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Santorini has some of the best beach clubs and beach bars you can find in Greece. It is not a secret that Santorini does NOT have the best beaches in Greece but the beautiful black beach of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari are home to some really cool Santorini beach clubs. It goes without saying that the best beach clubs in Mykonos have a more party vibe overall.

santorini beach clubs
Most beach clubs and bars in Santorini are located on the beautiful black beaches of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari (this is Jojo Bar)

The best beach clubs of the island are basically located on one of the best beaches in Santorini : Perissa beach, Perivolos beach and the family-friendly beach of Kamari on the east side of the island but there is even more on Vlychada beach and also on Monolithos beach.

The best beach clubs in Santorini are:

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It is very important to note though that the beach clubs in Santorini have nothing to do with the beach clubs in Mykonos. The ones in Santorini are closer to lounge bars rather than crazy party beach clubs. You should not expect wild parties in Santorini in general even though nightlife in Santorini does exist and it’s awesome. is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

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So…let’s see the Best Bars and Beach Clubs of Santorini shall we?

1. Tranquilo Beach Bar

Tranquilo Beach Bar by night…

Tranquilo is a lovely chill out bar right on the beach. Sunbeds are on one side and the bar is just across the street. Tranquilo is famous for its cocktails. I find their mojito to be the best one on the island. By far. They also have a great menu if you would like something to go with your cocktail. Or if you don’t drink cocktails and you just want something to eat. As a bonus, there are many vegetarian choices. Traquilo hosts bands and live shows every now and then. Do not miss their latin parties if you fancy dancing some salsa. This is literally the type of bar that you can spend a whole day. And the day after to be honest as this is one of the best Santorini beach clubs. It is just so.. tranquilo 🙂

2. JOJO Beach Bar

Jojo Beach Bar epic entrance…!

JOJO is one of the most famous beach bars in Santorini, especially known for the parties they host so be sure to check what is on when you visit. With a beautiful relaxed setting, you can choose the sunbeds on the beach or the pool area across the street. In the pool area is where parties take place. Loud tunes, big swimming pool, big crowds. If you are after a good party in the afternoon, this is just the right place for you. Keep in mind, the parties usually end at around 23.00-24.00. If you prefer a quiet place by the beach, you can also go to JOJO and get yourself into a lovely cabana on the beach. Cabana, cocktail in hand, the sea right in front of you…Enjoy your day!

3. Wet Stories Beach Bar

Wet Stories is one of the best beach bars on the island

Wet Stories is another one of the famous beach bars in Santorini. There are lounge chairs, sunbeds and giant bean bags you can choose from to chill out on the beach. You can also play beach volley or you can go to the bar across the streets if you want to party. Wet Stories is also good if you are looking to eat something on the beach. Gets louder in the afternoon, especially when there is a guest Dj or a live show. The cocktails will not disappoint you. As a bonus, I quite like that every umbrella has an electric charging point for mobile phones and a small safe to put your things inside when you go for a swim. Wet Storeis is definitely one of the best Santorini beach clubs.

4. Chilli Beach Bar

Chilli’s amazingly relaxing and chill-out setting

Chilli Beach Bar was renovated in 2016 and is now a relaxing bar/restaurant on the beach. The atmosphere is lovely, the food is great and the staff very very friendly. Every now and then, they do a full on Greek bbq, so if you happen to pass outside, follow your nose and join the fiesta. Chilli is right next to Wave Sports, so you could go for a drink after your jet ski ride. You will discover a very interesting cocktail list. It will surely intrigue you. Try their own “Hot Chilli” cocktail. Refreshing and spicy. Love it!

5. Waves Beach Bar

Waves beach bar has a very relaxing environment on black beach

Waves beach bar in Perissa black beach is one of the best beach bars on the island. It offers many sunbeds on the beach (for which you have to pay 20 euros but it also depends on the month; usually July and August are the most expensive months). Waves does not have crazy parties with DJs but it is open for drinks till the early morning hours! The staff is very friendly and the cocktails are really good. it goes without saying that you should expect to find the usual food menu with casual plates such as club sandwiches or fresh salads.

6. SeaSide by Notos Beach Bar

Seaside by Notos Beach Bar sunbeds

Seaside by Notos is a restaurant, but it had to be on this list simply because it has a super romantic setting for you to enjoy and also because they make amazing cocktails. They update their cocktail list every year, but for sure you can find something you like on there. Plus you can enjoy it on a huge lounge chair by the sea. Perfect place if you want to start off your night with something quiet. Also super romantic in the evening, which makes it an ideal place for a date away from all the crowds. You can call in advance to book your sunbed/ table. You can also arrange for a private dinner right on the beach, just for the two of you.

7. Forty One

Forty One is one of the newest beach restaurant bars in Santorini

Forty One is one of the newsest additions in the Santorini beach clubs scene and it’s a great one. It has a great boho design and atmosphere to it combines with amazing and comfort food that can be an excellent companion to your day on the beach.

8. Theros Wave Beach Bar

Theros Beach is at an amazing location on Vlychada Beach

Theros Wave Bar is tucked away into the white volcanic cliffs of Vlychada Beach (a.k.a. white beach) and cut off from civilization. It really offers a small taste of paradise on earth – here in Santorini and it is worth discovering it. Theros Wave Bar is just so exotic. This is one of my favourite Santorini beach clubs to be honest and I visit it every year. And relaxing. You know you are on holidays when you get to this place… I really think Theros Wave Bar was specifically designed for couples and super romantic occasions. You can eat and drink there. You can even get married there! Try their “Honey Spirit” Cocktail. Got to love that…!

9. Yalos

Yalos is on the east side of Santorini and it’s a very romantic spot

Yalos is not on one of the most famous beaches in Santorini (Perissa, Perivoos, or Kamari) and it’s pretty close to Monolithos and the airport. It is on a very quiet beach but it attracts quite a lot of people (even celebrities visit it) in July and August. Yalos is on a very beautiful and romantic setting so don’t expect any crazy parties on it. It just has a very relaxing and chilled-out atmosphere and that’s not a bad thing…

10. East Breeze

East Breeze is one of the most relaxing beach bars in Santorini

East Breeze is also on the east side of the island and pretty close to Yalos beach bar and close to Monolithos beach bar. Set out in a very quiet side of the island, East Breeze has really yummy food and a very relaxed atmosphere. It is ideal for families as well.

11. Katharos Lounge

Katharos Lounge is a little (less known) gem…

Katharos Lounge is one of the best well kept secrets of Santorini. It is not only a lounge bar but an amazing vegan meze (tapas) place. It is located just above Katharos beach (just behind Oia) and it really has a fascinating story as it was a hospital treating patients that had leprosy.

A few FAQs:

Does Santorini have beach clubs?

Yes, there are lots of Santorini beach clubs but they are usually relaxed lounge beach bar restaurants with sunbeds (mainly) on the beaches of Perissa, Kamari, and Perivolos. The beach clubs in Santorini are quieter than the ones in Mykonos but there are still some parties going on in July and August mainly. Usually, the parties are in Chilli Bar or Wet Stories in Perissa beach. If you are really looking for crazy beach club parties then Mykonos is the best island for that.

Does Santorini have a nightlife?

Santorini has very good nightlife even though it is marketed more towards couples and honeymooners. You can read my ultimate guide on Santorini nightlife. It is true though that Mykonos nightlife is much better and if you are really for the best beach parties and the best clubs overall, then Mykonos island has a much larger variety of options and definitely crazier parties than Santorini.


So there you have it! These are the best beach clubs in Santorini. Most of them are generally lounge bars and less clubs to be honest but they are all very fun and great places to have a drink and even eat some casual food. most of them are located in Perissa and in Perivolos black beaches and it is for sure that you will have a great time on the beach in any of these.

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