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santorini in april

Santorini in April is a great destination to visit, but things are quite different on the island, as it’s not high season yet. Here is everything you need to know if you are looking to visit Santorini in April.

If you are planning to visit Santorini island in Greece in April, you should know that this is considered the “shoulder” season and it is usually the month when the Greek Easter occurs (it actually depends on the moon so it changes every year but it’s usually in April). The weather in April can usually be anything between 10-25 degrees Celsius, and it can be cold, rainy and windy. April is the month when the businesses in Santorini are slowly getting prepared but are not yet all open.



April in Santorini is definitely a better month weather-wise compared to March, but it’s definitely not a hot month. Unfortunately, you are not going to get summer weather and you are not going to enjoy the awesome beaches in Santorini, as it would probably be too cold for most people.

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A picture of the rocks behind the famous Red Beach, I took back in April; the sea can be rough in Santorini in April

The island won’t feel crowded at all in April, and you may only see a few crowds during the Greek Easter long weekend. All beachside areas, though, will be closed in April, as May is actually the month that they are opening for business. Don’t get me wrong, there is still going to be some life in Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari but it’s going to feel deserted compared to July or August.

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I will put it this way: if August is 120% busy for Santorini, then April is about 20% busy.

This is how Santorini feels every month; this is not official statistics but more like my personal view statistics after having lived on the island for more than 20 years and experiencing firsthand the crowds and theโ€ฆ tranquillity


  • NOT all businesses, restaurants, hotels, bars and shops will be open in April in Santorini, so check which hotels are actually offering rooms in April on

  • April is considered mid-season for Santorini; some people also call it “shoulder season” along the month of May and October, because these are the months just before and after the high season of june, July, August and September.

  • The weather in April in Santorini can be cold, windy and rainy but it can also be sunny and warm (but not very warm). You would definitely need a jacket even during the day and nights can be quite chilly, especially if it gets windy. Do not pack swimsuits if you are planning to visit Santorini in April!

  • The sea water will be cold (at least for most people), and swimming in the sea might be challenging. Of course, you can still swim, but it won’t feel nice, and also, you will probably be alone on the beach. In general, nobody swims in the sea in Greece, in April (us greeks prefer for the weather to be super hot to get into the water)

  • Because it’s not high season yet and most businesses will not be open, I strongly suggest you stay in Fira as it’s the capital of the island with the most open shops and restaurants throughout the year. Alternatively, if you you are on the island during the Greek Easter long weekend (check the dates here) you can stay in Pyrgos village where there are spectacular and very unique celebration during the Greek Easter weekend.
  • Most of the restaurants in Santorini will be closed in April but Fira will still have many restaurants to feed you. Oia on the other hand will probably have fewer open restaurants open but there will still open businesses, in general. is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

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How is the weather in Santorini in April ?

April in Santorini is relatively hot and dry. The temperature can be anything between 10-25 degrees Celsius (or 50-70 Fahrenheit) but it can feel cold, especially during the night because of the wind.

April weather in Santorini is not predictable and you may definitely get rain some days but you will also get lovely sunny days.

The average temperature in Santorini in April is about 15 degrees Celsius or about 60 Fahrenheit, and it will mostly be sunny but also windy and chilly during the night

There is a chance of rain in April in Santorini but it will mostly be sunny; rain is definitely more possible than it is in August!

During the day, you will definitely need a light jacket (especially if it’s cloudy) so no t-shirts or shorts, unfortunately…

If it’s sunny though (and mostly towards the end of April) it may even get warmer and sunnier โ˜€๏ธ.

April in Greece is considered spring and not summer but the weather is still better than in the major European capitals (Paris, London etc). it’s still the Meditteranean after all!

Where to stay in Santorini in April ?

April is not high season and since most of the businesses will be closed your options will be limited.

If you are visiting Santorini in April, I highly recommend you stay in Fira, which is the liveliest town of the island any time of the year.

oia crowded sunset
Don’t worry about the sunset crowds in Oia in April; you won’t find any of these but it may feel slightly busier than usual. It’s still Santorini…

Bear also in mind that the island will feel much busier and livelier during the long weekend of the Greek Easter , as most Greeks celebrate orthodox easter and they gather to their birth places and village from the big cities in mainland Greece (mostly Athens).

where to stay in santorini
Unfortunately, staying close to. a beach (such as Kamari or Perissa) is not a recommended option in April as most beaches will feel deserted without any businesses open; the seawater would probably be too cold for most people to enjoy, too.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy any of the famous Santorini beaches in April as the sea water is usually too cold and there is literally no life around. All the beach clubs and most of the hotels and restaurants will be closed during April. That doesn’t mean though that you cannot visit the beaches at all as they are fantastic anyways.

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Here are some handy tips to have in mind when looking for a hotel in Santorini in April (and not only):

For views to the volcano and the caldera: Fira (best place to stay in April), FirostefaniImerovigliOia

For being close to all the bars, restaurants, shops, nightclubs and the buzz: Fira (itโ€™s the capital of the island and the town with the most grocery stores, shops and nightclubs open in April), Oia

For equally beautiful sunsets and views to the caldera and the volcano (without thousands of tourists): Imerovigli and Firostefani

For being closer to the famous black beach (like 5-mins-walk closeโ€ฆ) and the best beach bars of the island: Perissa or Perivolos (no famous caldera and volcano views though)

For being closer to the other black beach with lots of restaurants and amenities: Kamari (no famous caldera and volcano views though)

For being close to the famous Red Beach but still have views to the caldera: Akrotiri (but itโ€™s a 20-30 mins drive from Fira-capital)

For being closer to most of the Santorini wineries and the amazing Greek Easter lights (and you don’t care about the famous volcano/caldera views): Pyrgos

For having the best private pools and jacuzzis with caldera views in Santorini: Imerovigli or Firostefani.

santorini pyrgos greek easter pyrgos village fires
The whole village of Pyrgos is lit with small fires during the Good Friday celebration of the greek easter, so you need to make sure you don’t miss this spectacular event if you are on the island at that time

What do I need to pack for a trip to Santorini in April ?

Forget about swimsuits, bikinis, monokinis, Borat-kinis, speedos, Hawaiian flowery shirts, normal t-shirts, shorts, etc. You need to pack light winter or spring clothes. You need your jackets, your sweaters and your trousers. You need your sweatpants for those hiking tours and your comfy jeans. No summer clothes at all…

santorini in april packing
You won’t need any summer clothes in Santorini in April.

Is early April a good time to visit Santorini ?

April is a great time to visit Santorini (as it’s every month in my opinion) but it’s not the best month if you are looking for summer weather and beach life. It is a great month to experience the lovely greek easter celebrations in Pyrgos and all over the island but it won’t feel like summer.

The seawater is cold in April because of the previous winter months, and all beach clubs in Santorini are closed in April.

The black beaches of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari will feel empty and deserted that month.

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Can You Swim in Santorini in April ?

Unfortunately, not. You won’t be able to swim in the seawater in April in Santorini and most beach businesses, shops, bars, restaurants, tavernas, beach clubs and hotels at the famous seaside towns of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos will be closed. They usually open in early May and close at the end of October.

perissa beach winter
Most businesses, restaurants and beach clubs in April are closed (this is Perissa beach)

April feels more like winter in Santorini.

What things I can do in Santorini in April ?

You cannot do everything youโ€™d do during May, June, July, August, September or October as many businesses, tour operators and hotels will NOT be open. However, there are still lots of things to do on the island (and that’s the great benefit of Santorini in general)

What are the flights to Santorini in April?

For April here are the companies with direct flights to Santorini usually (these change every year so please double-check before booking anything):

Aegean Airlines

Olympic Air


Sky Express


Astra Airlines









Thomas Cook

Norwegian Airlines

(unfortunately, there are usually no direct flights from outside Europe to Santorini in Aprilโ€ฆyou have to get off at Athens and then take another plane or ferry to Santorini)

April is usually the month when the flight operators start flights to Santorini (only from major European cities)

What are the ferries to Santorini in April?

highspeed ferry greece
Ferries to the greek islands are less frequent in the winter but there are always plenty of options for Santorini

Read my super-detailed guide for all the ferries in Santorini here:

–> How To Get From Athens to Santorini

For the latest schedules and ferry timetables you should always check the best website for booking ferries in Greece: Ferryhopper


April in Santorini is a great time to visit the island but you won’t be able to swim in the sea or enjoy the famous beach life of the island. The amazing volcano views and the sunset cruises will still be there and available for you to enjoy but the island will feel definitely much more quiet and relaxed. There are still things you can do in April such as hiking the path from Fira to Oia or even visiting the amazing Museums of the island. You will still be able to visit 1 or 2 wineries (Santowines is open throughout the year) and most importantly you might be able to catch the amazing Greek Easter celebrations of Good Friday in Pyrgos village if you are on the island at that time. In regards to accommodation, you should definitely stay in Fira as it is the liveliest town on the island at any time of the year. Oia and the other areas will feel more deserted and empty.


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