Best Private Pool Hotels in Santorini

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private pool hotels in santorini

Apart from everything else, Santorini is famous for its hotels with private pool. Having a private outdoor pool or a hot tub (or a plunge pool) at your doorstep overlooking the famous volcano is a really exclusive experience…as long as you can afford it! This is a list of the best private pool hotels in Santorini island.

There are many hotels in Santorini who offer suites or rooms with private pools and outdoor jacuzzi with amazing caldera views to the volcano and the famous sunset.

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But to be honest with you, these come at a very high price and they are some of the most expensive rooms you can find in Europe. For a very good reason though, as this is the most stunning view you would probably see in your life. Most hotels at this price tag though usually have an incredible shared infinity pool as well with an impressive pool bar , which can also be an amazing experience by itself.


it’s good to note here that these rooms are in most cases “Adult only” rooms and they are of course ideal for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon in Santorini. The private plunge pools in Santorini are literally out of this world.

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So, let’s see some of the best Santorini hotels with private pool:

1. Grace Santorini (Imerovigli)

grace santorini pool

Grace Santorini is one of the best hotels in Greece and the world and it’s also on one of the most impressive locations on the island of Santorini. You can rent many available suites with a private pool where also the service is 5 star. Well…that comes at a very high price though, so get prepared to pay 3-4 figures per night but to be honest if you are looking for a private pool hotels in Santorini then you should expect to pay a high price.

2. Andronis Concept Wellness Resort (Imerovigli)

andronis concept pool

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is a brand new hotel in Santorini (opened in 2021) and it has some of the most impressive private pools of the island with stunning views to the volcano from Imerovigli. The rooms are very spacious and modern and the private pools are quite big for the size of the hotel. There are also large and comfy sunbeds for unlimited… sunbathing. The resort’s concept is all around wellness and relaxation with lots of yoga and spa treatments to choose from.

3. Canaves Oia Suites & Spa (Oia)

canaves oia suites spa pool

Canaves Oia Suites & Spa is one of the most famous hotels in Oia and it’s been providing 5 star services continuously the last 20 years. The hotel is following Oia’s whitewashed design and its suites are quipped with private and seclusive swimming pools with large terraces and verandas to relax. The hotel also has one of the best restaurants of the island.

4. Cavo Tagoo Santorini (Imerovigli)

cavo tagoo pool

Cavo Tagoo Santorini is the sister hotel of the Cavo Tagoo Mykonos. They both have an incredible public infinity pool with floating sun-beds but the hotel offers some very unique suites with impeccable private pools as well. This is one of the best hotels of the island and the service is also top notch.

5. Katikies Chromata (Imerovigli)

chromata katikies pool

Katikies Chromata Santorini is situated on the cliff of Imerovigli overlooking the caldera and the volcano. Its pool suite has spectacular views and a quite large private pool on a large terrace with lots of private space. The breakfast is one of the best of the island and the staff is really attentive and helpful.

6. Andronis Luxury Suites (Oia)

andronis luxury suites pool

Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia is basically the main Andronis hotel of Santorini which is famous for its services and amazing location. Make no mistake this is one of the best hotels of the island and its private and very luxury suites are equipped with private outdoor swimming pools that are very seclusive with panoramic views of Oia’s sunset.

7. Anteliz Suites (Fira)

anteliz suites pool

Anteliz Suites in Fira have been praised quite a lot of times by myself on this blog. It is a really nice and pretty new hotel with some really impressive private honeymoon or master suites with their own private jacuzzis and plunge pools that look over to the beautiful Aegean Sea from the private terrace.

8. Aria Suites & Villas (Fira)

aria suites pool

Aria Suites & Villas is located in Fira and it offers 3 luxury suites with private pools and volcano views to the Aegean Sea. Apart from the lovely private terrace you will also have the benefit of being minutes from the main Fira square where everything happens. But this doesn’t mean you will be intruded by strangers on your suite as all of them are very secluded and private which is mostly the case for all the private pool hotels in Santorini.

9. Dome Santorini Resort & Spa (Imerovigli)

dome santorini resort pool 1

Dome Santorini Resort & Spa in Imerovigli is a newly built hotel with 5 suites in total with 3 of them having private outdoor pools overlooking the caldera and the Aegean Sea. This is a beautiful new hotel with lovely private terraces.

10. San Antonio (Imerovigli)

san antonio pool

San Antonio is one of the highest rated hotels of Santorini (for many good reasons). Their luxury suites offer incredible hot tubs with exceptional views but the hotel’s shared swimming pool is equally stunning and one of the most photographed of the island. Breakfasts are fantastic and the service that comes with your stay is exceptional. This is an unforgettable stay.

11. Kapari Natural Resort (Imerovigli)

kapari natural resort pool

Kapari Natural Resort in Imerovigli has a variety of luxury suites but their Up & High Suite has one of the most impressive outdoor private pools on the island with unobstructed views to the famous sunset of Santorini. The resort itself is offering a celebrity style treatment on all levels with breathtaking views from every suite or room. The indoor Spa is also available for treatment bookings (massages, facials, manicures etc) and the hotel restaurant is one of the most romantic in Santorini.

12. Celestia Grand (Fira)

celestia grand pool

Celestia Grand in Fira is scoring an incredible 9.9/10 from independent reviews at and that says a lot about the quality of service and the facilities. This is basically a complex of private villas that all have hot tubs and private pools with superb caldera views over the Aegean Sea. All the villas are on a very quiet spot of Fira (which is rare…) and Niko (the general manager) is one of the best of the island.

13. Katikies Kirini Santorini (Oia)

katikies kirini pool

Katikies Kirini Santorini is in Oia and as every luxury hotel in Oia, it comes with the best sunset views. There are 7 suites in total in this complex and 3 of them have outdoor pools on the private terraces. There are also indoor hot tubs in some of the suites. Katikies hotel chain is probably the most well known on the island and it’s pretty much guarantee of 5 star quality and exceptional service from the attentive staff. Fun fact: Kirini is the name of the cute cat that resides around.

14. Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel (Oia)

canaves oia boutique

Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel is located in Oia and it has 4 luxury suites with private pools. One of the suites has one of the most unique river private plunge pool (see above) which adds to the magic scenery you will have on your doorstep and the impeccable views. The service is exceptional and the 9.6/10 real online reviews is more than a proof for that.

15. West East Suites (Imerovigli)

West east suites pool

West East Suites is a very new hotel with an exceptionally modern design and attention to the details. This is a complex of very spacious private villas in Imerovigli with their own hot tubs and outdoor private pools. All suites offer very good privacy and they are all located at a very quiet area (of the already super quiet) Imerovigli.


Santorini has to offer some of the most amazing hotels with private pools and you won’t be disappointed with any of the hotels or luxury suites on this list. Some hotels offer just hot tubs on your private balcony but some others have a complete outdoor pool. But apart from the private pool you can also usually experience the impressive outdoor swimming pool they have as a shared facility. While not all of them are considered an infinity pool, some of them are possibly the most impressive in Europe as the caldera views are unparalleled and nowhere else to be found.


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