PETA Germany Urges Santorini Local Authorities to End Donkey Rides after their 3rd Investigation

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PETA Germany has already been 3 times on the island of Santorini to investigate and mainly expose the donkey’s abuse that happens on the ride from Ammoudi Bay to Oia, where tourists (mainly from the large cruise ships but not only), ride the donkeys to go up to Oia, instead of just walking the (fairly easy hike) of 500 steps.

PETA Germany has compiled their 3rd investigation in a new video that shows the cruelty those poor animals go through on a daily basis in the scorching heat of the Greek summer in temperatures of more than 35 degrees Celsius.

Watch the latest video from Summer 2022:

PETA is only one of the organizations that have exposed the abuse of these animals in Santorini and it is true to some extent that some good things have happened in the last 5-10 years (see also at the end of this article how you can help), but they are obviously not enough as the abuse keeps happening and the local authorities do not seem to bother much.

santorini tourists donkeys abuse peta
Picture taken by PETA in their 2018 investigation.
mule donkey santorini abuse
Picture by PETA from their 2019 investigation
santorini wire muzzle 700x394 1
Picture by PETA from their 2019 investigation
santorini saddle injury 700x394 1
Picture by PETA from their 2019 investigation

Back in 2018, PETA’s first eyewitness video showed mules and donkeys carrying heavy tourists up and down the Ammoudi-Oia 500 steps multiple times a day and they were not given enough water and food. Most of the animals had serious wounds from the poorly fit saddles and headgear. Most flesh wounds were seen to be full of flies exposing the poor animals to further possible infections and viruses.

Watch the 2018 Video from PETA:

Watch the 2019 PETA Video:

Since then, many other organizations and people have been involved to promote and raise awareness of the situation.

The Donkey Sanctuary has also reported on the issue and kept the pressure on the Greek Local Authorities as much as possible.


  • DO NOT RIDE any donkeys or mules while in Santorini and challenge the people who offer such activities. If you pay for such an activity, you are obviously encouraging it and you are part of the problem. I am sorry but that’s the reality.
  • Raise awareness as much as you can and want. Inform people who are about to visit Santorini and Greece that this is happening, so that they avoid participating in such an acrtivity.
  • Donate and support organizations such as PETA and The Donkey Sanctuary who continue to investigate and expose the abusive conditions of donkeys and mules in Santorini

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