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santorini weather

Santorini weather is one of the mildest, most predictable and warm weathers you can find in Europe (and that can also be said for the whole of Greece and greek islands to be honest).

It’s always good to know what the weather will be at your destination because it can literally make or break your holidays completely.


And in Santorini, this can easily be said because it is a place with 4 distinctive seasons (like most of Greece actually) : 

  • Winter (mild, some rains, no snow) : December, January, February
  • Spring (lovely sunny days, occasionally some rain and wind) : March, April, May
  • Summer (hot…like more than 30 degrees Celsius hot, dry, no rains, sunny every day) : June, July, August
  • Autumn (feels more like Western European summer) : September, October, November

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In terms of how crowded the island will be,  here is a rough guide :

January: 10% crowded – (Low Season – many restaurants, hotels and businesses will be closed, beaches will be empty but the island is not “dead”)

February: 10% crowded – (Low Season – many restaurants, hotels and businesses will be closed, beaches will be empty but the island is not “dead”)

March: 20% crowded – (Low Season –but slightly more people start to visit the island as the high season approaches, many restaurants, hotels and businesses will be closed or just about to open, beaches will probably be empty but the island is definitely not “dead”)

April: 40% crowded – (High Season – the beggining of the high season and most restaurants, beach bars, cafes and businesses open in April as it is also the Greek Easter and lots of Greeks visit the island to start preparing for the high season)

May: 70% crowded – (High Season – All of the businesses of the island will be 100% open and operational but the island is still not full, the beaches are getting busier every day and the weather is awesome)

June: 90% crowded – (High Season – almost at full capacity but not yet super busy…everything will be open and super fun!)

July: 100% crowded – (High Season – the heart of the high season and when the island gets super busy and crowded, but still you will have a great time while the weather is super hot – do expect to spend most of your time on the beach or the swimming pool – not as busy as in August though)

August: 110% crowded – (High Season – the busiest month for Santorini, try to avoid if possible because everything becomes more complicated adn takes more time)

September: 90% crowded – (HIgh Season –  it will still feel like the long tail of Aigust some times but it will get less busy at the end of the month – weather still feels like summer! See also below)

October: 70% crowded (High Season – the weather gets colder but you can still possibly enjoy a swim in the sea or the pool – for many of the businesses October is their last operational month)

November: 30% crowded (Low Season – the early days of winter and the month where the weather gets considerably colder – many businesses, hotels and restaurants might be closed)

December: 10% crowded (Low Season – the heart of the low season and one of the coldest months in Santorini, no swimming, many closed businesses but awlays an amazing landscape and wild beauty)

These guys were puddling in Santorini. In October…:

Yes, this was shot in October!

Santorini Weather Guides for each month (where it’s best to stay, what to pack, will businesses be closed etc):

Santorini in January: What To Expect ?  (spoiler alert: cold and windy weather and no beach life as most businesses will be closed)

Santorini in September: What To Expect ?  (spoiler alert: awesome summer weather and a crowded and busy island)

Santorini in October: What To Expect ?  (spoiler alert: still warm weather but a less crowded and busy island)

Santorini in April: What To Expect?  (spoiler alert: cold weather and most of businesses closed but great greek easter celebrations)

Santorini in May: What To Expect ?  (spoiler alert: still sunny weather but a less crowded and busy island)

Santorini in June: What to Expect ? (spoiler alert: hot summer weather but not that many crowds)

So…how’s the weather like in Santorini ?

Nothing crazy or extreme to be honest.

The only time you would probably feel slightly uncomfortable with the Santorini weather is probably during the hot summer months of July and August where temperatures can rise up to 38-39 degrees Celsius (or 100-102 Fahrenheit) but this is really only a few days during the summer (the avergae temperatures are much lower – as you can see on the charts below). It can happen though.

But apart from some summer extremes, every other season or month is mild and relatively dry.

And to be honest with you…you will probably be by your pool or on the beach…and you will be lusting for some warm sun, right?

Here are the charts with the averages of temperatures and rainfalls in Santorini:

You should generally expect awesome sunny weather in Santorini but you may get some cloudy and colder days during the winter months Dec-Feb.
There is literally no rain in Santorini between May-September. Awesome!

What do I need to pack for a trip to Santorini ?

It really depends on the season and the month.

  • During the winter (December, January, February):

You definitely need jackets, long sleeves and even seaters and jumpers. No short sleeves, shorts or summer dresses. It can get pretty cold as it is also windy and humid (no snow or below 0 temperatures though…). Remember: Santorini is an island!

As a rule of thumb also, bear in mind that January and February are the coldest months in Santorini (and in Greece), with the most unpredictable weather (but no extremes…don’t worry). It’s just that it you may get 3 degrees Celsius with drizzle but also 20 degress Celsius and sunny! Who knows?

Winter in Santorini feels more like the fall/autumn of major Western European cities (Paris, London).

And yes…there can be some snow for a couple of days in Santorini in the winter but for people who live in snow-ey countries or areas, the Santorini snow looks like a joke:

Yes, that is snow in Santorini (it happens once every 5-10 years)

Spring lighter clothes and even a swimsuit in May! March also has unpredictable weather sometimes in Santorini (and in Greece), but nothing to worry about. Chances are that you will get sunny days with around 15-20 degrees Celsius, though. In April, the weather becomes warmer every day and it can reach 25 degrees celsius with clear skies and sun. However, May is definitely the month to start swimming in Santorini (even though the sea waters might still be slightly cold from the winter). If you are planning to visit Santorini in May you definitely need to bring your swimsuits, bikinis, monokinis, shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses. However, if you are visiting Santorini in April you do need to bring jackets and warm clothes.

May in Santorini feels like summer in major European cities (London, Paris)!

  • During the Summer (June, July, August):

The best time of the year! Bikinis, borat-kinis, monokinis, swimsuits, speedos, flip flops and all the short and summer dresses you have!

It’s summer and it’s hot (not desert hot though…).

Summer in Santorini is dry and hot. No long sleeves, no trousers, no jackets 24/7.

Summer in Santorini is the best summer weather you will ever feel!

September still feels like summer. You may need some lonf sleeves for the night time only. You will be on the beach or the swimming pool most of the days anyways… 🙂 October is slightly different and it is possibly the last month of the year when you can actually enjoy a swim in the sea or the swimming pool without being uncomfortably cold. Read also the detailed guide on Santorini in October and what to expect.

November is getting slightly colder and swimming is less possibly to be nice. You should probably wear long sleeves most of the time but chances are that you will also get many super sunny days with 20 degrees celsius! Fantastic!


No matter the weather, you will have a great time in Santorini. The best time to visit the island really depends on what you are actually looking for. If you are going for the beaches and the swimming pools then visit Santorini during the high season. If you are not bothered about swimming or the beaches and you just want to enjoy the magnificent landscapes with fewer tourists/people around, then go for the Low Season. Santorini has something for every time of the year!

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