Santos Winery Santorini: A review of the best Santorini Winery

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Santos Winery is definitely one of the best wineries in Santorini and one of the best things you can do on the island. I recently visited it and went through their large selection of local wines along with their wine-tasting experience. This is my review.

santos winery santorini
This is the 6 wines selection at Santowines winery, along with some greek nibbles.

SantoWines Winery

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My Opinion:

This is the most famous and the largest winery in Santorini, with the largest and most organised shop as well. It may feel very touristic and not really a secret but if you only have time for one winery on the island, make it this one, and you won’t regret it. Their terrace has some of the most impressive volcano views on the island. You don’t need to book any wine tour for this one, as you will just sit at any of the tables, and you will be given a menu to choose from. Your waiter will then explain everything you need to know about the wines. You won’t be able to visit and see in detail the wine production, though.

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santos winery 7
Santowines winery has a massive terrace with lots of tables and incredible volcano views on the edge of the cliff. Usually, you don’t need to book a table but in July, August and September you probably have to if you want any o the good tables at the edge, as this is the high season and there are hundreds of people visiting the winery every hour.

santos winery 8
This is Santos Wines wedding spot where the weddings are taking place. Don’t be surprised if you see people getting married during your wine-tasting session a few meters away… 🙂
santos winery 10
The terrace has some of the best views on the island. There is no other winery on the island with those views (probably Venetsanos winery has similar views but it’s smaller in size.
santos winery 6
Even if you don’t find a table at the front there are always enough tables just not with the awesome views even though you would still be able to enjoy the vistas.
santos winery 11
The views at the front tables are magnificent.
santos winery 3
You have stunning views even the tables at the back end of the terrace of Santos winery.
santos winery 2
The lovely shop of the winery is literally next to the terrace and you have to visit it.

santos winery 5
The winery shop is pretty big and apart from wines it’s got loads other local Santorini products like canned cherry tomatoes, honey and even souvenirs.
santos winery 9
This is one of the most asked delicacies in Greece, and there is plenty of it in the winery. it’s nuts covered in caramel and sesame. Delicious!


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