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flying dress santorini

Backstage may not look stunning, but trust me…the pictures will be epic! This is one of the best photographers on the island

A Flying Dress Santorini photoshoot has become one of the most viral things to do in Santorini, so I thought of giving some advice on what to expect and how to book a photoshoot like this in Santorini, along with a list of the best sessions that you can book.

A flying dress photoshoot over the blue roofs of Santorini can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and there are several professionals on the island offering such a service.

BEST FLYING DRESS SANTORINI PHOTOSHOOT: Flying Dress Photoshoot in Santorini


  • Pricing usually starts from around 300 euros up to 2000 euros (depending on the package you choose); the package with just photos in a 1-hour photoshoot will cost you 300-400 euros usually
  • The photoshoot usually takes place in Imerovigli town (here on Google Maps), or in Oia town but the photographer, along with his/her crew, can probably pick you up (check if this is included in the package you book or not)
  • The photo shoot can take from 30 mins to 3 hours
  • Some packages include pictures with different dresses but the cheapest ones will just allow you to pick one before the photoshoot.
  • The providers usually have many different dresses to accommodate everyone (from S to XXXL)
  • Some more expensive packages also include makeup and even hairstyling if you want
  • You should discuss with the provider if you want a photoshoot only with you or with your spouse.
  • Shoes are not included in the session, so you must bring yours (but they may not even be visible in the photos
  • If the Santorini Dress session takes place in June, July, August or September you will be standing under strong sunlight for at least 1 hour so it’s good to have that in mind and bring water with you along with lots of sunscreen.
  • In the summer, most of the sessions take place early in the morning to avoid the summer heat (and the crowds), but even at that time, it can be over 35 degrees Celsius (or 95F)
  • You are going to get the digital copies of your photos in your email within 15 to 30 days usually, but discuss that with your photographer.
  • In case you are wondering how the dress is actually “flying”, an assistant is holding it!! He/She won’t be in the final pictures, obviously…😊
  • The digital copies of the photos that you will get, won’t be heavily edited or photoshopped, but you can discuss that additional service with the photographer if you are looking for retouched versions.
  • You will obviously have complete copyrights over the photos but the photographer might ask permission to publish those on their social media channels or website

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Best Santorini Flying Dress Photoshoots

So, without further ado, let me show a list of the best flying dress photoshoots in Santorini that you can book instantly:

1. Santorini: Flying Dress Photoshoot with Dress Rental

flying dress santorini


2. Private Flying Dress Photoshoot Experience

santorini flying dress


3. Santorini: Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress santorini photoshoot


4. Santorini Oia: Private Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress photoshoot greece


5. Flying Dress Photoshoot with Pickup

flying dress santorini


6. Professional Flying Dress Photoshoot

flying dress santorini photoshoot


7. Santorini Photoshoot Express Package

greece flying dress photoshoot


8. Santorini: Private photo session

santorini dress


9. Flying Dress Santorini Photoshooting

flying dress santorini photoshoot


How much is a Flying Dress shoot Santorini?

The prices for a flying dress shoot in Santorini usually start from 300 euros but they can go up to 2000 euros, depending on the package you choose and the level of service and photos you want. Overall, a simple 1-hour session along with the dress rental and digital photos will cost you about 300 to 500 euros.

Is flying dress photoshoot worth it?

This is a professional photoshoot in a stunning location with an impressive dress, so it’s definitely worth it, in my opinion. I believe it is even more impressive if it includes other people such as your spouse, your friends or even your children but this is something that you must discuss with the photographer if it’s something that could interest you. There is a very good reason why these photoshoots have become viral in the last few years: they are simply stunning! Overall, it’s an amazing experience and if you can afford it, definitely go for it.

How much does it cost to rent a flying dress in Santorini?

The cost to rent a flying dress in Santorini comes along with the whole photoshoot session, so you don’t really just rent the dress. A flying dress photoshoot session in Santorini can cost anything from 300 euros up to 1000 euros if it includes makeup, hairstyle or even several other dresses other than your main one (discuss that with your provider).
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