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Super Paradise, Ornos, Platis Gialos, Psarrou beach, Paraga beach and Agios Sostis are some of the best beaches of Mykonos, but there is definitely more to those.

Mykonos is famous for its sandy, long golden beaches and it is probably one of the main reasons why the island has become one of the most famous travel destinations since the 60’s. In fact, spending a day on the beach is one of the best things to do in Mykonos.

Golden sand, comfy sunbeds, tropical umbrellas, amazing cocktails and crystal clear emerald waters to die for…! Mykonos has some of the best beaches in Greece.

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To be totally honest, Mykonos beaches are much better than Santorini beaches in terms of size and surfaces (golden sand vs black pebbles) and in terms of available beach bars and restaurants on the beaches themselves.

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I have collected the Best Beaches in Mykonos that you definitely have to visit while on the island. You can either choose a “beach to see and be seen”, a beach to be alone, a nude beach, a gay beach…or a beach where you can party 24/7. is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

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The best Mykonos beaches are:


  • When You Can Actually Swim in the Sea Water in Mykonos: the sea water is perfect in Mykonos between June-October (and including these 2 months), so if you are visiting anytime outside of these months you may get sunshine and 30C degrees temperature but the sea water won’t be warm enough.

  • Best Beach of Mykonos: all of them are equally beautiful but Kalo Livadi and Ornos are considered the best in general

  • Best Beach for Families and kids: Ornos beach is the best option for families with kids as there are a lot of amenities and restaurants around

  • Best nude beach of Mykonos: Elia beach is the most famous nude beach but Agios Stefanos and Agios Sostis also have nudists at one side

1. Agios Sostis 

agios sostis beach
You can actually go skinny dipping in Agios Sostis Beach!

If you are into…skinny dipping, then the beach of Agios Sostis is the best beach for you! Seriously… There is also plenty of room to play rackets and beach volley. But…do not forget to bring water, snacks and drinks as there is nothing to buy there. On the other hand if it is too hot you will have to give it a second thought as the parking can be tight and a little far away so you will have to walk 5 to 10 minutes till you actually get to the beach. Also, make sure to bring umbrellas with you to protect you from the sun, because in the summer you should expect super hot temperatures (more than 35C during the day) . You can reach Agios Sostis beach mainly by car or bike, the taxi costs around 13 to 15 euros. Unfortunately, there is no bus that can drop you off to this beautiful beach therefore it’s not crowded and it’s really worth visiting it as it is a truly natural and unspoiled “virgin” beach (yes…these places still exist in Mykonos…). If you actually decide to get there you must visit Kikis tavern which is famous for the best steak/grilled fish and the amazing sea view. However, during July and August it is extremely busy and you may have to wait for more than an hour but the staff are quite attentive to customers. Unfortunately, reservations are not available and the prices can be slightly on the expensive side (around 20 euros per dish) – as everything in Mykonos: things are pretty expensive…

2. Lia Beach 

lia beach
Lia Beach is perfect for families and seniors

Lia Beach is quite far but it is a very beautiful and quiet beach therefore is preferred mostly by families and elderly people and it’s ideal for kids who want to play with beach/sand toys. It’s a little rocky inside and the water can be a bit cold as it’s one of the most northern beaches of the island. You can reach Lia beach mainly by car or bike (25 minutes), the taxi costs around 20-25 euros, Lia is located 13km east to Mykonos town. If you drive, it’s got plenty of space at the car park area. Because swimming always makes you hungry…there is a really nice restaurantcalled Liasti, just on the beach. This is highly recommended if you want to stay away from crowded beaches. Also, bear in mind that at Lia Beach there is a really well organised diving centre in case you want to go for snorkelling and scuba diving (one of the best diving centres of Mykonos.

3. Panormos Beach 

panormos beach
Panormos beach has a great beach bar and lots of amenities

Panormos is my favourite beach of Mykonos because it’s very relaxing and you can find an awesome beach bar which offer drinks, cocktails, food and coffee. You will also find plenty of umbrellas, sunbeds and huge pillows, that are really cool and comfortable so you won’t necessarily have to bring your own stuff unless you want to go a little further down the beach where is a lot of space to lay down (July and August are the busiest months of the year on the island and you may possibly want to have some quiet space to read your book…). You can reach Panormos beach mainly by car or bike, the taxi costs around 9 euros and Panormos is located 7km north east to Mykonos town. There is also a cheaper way to get there, by bus (check the bus timetables here), which can be taken from the old port of Mykonos and it will drop you off to this beautiful beach. In case you are driving, there’s no need to worry about the parking as there is always plenty of space at the car park area. Principaute de Mykonos is a very luxurious, well decorated & stylish beach bar & restaurant. The service is very good, and the food is excellent. It is a posh, fancy and very expensive place though (yes…people do show off a lot in Mykonos unfortunately) , so if you need something cheaper you should probably avoid it… However, you can always pop in for a coffee, cold soft drinks or amazing frozen cocktails!!

4. Mersini Beach 

myrsini beach
Mersini Beach is a quite remote beach of Mykonos

Mirsini beach is next to Foko beach. Mersini is an amazing beach for really quiet relaxation and unforgettable swimming. The beach itself is split up in two smaller ones by large rocks which you can actually bypass even barefoot. A bit further there is also a surprise for those who like searching.. But you will need strong legs and good shoes! You can reach Mersini beach mainly by car or bike, the taxi costs around 20-25 euros, Mersini is located 12km north east to Mykonos town. If you are driving you will follow the signs to Foko beach. After you passed the Foko beach you will follow the road on your left hand side which is almost 1km until Mersini beach. There are no special tips for this beach to be honest…the beach itself is the secret spot. It is a very remote and quiet beach that will make you forget you are still in Mykonos with all its buzz and craziness. Oh…I almost forgot… bring your own stuff on the beach (umbrellas, water, food, drinks etc) as there is literally nothing around.

5. Ornos Beach 

ornos beach
Ornos Beach is possibly the most family friendly beach of Mykonos

Ornos is a beach south to Korfos with very frequent bus routes, loads of hotels and restaurants.Ornos beach is one of the busiest beaches of the island and it is a favourite place for families as it’s got all the necessary services and amenities. Ornos area has been developed into an almost autonomous settlement the last years and many boats and yachts spend the night there, as it’s got a lot of restaurants and beach bars. You can reach Ornos beach mainly by car or bike, the taxi costs around 12 euros, Ornos is located 3.5km south west to Mykonos town around 10 minutes by car. Another choice is the bus (much cheaper) which can be taken from old port (check here the bus timetables). One of the best beach bars/restaurants of Mykonos is actually located at Ornos: Pasaji.This place is my favourite place, amazing food (Japanese, Seafood, Mediterranean, Sushi, Asian), great decoration, nice music and reasonable prices for high season in Mykonos. There is also a shower and changing room, the sunbed costs 11 euros but make sure that you’ve got your own towel otherwise if you ask for one you will be charged another 10euros! You will also probably spend another 30 euros per person if you decide to stay there for lunch. For those who are not willing to spend that amount of money, obviously it’s not the best choice (but you are in Mykonos…not the cheapest place in the world…)

6. Fokos Beach 

fokos beach
Fokos beach is the most seclusive beach of the island

In my opinion, Fokos beach is the most beautiful beach of Mykonos. If you are looking to relax and be seclusive this is the beach for you (plus the amazing sand!). This place belongs to the same category as Mirsini Beach as it’s pretty remote and you obviously need to bring your own stuff to spend the day (or night?). You can reach Fokos beach mainly by car or bike, the taxi costs around 20-25 euros, Fokos is located 12km north east to Mykonos town around 30 minutes by car. If you are driving you will just have to follow the signs to Fokos beach (pretty obvious , right?). Fokos beach has a small and cute tavern called Fokos Taverna (compared to the nearby Mersini beach that has nothing) where you can have lunch.

7. Paraga Beach 

paraga beach
Paraga Beach is ready for all those instagram selfies…

Paraga is a small beach with a very nice set-out. It’s very close to Agia Anna beach and it has one of the two campings on the island. Paraga beach has amazing views to Delos island! Apart from the camping there are also restaurants and mini markets. If you don’t want to spend money for sunbeds, you can always seat at the end of the beach (and yes…nudism is quite common at that area). The water is crystal clear and very calm but in case you want to swim at a pool you can go to the nearby beach bar/clubs that also offer amazing views from up high (usually it costs 5 euros per person to use the swimming pools – pretty reasonable). You can reach Paraga beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 15 euros, Paraga is located 6km south to Mykonos town around 15 minutes by car. Paraga is easily accessible by bus from Mykonos town or with a regular boat service from Platys Gialos (first stop). It is also an easy walk from Platys Gialos (15 minutes). If you do decide to visit any of the beach bars/clubs I would highly recommend the Kalua beach club which is at a great spot with with a fantastic atmosphere. Staff is really friendly and the food is goooooooood!  Highly recommended as a place to spend the day on a sunlounge or even stay for the evening party. 

8. Platis Gialos Beach 

platis gialos beach
Platis Gialos beach is a perfect beach for families and seniors

Platy Yialos is one of the most popular beaches , not only in Mykonos or in Greece but in the whole of the Mediterranean sea! There are very regular bus services to and from Mykonos town that take about 15 minutes. This large sandy beach is very well organized and provides a variety of facilities, especially for families with children and there are plenty  of beach & sea sports such as water-skiing. If you would like to explore more than one beaches at the same day, a water taxi leaves from Platy Yialos every hour or less to the beaches of Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia.  You can reach Platy Yialos beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 14 euros, is located 6km south to Mykonos town around 15 minutes by car. Platy Yialos is easily accessible by bus from Mykonos town. This is the ultimate beach for water sports in Mykonos. These are the guys that will make sure you have a lot of fun!

9. Ftelia Beach

ftelia beach mykonos
Ftelia beach is the best place for windsurfing

Ftelia beach is the best beach for windsurfing with wonderful water and golden sand! It’s a northern beach at the bay of Panormos and when you are at the west side of the beach, the whole scenery looks like a lagoon especially if it’s not windy. You can reach Ftelia beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 14 euros, is located 7km north to Mykonos town around 20 minutes by car. You can get there by following the signage to Ano Mera, part of the road is asphalt but later on becomes dirt road in more or less good condition. There’s also space to park your car at the dirt road. The view from Ftelia Pacha  is amazing overlooking Ftelia beach. Great atmosphere, a bit “hippy” and boheme – relaxing environment, nice food, a fantastic place to eat with breathtaking views. What else do you need from your holidays?

10. Psarrou Beach

psarrou beach
Psarrou beach is the place to see and be seen…

Ok…here is the thing: Psarrou beach is wonderful beach but… it is the most cosmopolitan place of the island where all the greek and international celebrities go. To be honest I would never visit it in July or August or…weekends (parking is also super difficult). It will be always super crowded and it will always have a private-beach feeling to it (eventhough access is free). There are plenty of facilities and water sports such as scuba diving and more. Undoubtedly, it Is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with emerald green water which had fame and glory back in the 80’s and the last years has vigorously passed at the frontline by gathering literally all the celebrities of the island. Everything there is super expensive but the prices vary if you would like to reserve sunbeds at the first, second  or third row, probably the cheapest price you can find is around 25 euros (there are rumours that people reserve sunbeds for 1000’s of euros in July or August). This is also the place where you will find some of the largest private yachts in the world (it’s a hotspot for Russian and Arab super rich boys/girls). You can reach Psarou beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 13 euros, is located 4.5km south to Mykonos town around 15 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Fabrika (10 minutes walk distance from Mykonos Town) to Psarou, so that you don’t have to worry about parking. So…no parking around, everything is super expensive and literally no chance to find a sunbed in July/August.

11. Kalo Livadi

kalo livadi beach
Kalo Livadi is a really long sandy beach and a great family beach

Kalo Livadi beach is another beautiful, quite big and very popular beach at the south part of the island. It’s definitely one of my favourite beaches of the island as it feels so big and relaxed. It’s located between Elia and Kalafatis beach and it’s pretty big in length and width. You will definitely find space to lay down or sunbeds in a good price of around 10 euros per person i(yes…that is considered cheap compared to other beaches where you have to pay a fortune for a pair of sunbeds – you don’t have to pay for that though…you can always bring your own stuff) Kalo Livadi beach is full of beach bars if you would like to get a coffee, soft drinks or refreshing cocktails. You can reach Kalo Livadi beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 25 euros, is located 10.5km south east to Mykonos town around 25 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Old Port to Kalo Livadi (check Mykonos Buses here). Barbarola is probably the best restaurant and bar at Kalo Livadi Beach, offering Greek food, smiling and attentive service at reasonable prices in high season. At Barbarola, you will certainly find many local residents and Greek tourists, which is a good sign! Try it and enjoy it!!

12. Kalafatis Beach

kalafatis beach
Kalafatis beach is great for families and kids

Kalafatis is popular among windsurfers and divers, but it also attracts families with children. If you get tired of sun and sand, you could walk to the old fishing village past the far end of the beach and enjoy a wonderful seafood meal at Markos taverna. The beach has slippery rocks in the sea. You need to walk carefully to go pass the rocks before having a good swim. You can reach Kalafatis beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 22 euros, is located 12km south east to Mykonos town around 25 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Old Port to Kalafati (check Mykonos Buses here). Markos Taverna is one of the most greek authentic fish restaurants you can find on the island. Give it a try. You won’t regret it…

13. Elia

elia beach
Elia beach is possibly the best beach in Mykonos

Elia Beach is by far one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos. Hands down…  The crystal clear blue water is exactly the same as you see it in all those postcards! There are 2 ends on the beach and both are quite busy (especially between June-September). As you facing the beach, on the left hand side is where all the shops are and the right hand side is full of “exotic” umbrellas and sunbeds. It’s a bit expensive so for those who do not want to spend too much, there’s always a choice of bringing your own stuff with you such as food, snacks, umbrellas, towels etc. You can reach Elia beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 22 euros. It is located 12km south east to Mykonos town around 25 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Old Port to Elia beach every day (check Mykonos Buses here). If you are at Elia Beach, you should definitely visit and eat at Elia restaurant. The view is incredible, you can see the entire beach in front of you!! The food is wonderful and the service is great, it;s a bit pricey but nothing unexpected  (remember…you are still in Mykonos…!)

14. Agia Anna Beach

agia anna beach
Agia Anna is a small rocky beach with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas

Agia Anna is a small beach on the right hand side of Kalafati beach with fine sand and a few rocks. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds, a small beach volley court and stands with soft drinks and sunscreen. It is mainly preferred by people who know the island very well and they want to enjoy the stillness of the summer evening. You can reach Agia Anna beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 22 euros. It is located 12km south east to Mykonos town around 25 minutes by car. Unfortunately, there’s no local bus that can drop you off at that beach but you can take the local bus which leaves from Old Port to Kalafatis beach (check Mykonos Buses here) and you can walk through the unmade road only for 7 minutes to reach Agia Anna beach. You might be thinking that it’s a big inconvenience but it’s totally worth it!!! You must visit the amazing Nesaea restaurant!! With Modern and minimalistic design, nice view, attentive staff, cozy atmosphere…and tasty gourmet dishes!! This restaurant deserves a Michelin star!!!

15. Agrari Beach

agrari beach
Agrari is a small sandy quiet beach

This is another beautiful beach, a bit seclusive for those who do not like crowds. The crystal clear blue water will pay you off for the difficult route, the long sandy beach is split up into right and left hand side which provides umbrellas, sunbeds, beach tavern and water sports. You can reach Agrari beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 22 euros. It is located 11.5km south east to Mykonos town around 25 minutes by car. Just bear in mind that in case you are driving it’s a tough ride from Mykonos Town, as the road is not always asphalt paved. Unfortunately, there’s no local bus that can drop you off at this beach but you can take the local bus which leaves from Old Port to Elia beach (check Mykonos Buses here)  it is an easy 5-minute walk over the rocks from Elia Beach. Bear in mind that in Agrari, the best spot of the beach is on the left hand side. Agrari restaurant is nearby but if I had the choice I would go somewhere else as the food is quite average. However you can find simple food and drinks at the beach bar behind the beach. The prices are reasonable compared to other beaches.

16. Paradise

paradise beach
Paradise beach is the place to be if you love beach parties and famous DJ’s

Paradise Beach is a very beautiful, sandy and popular beach since the 70’s (you can easily imagine the hippie parties that were taking place back then…). There are two mini markets, umbrellas, sunbeds, a 24/7 restaurant with an international cuisine, souvenir shops, playground on the beach and many more… For those who love parties and loud music, it’s the best place!! The party usually starts in the afternoon at about 4pm and finishes…the next day! You can reach Paradise beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 15 euros. It is located 6km south to Mykonos town around 20 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Old Port to Paradise Beach (check Mykonos Buses here) which is the cheapest and the safest solution (if you are planning to party and have much more drinks than usual…:) If you love parties you must go to Cavo Paradiso , an Ibiza-style open-air mega club, which has a fantastic view of the sea and a huge swimming pool in the middle of the club, where you can party and dance till after the sun comes up. Hands Down, this is one of the most famous clubs in the world. Famous DJ’s David Morales, Tiesto play here music almost every summer….so if that’s your thing then it’s a must! (but to be honest if it is your thing you should already know it…).

17. Super Paradise

super paradise beach
Super Paradise is the second most famous party beach of the island with lots of tourists partying 24/7

Ok…here is the deal: If you won’t go to the Super Paradise Beach, it’s like you’ve never been to the island. Seriously. It’s the most famous beach of the island, but it is a party beach (just to warn you). If you just want to relax then this is not the beach for you. And yes…all the crazy beach parties is the main reason people visit Super Paradise, so I wouldn’t say it’s ideal for families or seniors. However, it’s a pretty good sandy beach with nice waters but not the best of the island. Bear in mind though that the right side of the beach is mostly nude and gay friendly. In the afternoon the music gets really loud and it will come from both the left side (Super Paradise Beach Bar Club) and the right side (Coco Club). You can reach Super Paradise beach by car or bike. The taxi costs around 15 euros and the beach itself is located 6km south east to Mykonos town around 20 minutes by car. Unfortunately, there is no local bus that goes directly to the Super Paradise Beach but you can take the bus which leaves from Fabrika to Platy Yialos (check Mykonos Buses here) and then you can take the water taxi (third stop) to Super Paradise. You can also take the bus to Paradise from Mykonos Town and then continue walking for 20 minutes over the hill to Super Paradise. If you decide to take your own car, be warned that the last hill before the beach is quite steep and also parking can be challenging too… To be honest…if you are not a party go-er, this is not a place for you.You can still visit the beach and a have a look on what is going on (because it’s super famous anyways) but I wouldn’t spend a whole day there.Not to mention that this is a bad choice for families or seniors but it’s also a great (and famous) choice for nudists. The beach is also the most gay friendly beach of the island.

18. Agios Ioannis

agios ioannis beach
Agios Ioannis is a small beach , perfect for snorkelling

Agios Ioannis is a small beach with great snorkeling opportunities. The beach is never crowded and there are umbrellas and sunbeds available to rent. The beach offers a beautiful view towards the nearby islands of Delos (which is an island famous for its ancient ruins). Agios Ioannis is easily accessible by bus from Mykonos Town (Old Port). You can reach Agios Ioannis beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 12 euros and the beach itself is located 5km south west to Mykonos town around 10 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Fabrika (check Mykonos Buses here) to Agios Ioannis. This beach is very beautiful and secluded with very clear waters and a stunning view to Delos island. Agios Ioannis has less sunbeds than elsewhere, which makes it quieter than many others on the island. The bus stop is a short walk away, with frequent busses to Mykonos Town. Also, bear in mind that getting into the water is a bit tricky as you may need to walk carefully to go pass the rocks.

19. Agios Stefanos

agios stefanos beach
Agios Stefanos is perfect for families and very well organised

A well developed, sandy beach next to the new port of Tourlos. Agios Stefanos is very popular and gets very crowded during summer time (June-September). This is a beach for all ages with a wonderful view to Delos and Rhenia islands, with probably one of the best sunsets you can view in Mykonos. There are many restaurants, cafe, mini markets, hotels and villas. All in all it is a very well organised beach with umbrellas and sunbeds. A great choice for families too. You can reach Agios Stefanos beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 14 euros. It is located 5km north to Mykonos town around 15 minutes by car. A local bus leaves from Old Port (check Mykonos Buses here) to Agios Stefanos. Agios Stefanos is protected from the winds and offers a variety of water sports facilities as well as some very good tavernas and restaurants. One of them is called Limnios taverna, a family tavern with a very friendly atmosphere, amazing greek food, service and lovely sunset views (plus: reasonable for Mykonos prices). You will also see lots of locals eating there, which is also a good sign! 

20. Kapari

kapari beach
Kapari is a small seclusive beach that also attracts nudists

Kapari is next to Agios Ioannis and it has a small nude beach section, too. This hidden-secret beach is located north of Agios Ioannis, behind Agios Ioannis chapel, and then a steep walk downhill. This beach is the well-kept secret of the well-informed visitors and some of the locals’. It’s a small sandy beach with an amazing view to Delos island (what a beautiful sunset…). You can reach Kapari beach by car or bike, the taxi costs around 14 euros and the beach itself is located 5.5km south west to Mykonos town around 15 minutes by car. Unfortunately, there is no local bus to take you there…  The beach is accessible but you will have to park your car and then walk onto a steep downward trail, so make sure that you have got trainers with you and be very careful. The beach is not organised so you must bring umbrellas, snacks, water etc. with you. No other tips…just enjoy the magnificent sunsets and the exclusivity…

21. Megali Ammos

megali ammos beach
Megali Ammos is the beach closest to Mykonos town

Megali Ammos is the nearest beach to Mykonos Town, just a 10-minute walk from Mykonos Town along the coast into the direction of Ornos. The beach is next to the central road and it is perfect for those who like windsurfing, scuba diving or horse riding. You can reach Megali Ammos beach mainly on feet as it’s just a 10-minute walk from Mykonos town. There is a huge rocky slab in the sea which makes it a little difficult to swim. The waters are crystal clear though… The beach has no umbrellas and sunbeds due to the strong northerly winds, so get prepared for some strong winds…

Are the beaches in Mykonos sandy?

The beaches in Mykonos are all sandy and very wide in general. Even the most remote ones have golden and fine sand that makes it ideal for kids and families. Almost all of the beaches in Mykonos have sun beds which you have to pay for, of course. In the slightly more off road and less known beaches in Mykonos you have to bring your own food and water as there might be nothing around (such as in Agios Stefanos, Agrari or Fokos beach).

How many beaches are in Mykonos?

There are more than 20 beaches in Mykonos which you can access by bus or by driving, but there is more than 10 more beaches that are not accessible by car. You can visit those beaches only by sea and only the lucky owners of yachts have the exclusivity of being able to visit them.

Are Mykonos beaches free?

All of the beaches in Mykonos are free to visit and stay. However, things can get weird as in some of them there is not much space left for visitors with their own umbrellas or beach towels as the whole beach is occupied by the beach bar (Psarrou is a great example of that). But even in this case, you don’t have to pay for staying on the beach unless you use any of the sunbeds and beach bar umbrellas. If anyone says the opposite they are against the greek law. Mykonos beaches are all free.

Which has nicer beaches Santorini or Mykonos?

Mykonos has much nicer beaches overall than Santorini. Santorini has basically 3 beaches with volcanic rocky pebbles while Mykonos has more than 20 golden sand beaches with great beach bars and restaurants.

What beaches in Mykonos allow topless?

The beaches that allow topless in Mykonos are Paradise, Fokos, Agios Stefanos, Elia beach, Agios Sostis. You won’t have any issues on any of the beach if you go topless, but you will definitely feel more comfortable in those ones. However, you can go full nude only in Agios Stefanos and Agios Sostis.


So, these are the best Mykonos beaches: Agios Ioannis, Paradise, Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, Elia, Lia, Agrari, Ftelia, Ornos and Platis Gialos. If you only have time for one beach in Mykonos, then visit Ornos beach as it is the beach that has everything and it is overall perfect for almost every situation: couples, solo travellers, honeymooners, families, kids and seniors (no steps at all).  Do not visit Psarrou beach in the months of July and August as you will be disappointed by the prices and the VIP feel of the place (unless you are indeed a VIP…). Spending time on a beach and swim in the gorgeous emerald waters is the single best thing you can do in Mykonos.


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