Experience Santorini’s Secrets

santorini travel guideYou will probably find hundreds of travel guides for Santorini all over the internet but here, we will give you some of our secrets and the things we like to do on the island.

Best Website To Book your Tours for Santorini: Get Your Guide

We have either done or experience these things by ourselves or we just know someone (most of the times a local) who has done it.

So, without further ado here are our tips to get the best of your time on this amazing greek island:

Best Unique Things To Do In Santorini

Hiking, watersports, winetasting, archaeology, open cinema, swimming, secrets spots to view the sunsets and many more! This list is also updated regularly with new exciting things to do in Santorini.
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10 Best Tours in Santorini

I! you are staying more than 2 days on the island then you must do one of these amazing tours. This list has the best sailing and wine tours you can find on the island.
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Greek Easter in Santorini: an unforgettable experience

Greek Orthodox Easter in Santorini is one of the largest celebrations in Greece. Pyrgos village is the epicenter of the festivities on the island and it offers one of the most magical moments you can experience.
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57 Santorini Breakfasts To Die For

This is how people start their day in Santorini. It looks unreal but this is actually how you could start your day too!

19 Pictures That Prove Santorini Is Ideal For Honeymoons

Having your honeymoon in Santorini is probably one of the best decisions you can take! People sharing their love for each other having Santorini as the background is the most romantic thing you’ll see today…
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5 Amazing Castles and Fortresses of Santorini

Santorini is a place full of history and cultural interest. Not many people know that the island has some great fortresses and castles that are ideal for hiking, photos and exploration. Here they are!
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My Santorini... (by Mimmi)

Mimmi is a girl from Sweden who visits Santorini twice a year…every year! So, we asked her where she wants to eat, where she likes to stay, what are her tips for the island and what Santorini means for her after all.