Pyrgos Santorini village: a less known little gem

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Pyrgos Santorini is a lovely village with lots of history and magnificent views and sunsets that is less touristy than other places like Oia or Fira.

pyrgos santorini
Pyrgos is not that busy as Oia but it is equally beautiful and picturesque with hundreds of cute alleys and greek churches with blue domes.


Pyrgos used to be the capital of Santorini back in the day and most of the houses are 200-300 years old in the village. This is a little gem that waits to be discovered and walked by you.

The views from the top of the village are stunning and you can see as far as Kamari and Oia.

pyrgos santorini views
pyrgos santorini village
pyrgos santorini
pyrgos santorini
Pyrgos is full of cute alleys with white washed houses and narrow blue doors; this is typical aegean and cycladic architecture
francos pyrgos santorini
Franco’s cafe sits at the top of Pyrgos village next to a small chapel, providing some of the best views on the island
pyrgos santorini coffee francos
While at Franco’s cafe you should try the traditional greek coffee (ok, in other parts of the world people call it turkish coffee but it’s basically the same…)
pyrgos santorini sunset
The sunsets from the top of Pyrgos village are stunning and (in my opinion) more impressive than the ones in Oia…
pyrgos village
The center of the village at the bottom of the hill has a lovely cafe and a few other restaurants.
pyrgos santorini cafe
The traditional cafe (kafeneio) “Kantouni” at the center of Pyrgos village in Santorini
pyrgos santorini bus station
The bus station at Pyrgos Santorini where you go to Fira and Kamari.
pyrgos santorini good friday greek easter
The village is at its best on Good Friday just before the greek orthodox Easter where it’s literally lit by thousands of small candles producing one of the most impressive effects in Greece for that day.


Pyrgos Santorini is a beautiful little village that is now home to some of the most impressive wineries of the island and some new hotels that have recently been built and provide an alternative location with equally stunning views. Pyrgos is a great place to stay in Santorini and can be your base for exploring the other side of the island but also the famous one such as Oia and Fira as it’s very well connected and literally in the center of the island.

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