and at the Donkey Local Brewery
  • The ticket from Fira to Kamari costs 1.60 euros


07:30 , 08:45 , 09:30 , 10:15 , 10:45 , 11:15 , 11:45 , 12:15 , 12:45 , 13:15 , 13:45 , 14:10 , 14:45 , 15:15 , 15:45 , 16:15 , 16:45 , 17:15 , 17:45 , 18:15 , 18:45 , 19:15 , 19:45 , 20:15 , 20:45 , 21:15 , 21:45 , 22:15 , 22:45 , 23:15 , 00:15

  • Last Bus from Kamari to Fira is at 00:15 every night
  • From Kamari to Fira is a 20 mins drive
  • The ticket from Kamari to Fira costs 1.60 euros

This is the local bus that will take you from Santorini Airport to Fira. There will always be a bus to wait for you as there is very high frequency of flights in the summer months especially.


06:15, 07:15 , 09:00 , 10:00 , 11:00 , 12:00 , 13:00 , 14:00 , 15:00 , 16:00 , 17:00 , 18:00 , 19:00 , 20:00 , 21:00 , 22:00 , 23:00

  • Last Bus from Fira to Airport is at 23:00 every day
  • From Fira to Airport is a 10 mins drive
  • The ticket from Fira to Santorini Airport costs 1.60 euros


06:25, 07:25 , 09:10 , 10:10 , 11:10 , 12:10 , 13:10 , 14:10 , 15:10 , 16:10 , 17:10 , 18:10 , 19:10 , 20:10 , 21:10 , 22:10 , 23:10

  • Last Bus from Airport to Fira is at 23:10 every day
  • From Airport to Fira is a 10 mins drive
  • The ticket from Santorini Airport to Fira costs 1.60 euros


08:30 , 10:00 , 11:00 , 12:00 , 13:00 , 14:00 , 15:00 , 16:00 , 17:00 , 18:30 , 20:00 , 21:30

  • Last Bus from Fira to Akrotiri is at 21:30 every day
  • From Fira to Akrotiri is a 20 mins drive
  • The ticket from Fira to Akrotiri costs 1.80 euros
  • The bus to Akrotiri also goes to the Red Beach and to Akrotiri Prehistoric ruins


08:50 , 10:20 , 11:20 , 12:20 , 13:20 , 14:20 , 15:20 , 16:20 , 17:20 , 18:50 , 20:20 , 21:45

  • Last Bus from Akrotiri to Fira is at 19:20 every day
  • The ticket from Akrotiri to Fira costs 1.80 euros
  • From Akrotiri to Fira is a 20 mins drive

The bus stop at Pyrgos village, which is close to the SantoWines winery (there is a dedicated stop for the winery).


07:00 , 11:00 , 14:00 , 18:00

  • Last Bus from Fira to Vlihada is at 18:00 every day
  • The ticket from Fira to Vlihada costs 1.80 euros
  • From Fira to Vlihada is a 20 mins drive


07:20 , 11:30 , 14:35 , 18:30

  • Last Bus from Vlihada to Fira is at 18:30 every day
  • The ticket from Vlihada to Fira costs 1.80 euros
  • From Vlihada to Fira is a 20 mins drive
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142 thoughts on “Santorini Bus Schedule”

  1. Would be great to add information about Fira to Perrsia express buses which do bot stop in Pyrgos etc… There is no info on bus terminal in Fira which one of them is express or not 🙂
    Hard to find the timetable for busess from Pyrgos to Fira as well.

    • Hi Piotr,
      To be totally honest the express buses really change every few months and the best thing you can do is basically to ask the drivers and the bus people at Fira bus hub. Also, if you want to visit Pyrgos you can still take any bus that goes to Perissa and then stops at Santowines. You can be in the center of Pyrgos in 10-15 walk from there.

        • There is a limited number of taxis on the island (around 30) but you can always find one even during the high season. The Santorini Taxi Phone Number is : +30 22860 22555 and you can book one at any time. Unfortunately, there is no Uber or Lyft in Santorini.

      • This is good to know thanks! Do you happen to have a map or list of the different stops on this route so I can see for sure where to get off (and back on again to head back to Fira) for Pyrgos?

  2. Dear Pavlos,
    Could you kindly advise us what is the schedule for buses from Athinios port to Thira on 4th of September? Our ferry is supposed to reach at 1:20 am. Do you know whether there will be bus available at that time?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Alex,
      Usually there is a bus waiting after the arrival of every ferry. Unfortunately the official bus company (KTEL) don’t post timetables but that is rule of thumb. They follow the arrival times of the ferries , so you don’t have to worry about that. There might be lots of crowds tomorrow though so you have to be fast to find a seat.

  3. Hi Pavlos
    We will arrive at Athinios port, Santorini in the afternoon on 18 September. Our flight is not until 23.30, so we want to spend a couple of hours in Fira. We want to take a bus from the port to Fira and then a bus from Fira to the airport, but our previous experience is that bus services are unreliable. Do you think we should take the risk that there will be a bus at the port or should we book a private transfer?
    Thank you, Allyson

    • Hi Allyson,
      There will definitely be a bus waiting to take you to Fira BUT your schedule is so tight that I highly recommend taking a taxi (or private transfer) for both destinations (to the airport as well) so that you don’t waste time waiting for the bus so you can spend those extra minutes at Fira. Buses in Santorini are fairly reliable but they definitely take more time (overall) than a taxi to take you to your destination.

  4. Dear Pavlos,

    My plane is landing at 22.20 at 27th september. It is possible to get to Fira by bus at this time? Because I checked KTEL and airport website and here last bus is at 22.25 (airtport website) and 22.10 (KTEL website) 😉
    Also, at 30th september I have ferry which departure at 7.30 from Athinos. Is it a bus from Fira to get there?

    • Hi Ivy,
      I believe that you will achieve both.
      There is definitely a bus to Fira that normally waits the last planes outside of the airport to take you to Fira, so you shouldn’t worry about that. The same applies for the Fira to Athinios trip. Worst case scenario (if something goes wrong) you can always take a taxi and those trips shouldn’t cost more than 20 euros each.

  5. Hi Pavlos,

    I would be living in Imerovigli. Would it be ok to catch a Oia-bound bus at Imerovigli to go to Oia? Or do I have to go to Fira first and ride the bus to Oia?

    • Absolutely!
      In fact the bus that goes from Fira to Oia actually stops at Imerovigli as well.
      You don’t have to go to Fira to take it. The bus that departs from Fira is at Imerovigli bus station 5-6 minutes after, so that would help you calculate the times.

  6. Hi Pavlos,
    Do you know until when those timetables are confirmed?
    Because I’ll be in Santorini the first weekend of October and I’m worried it can be already considered “low season”…
    Thank you

    • Hi Lisa,

      These are usually valid till the end of October. October is still considered high season especially this year because many people decided to visit the island in September and October. These should be valid by the time you will be on the island but if there is any doubt you can always visit the central bus station at Fira and ask for the most up to date timetables.

    • The buses that go to Perissa usually stop at Megalochori as well. So, calculate around 10 mins after departing from Fira and around 10-15 mins after departing from Perissa, if that makes sense.

    • Eventhough Kamari is very close to the airport there is no direct bus that can take you there. You have to take the bus to Fira and then the bus from Fira to Kamari. However, I highly recommend you just take a taxi and it shouldn’t charge you more than 20 euros. Always confirm that before you enter the taxi!

  7. Hi Pavlos,
    Wow, great page and info, thank you.
    We will have to go from Fira to Finikia on Wednesday 29/09 to be there some time after 14:00. The villa manager said to tell the bus driver ‘Oia 2nd stop’ or ‘Mou restaurant’. We will have a suitcase with us. Is the bus a good idea? Are they super packed? (it’s Covid times too… Is mask complied with?) Also, would the driver understand our request in English and make a stop where we need? We don’t know anything in the area so if he passes the stop we won’t know until the next big town!
    Would you strongly recommend a taxi? If so, how much could it be and how to go about booking it? Thank you!!

    • You can definitely take the bus but in general I do recommend a taxi so that you are more flexible with times and also you will avoid waiting or get crowded. You will be a million times more comfortable and quicker to your destination. Yes, it does cost more (prices really fluctuate to be honest but anything above 30 euros for such a trip doesn’t sound right). There is a central taxi station at Fira (very close to the central bus station where you can get a taxi to Finikia. Make sure you agree the cost before boarding! English would not be an issue on the island. Santorini is the most touristic location in Greece and people really use English a lot to communicate with visitors.

  8. I am arriving in Santorini a little after midnight. I understand the buses don’t run that late. Would my only option be taking a taxi to get to where I am staying? How late do taxis usually run and are they typically outside the airport?

    • Yes, unfortunately getting a taxi would be your best option at that time.
      There are always taxis just outside of the airport as the drivers are very well aware of the upcoming flights and they make sure not to miss any customers!

  9. Hi Pavlos,
    This is one of the most helpful blogs I have come across.

    I’m visiting Santorini on Christmas day. Would you have an idea if buses will be operating between Fira-Airport and Fira-Oia

    • Hi Bryan,
      Thanks for the kind words!

      Yes, there will be a bus operating between Fira-Airport and Fira-Oia.

      Service on Christmas day will be limited though and there will definitely less buses than usual. The best thing to do is to check with the central bus station at Fira which they will definitely tell you what will happen as it’s not standard every year.

  10. Hello,
    Thank you for all precious informations !!
    I have a question : I will take a ferry from Crete next sunday, at 18h to Santorini. We will arrive at 00:05.
    Do you know if I can take a bus to Fira when I arrive ?

    • Hi there, thanks for your kind words.
      There is usually a bus waiting for every ferry that arrives, even at that time. However, you may take a taxi as well which shouldn’t cost more than 15-20 euros.


  11. Hi!
    Thank you for all useful info! Is this timetable only for high season or is it the same in shoulder season? I am visiting Santorini in April.

    • Hi there, the timetables are usually changing around April time to adjust for the summer season but they become even more frequent than the ones you see here so there is nothing to worry about. Obviously, these will be updated accordingly on this post when the new ones for the summer season come out.

  12. Love all the great info on your website! I may have missed this, but may I purchase a bus ticket from the bus driver if I decide I can’t make the remainder of the hike between Oia and Fira? If not, what are my options of locations to purchase bus tickets? Really looking forward to our trip in early May. Thanks so much!

  13. Γεια σου Pavlos!

    ευχαριστώ for the helpful information you provide here!

    I was wondering, is there a bus that goes to Vlychada at all in 2022? Another website was saying that there was one in 2021, but I don’t see a route for there listed on your timetable here.

    Also, will the timetable change as time gets closer to the “high season”? I’ll be on Santorini May 7 and May 8; do you anticipate that the bus schedule will be the same as what you’ve listed here, or do you anticipate that it will change by that point?



    • There is definitely a bus to Vlychada. There are actually 4 buses a day from Fira to Vychada ( i am about to add that too on the list as it’s just ben added to the timetables).

      This is the current timetable for 2022 and it is mosty covering the summer high season though there might be some changes here and there (an extra bus at an extra time for example).

      However, I am always saying to people not to stress too much about the bus timetables. There is always a bus available for the most famous destinations in Santorini and for the beaches, the port, the airport and Oia there are many buses throughout the day, especially between May – October.

  14. Hi Pavlos,
    During our stay for Easter, 22-25 of April 2022, we would like to visit Megalochori, Emporio and Mesa gonia. I cant find buses available to these villages. Please advise.
    Kind regards,

  15. Hi. I’m staying in Mesaria, can I pick up the Fira to Akrotiri bus from here please.
    Also how to get by bus to Pyrgos from Mesaria, is it also on the Fira to Pyrgos route?

  16. Depending on where you are staying in Mesaria yes, you can take the bus that goes to Fira. However, it would be better if you just go to Fira main bus station and take the bus to Akrotiri. For Pyrgos you have to go to Fira and then take the bus from there. Or… if you can, you can even walk to Pyrgos! It’s about 30-40 mins walk time.

  17. Hi Pavlos,
    I will arrive in Santorini by plane on Easter day (24/04/2022).
    Do you know if busses will have the normal schedule and if car rental offcies at the airport will bo open?


    • Hi there,
      Buses will definitely run (though maybe slightly reduced buses per day) but in regards to the rental offices I would advise you to contact the rental companies directly to find put. I believe though that they will be open especially for people who have already booked a car and are looking to get it.

  18. Hi. Super helpful page! Where can we see the bus numbers so we know we are getting on the right bus at the station? We will be at Fira bus stop a lot so don’t want to get on the wrong bus!

  19. Hi There,
    Great site!

    Any update on the schedules from Fira to/from Vlychada? How far is the beach from the just stop?


  20. Hi Pavlos,
    You’re very good with what you’re doing for us tourist’s.
    Here is my question:
    We arrive at the airport at 10.50 am. and stay at the Scorpios beach hotel (monolithos).
    Can we take a bus to our hotel and if so what times?
    Kind regards Jonny

    • Hi Johny,

      Monolithos is very close to the airport so I do not recommend taking a bus (there is no bus that can take you directly to Monolthos but you may have to change at Fira). I would better take a taxi as it’s literally 5 mins drive!

  21. Hi Pavlos,

    We are arriving on June 15th via ferry and are staying at the Aressana spa hotel and suites. Will there be buses from the ferry to the hotel and do the buses have space for luggage or would we need to carry it with us in the bus?
    Thank you

    • Hi there,

      Yes, there are always buses that take people from the port to Fira. Then you may have to change bus or take a taxi to Oia or else. You can also ask your hotel if they can arrange transfer so that they pick you up from the ferry port. All buses have space for luggage!

  22. Hi which route stops at exo gonia bus stop? Is it the bus to Perissa or kamari or which route? If one wants to go from akritori to exo gonia is it possible to transfer on route or one has to go back to fira?

    • If you want to go from Akrotiri to Exo Gonia you must change bus at Fira. There is no direct bus to take you there unfortunately. It is the bus that goes to Kamari!

  23. Hi Pavlos
    Thank you for all precious informations, your feedback is amazing.
    I have a question: I will take a ferry from Crete on 25 August at 21.30 p.m.
    I will arrive to port of Santorini on 26 August around 4 a.m.
    Please would you know if I can take a bus to Fira when I arrive at this time?
    If not is there a safe place to wait for the next bus?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Joanna,

      Thanks for your kind words.
      There will be no bus at that time unfortunately but there will definitely be taxis so my advice would be to take a taxi.

    • Yes indeed. It is still active.
      The best thing to do though is to ask for the updated routes and times for Monolithos at the main central bus station at Fira.

  24. Thank u! This is very useful.
    By the way, do you know if it’s possible to walk from Vlychada to Alkotiri? If yes, would it be a tough one?

  25. Hi,
    What you do is a great job!
    Question: What are the best beaches around? We stay at Oia. Are all of those hotels around let us stay by their pool (of course with purchase of drink) or we need to be a guests?

    • Hi Ana,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      I believe Lioyerma hotel bar can alow you to have a drink by the pool but in general not that many hotels allow that as they only keep the space for their customers who have paid a lot of money for this privilege.
      There are many beaches close to Oia but are on the other side of the island and they do not overlook the sunset.
      A good one is Kolumbo which is very quiet and long.

  26. HI Pavlos,

    Thank you for all your useful information! I have a question, is there a bus stop near centre of Perivolos that will take me to Fira? Or will I have to walk to Perissa first and then get the bus to Fira?

    Thank you!

  27. You’re website has been so helpful so far so thank you!!
    We are trying to get to Santorini Gem, is there a bus stop at Santo wines or do we have to get the one in Megalochori and walk?
    Many thanks

    • Yes absolutely! The bus station is at the center of the village where all cafes are. Very hard to miss! However, depending on where you are staying you may have to walk a bit to reach your hotel/room.

  28. The buses are great getting from one center or main location to another but are not like most bus systems which stop at several spots between the main locations. For example, we stayed 35 minutes walk from Fira center. We arrived by ferry and there was a bus waiting, going to Fira center (the main center for all buses). Great! However, when we got to Fira it was either a 40 minute walk up hill (with suitcase) to our hotel or pay a cab- and they can overcharge big time! Yet there are bus stop signs on the roadside, the very path all the buses travel yet none of them stop at these. What’s with that?

  29. Hi Pavlos,
    I’ll be leaving Santorini in April 8th, 2023 but I’m not sure which flight should I book since the earliest I would choose departs at 8:30 am, but according to the updated 2023 timetable the first bus from Fira to de airport runs until 7:15 am, and even though the trip is short not sure if the airline would let me check-in and drop my luggage 🙁
    Do you think there will be an earlier bus by that moment or should I consider to take a taxi to be in the airport at the proper time?
    Thanks a lot for your priceless blog and greetings from Mexico!

    • Hi Josue,

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Unfortunately this is the earliest bus in the morning, as far as i am aware.
      This is going to be very tight so I do not recommend taking the bus that morning but try to arrange a taxi pick up from your hotel.
      You need to be at least 2 hours in advance at the airport, as in every flight everywhere in the world.
      Hope that helps.

  30. Hi! I have a bit of a problem – I am arriving into Santorini Port (on my ferry from Athens) at 15:30 on a Sunday at the end of March. Our hotel is in Fira. However, the schedule above says that the last bus leaves at 15:15! Questions…

    1) Are the buses not timed around the ferry arrivals? Will we still be able to get on the bus at 15:30?
    2) If there is no bus, what is the next most affordable way to get to Fira?

    Thank you!!

    • Hi there,

      The buses are always aligned to the latest ferry and it is for sure it will wait for your arrival.
      Nothing to worry about.
      Your next option is to get a taxi to Fira and it shouldn’t cost you more than 20 euros but I am sure you will catch the bus.

  31. Hi Pavlos,
    I must say you are very helpful answering all the questions!
    We are arriving in Santorini on 9th April and I was wondering how we can get from Fira to Firostefani? I was searching everywhere but I didn’t find a bus line that connects the two places but yet I know there must be one so I am a bit confused. Can you provide some help here, please. Thank you very much!

    • hi there,
      thanks for your kind words.
      Firostefani is literally in Fira.
      There is no special bus station.
      Firostefani is basically the north neighbourhood of Fira so what you have to do is to take the bus to Fira and then walk for about 15mins in Fira to the north. You can ask locals along the way.

      Here is the central square of Firostefani:

      Hope that helps!

  32. Just wanted to update that as of May 2023, the bus from Oia does not stop at Imerovigli – you must go to Fira and transfer to the bus to Imerovigli there. Signs at the Oia stop and driver confirmed this

  33. Hi,
    I wonder if you would be able to tell us how much roughly it would cost for a taxi from Le Ciel in Imerovigli to Anchor Suites in Finikia at 1am in the morning and if it will be easy to get a taxi?


    • Hi there,
      It won’t be easy to find a taxi at that time independently but you should speak to Le Ciel so that they will arrange for you that transfer. They should be able to do it easily and also tell you the exact cost.

  34. Hi, you say there is always a bus that corresponds to the departure of a ferry. My question concerns the bus from Fira to Athinios port. You list only 3 departures from Fira bus station, starting at 11.30am. Our ferry is at 11.10am, so I think we would need to leave Fira about 9-9.15am. Is there a bus corresponding to this ferry? Many thanks.

    • Yes, there is definitely a bus earlier in the morning. The reason for not listing more routes is that the ferry schedules change a lot. Worst case scenario you can grab a taxi but as I said, there are definitely a few earlier buses from Fira to Athinios.

      • Hi Pavlos, thanks for the great website! My ferry on June 18 is leaving at 9:35 am, so you think, there will be a bus from Fira to Athinios at that kind of early time on a Sunday?

        • Hi Christopher,

          Yes, there will definitely be a bus for that time or even earlier.
          Just visit the Fira bus station a day before to verify that by checking all schedules that are posted there and also make sure you ask there in the info kiosk.

  35. Hi Pavlos, the hotel I will stay says they can offer the transportation from the airport for 25 euros. But it is only 5mins drive (according to google map) . Is it the normal taxi price in Santorini?

  36. Hi Pavlos,

    I have a flight from Santorini to Athens on 22nd July early morning at 7:15.
    My hotel is at Karterados near Maistros Village. Can you kindly suggest how should I plan to reach airport by 6 am in the morning? Is there uber available or any app from which I can book a taxi ?

    • hi, the best thing to do is to ask your hotel to arrange a taxi to pick you up that early in the morning.
      Every hotel on the island can arrange that.

  37. Hi there, we will be staying in Pyrgos for 5 nights in a couple of weeks. We don’t want to drive. Is there a bus into Fira and Oia from Pyrgos and then a return.

  38. The bus stop at Imerovigli for Oia is no longer the same bus stop as previous.

    The bus now stops next to Carrefour supermarket just down the road. We waited over an hr to be told by a bus driver.

  39. Good day Pavlos,
    I’m visiting santorini this weekend, and staying in pyrgos.
    Unfortunately, everywhere I look I only see two buses going to fira/Oia one morning one noon. Or they run frequently from pygros. Otherwise means I have to use taxis which I prefer not as google shows €70 per trip to Oia which is massive..

    Thank you in advance

  40. This is the most helpful, and detail information I found so far.
    We, a party of 5, will arrive at the Athinios ferry port from Mykonos on May 4, 24. Don’t know the ferry schedule yet!
    It looks like to me taxi is our best option. A taxi for 5 person is pretty hard to find in some place. Would it be an issue at Athinios ferry port? How much should it cost to Kamari area?

    • There will definitely be some taxis but also the local bus will take you to Fira and then you can also take a second bus to Kamari. Honestly it’s very easy and it will cost you much less. The taxi will probably cost you around 30-40 euros to get to Kamari from Athinios Port.

  41. Hello Pavlos,
    Your posts and travel tips are very helpful. I am planning to stay at San Antonio hotel starting Apr 15. I have read in one of the posts that there is an unofficial local bus stop right outside the hotel. Appreciate your reply to these questions:
    1. Is there a local bus stop right outside the hotel?
    2. If I flag the bus driver, would they stop there to pick up on the way to Oia?
    3. If I board the Fira to Oia bus, would the driver stop at the hotel and drop me?
    4. Are there any bus schedule that is limited during April?

    You guidance will help me, since San Antonio hotel is rather remote and I prefer not to rent a car. Thanks

    • Hi,
      To be honest I don’t think there is a bus stop outside of San Antonio but I might be worng on this one so the best thing you have to do is to ask the hotel and I am sure they will be happy to answer that. The drivers don’t generally stop whenever someone waves on the street as there are dedicated bus stops and it could be dangerous to do otherwise. In general, don’t stress too much about the buses so many months in advance. There are always plenty of buses to take you anywhere. Also, for San Antonio it might be easier to ask the hotel for a taxi to Oia and they should ‘t charge you more than 20-30 euros.

  42. Hello Pavlos, we are coming from a cruise and then a tender in May and will probably arrive on shore about 3:00pm. How late do the buses run from Santorini port to Fira and return? Is the central market in Fira far from the bus stop?

    • Hi Tracy,

      The cruise ships do not stop at the same port as all the other ferries. The cruise ship port is literally below the town of Fira and you don’t need a bus to get to central Fira town. You basically have 2 options to get to Fira:

      1. You can wait about 30 mins to get to the cable car that needs 5 mins to get you to the top, or

      2. You walk for about 30-40 minutes uphill steps (it is a bit tough if the weather is hot)

      You don’t really need to take any bus. Once you are up there, you will be in the heart of Fira town pretty much.

      I will post a video on my youtube channel next week about the whole thing so you can subscribe and get notified about it:

  43. Hello Pavlos
    I will take a ferry from Mykonos to Santorini on Mar 30. The arrival schedule is about 13.40. Will there be a bus from the port to the Mykonos town? Thanks

      • Sorry Pavlos, when I arrived at Athinios port from Mykonos by ferry at around 2 PM, there was no bus waiting. I went to the tourist information and they just said no public bus running and gave me a price of 20 Euro/person for a shared minivan. While I was hesitated, they quickly changed to be 10 Euro and forced me to accept it instead of sharing a taxi with others.

  44. Hello Pavlos!On the timetable for 2024 you presented the last bus from the airport to Fira is at 23.10 pm.On the KTEL site its written that last bus departs earlier at 21.10 pm.We ‘re arriving at the airport on 6 september 2024 at 22.30,so will be there a bus at that time to go to Fira?Thanks !

    • hi there,
      What you currently see on the KTEL website is more or less the winter time schedule for the Santorini KTEL buses but around April-May time they announce the summer (or high season) timetables with more frequent buses that run from May till late October. Last year the bus from thr airport to Fira was at 23:10 so this will probably be the same this year too, so I am mostly sure you won’t have an issue catching this bus to Fira.

  45. Hi Pavlos,

    Thank you for posting these very helpful bus schedules. I have 10 hours to spend. Which one will have more beautiful white and blue dome churches, OIA or FIRA? We would like to take photos with beautiful white and blue dome churches.

    Thank you so much!


  46. Hello Pavlos!
    On the timetable for 2024 you presented the first bus from Fira to the airport is at 7.15am.
    My flight time is 8:30 on May 28th, so will I be able to catch the plane in time if I take the first bus? Thanks!

    • Hello,

      Fortunately there is a new bus that has been added just recently from Fira to the Airport which is at 06:15 in the morning.
      I suggest you take this one instead to be on the safe side, otherwise it’s going to be very tight for all the security etc.
      (the schedule above has been updated too).

  47. Hello Pavlos we will be in Santorin on a cruise one day September 16/2024. If you have a short list of absolutely what not to miss here, please feel free to do so. We will be ashore we hope around 09:30 am
    To 6 or 7 pm. To be sure not miss the ship that sails at 10pm.
    We will use the bus mostly, we hope. Are the bus schedules valid till the end of September on all the ones listed. Santorin is one of the islands we missed during some of our visits. Thank you efcharisto

    • Hi Pierre,

      The bus schedule remains the same pretty much with very few changes if any in September, so nothi gn to worry about.
      In any case you will find the most up to date schedule posted at Fira Bus Terminal from which you will take the bus.

      You time slot is extremely small I have to say so my suggestion would be to spend some time in Fira and then go to Oia for some more waling and exploring and also to have lunch there.

      Bear in mind the bus takes about 20 minutes to get you from Fira to Oia and another 20 mins to come back.
      You also have to calculate even more time for waiting the bus, but yu can still take a taxi from Fira if you want the whole thing to be quicker.

      You can read my suggestions here for a day on the island:

      In theory, you could also take the bus to Pyrgos vilalge and also go for Wine Tasting in Santowines which is pretty close to Fira (10 mins by bus).

      Hope that helps


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