Car stuck in a narrow alley in Santorini just before Greek Easter

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A rental car was stuck in a narrow alley in the village of Messaria in Santorini just before the Greek Easter Sunday, when its driver tried to squeeze in between 2 walls.

The result was not only for the car to get stuck but also to get uplifted a few centimeters off the ground!

Local Authorities have warned the public that there might be a slight delay on the removal of the car, as its location is very difficult to reach for a crane or a tow truck. The fact that it’s Greek Easter long weekend also doesn’t help…

car stuck in santorini
The rental car was stuck between 2 walls in Messaria village a day before the greek Easter Sunday

The narrow white-washed alleys of Santorini’s villages were not built for cars but for people and donkeys mostly. It’s always a very bad idea to push your luck while driving in Santorini or in any other greek island, to be honest.

If you are really not feeling comfortable with driving, then there are definitely more ways to get around in Santorini.

A few years ago, a similar “accident” happened in a nearby alley in the same area.

car stuck in santorini old
This car was stuck in Santorini a few years ago.

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