Showing your love in Santorini with…a car piston!

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Written By: Pavlos

Showing your love (or maybe locking it…?) by placing a “love lock” on a prominent place of a famous landmark or spot is a very common practice all over the world.

But, what about showing your love to… a car and not a person?

Then you just have to lock a car piston in Santorini!

santorini love lock car piston

love lock piston santorini

This car piston was spotted by the Facebook user Tony Lloyd who has shared it on social media and it attracted quite a lot of attention recently.

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Oia village in Santorini is considered one of the most romantic places on earth and one of the most famous locations for wedding proposals. It’s not really a secret that, Oia Hotels are considered some of the most romantic places to stay in Santorini.

One of the fences of Oia Castle overlooking the famous Santorini volcano and the deep blue of Aegean Sea is full of “love locks” from couples who want to “lock” their love for ever.

love locks oia santorini

But it really makes you wonder what your love for car (or maybe cars?) can drive you to do after all…❤️🚗🤣

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