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Artisanal hand-crafted wines, lovely terraces, amazing Greek Food and even a local parian greek beer… You may think that the island with the best wineries in Greece is Santorini but Paros is also home to some lovely wineries with excellent local produce. This is your Guide to Paros Wineries 🍷.

best wineries in paros
Moraitis Winery is one of the best wineries on Paros island

It’s not widely known that there is some decent wine production on the island of Paros with some passionate winemakers who have more than 100 years of history, but I can definitely tell you, it’s there. Obviously, the winery scene of Paros is not as diverse and big as Santorini wineries landscape, but Paros wines are really unique and worth tasting. It’s also worth noting, that there is a unique local variety of wine that is called “Paros” which is only produced on the island.

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These are the best wineries in Paros:


  • Visiting one of the Paros Wineries and have a wine tasting session in Paros is one of the best things you can do on the island

  • You can visit the wineries by yourself by either contacting the winery directly (some of them are really small) or check their websites

  • Best Wine Varieties to try in Paros: Paros PDO (white), Aidani (red), Assyrtiko and Malvasia (grape variety)

  • All the Paros wineries offer a large or small selection of greek meze (nibbles) or even proper dinner or lunch

So, here are the best wineries in Paros:

1. Moraitis Winery

moraitis winery paros greece
Moraitis Winery is one of the oldest and most well-established wineries in Paros

Moraitis Winery in Naoussa is possibly the largest and oldest winery on the island and it has one of the largest variety of local wines in the area. They started production in 1910 and the winery is now run by the 4th generation of wine producers. There is a very comfortable wine-tasting area along with a nice terrace just outside of the main building. If you have time to visit only one winery while in Paros then make it this one.

2. Ktima Roussos – Asteras Paros Winery

ktima roussos paros winery
Ktima Roussos is a small family-run winery with 5 wine labels

Passionate winemaker Konstantinos Roussos continued his father’s and grandfather’s vineyards farming and founded Ktima Roussos Winery in 2017 and it’s been thriving since then, producing some of the best wine on the island.

3. Louridis Winery

louridis paros winery
Louridis winery in Marpissa has a small winetasting room close to the vineyards that are literally meters away from the beach

Louridis Winery is run by the family of Sofia and Nikos Louridis since 2008, in Marpissa, Paros. They have been producing local artisanal white and red wine of Monemvasia and Mandilaria varieties.

4. Domaine Myrsini

domaine myrsini winery paros
Domaine Myrsini is one of the newest wineries founded by a french family in 2020

Domaine Myrsini is the child of French ex-chef and oenologist Nicolas Bourget and his wife Marie Astrid who fell in love with Paros and decided to move there with their children and start producing amazing wine in 2020. They now produce 4 labels of excellent wine from their own vineyards.

5. Katikia Winery

katikia winery paros
If you are feeling lost while searching for Katikia winery then you are just getting there…

Katikia winery is literally the farm of the lovely Mr Pantelis Zoumis who is producing his own house wine and he will guide you through the production and history of wine on the island. Pantelis produces house wine, jam, tsipouro and lots of fresh fruits. If you are lucky, he may even start singing and playing traditional island music to you. He is a real gem! Make sure you call him before visiting (of course there is no website and Instagram…Pantelis is the real thing!).

6. Pantelis Anousakis Winery & Farm

anousakis winery paros
Lefkes village is one of the most picturesque villages in Cyclades and it’s located in the centre of Paros island with lots of cute shops and cafes

Pantelis Anousakis is producing traditional house wine with a small press in his farm along with yummy honey and pasteli (greek desert bar made from honey and sesame). This is also a small house farm with lovely owners and you will be basically drinking and eating with them. Super kind people, excellent wine, great food and amazing hospitality. Greece at its best!


So, these are the best wineries in Paros. They are all small family-run businesses and in most cases, you will be tasting wine and guided through the vineyards by the actual owners. They are all super passionate about winemaking and produce some of the most artisanal and well-balanced wines in Greece. Visiting a winery is one of the best things to do on Paros and you will enjoy every minute and…sip of it. Ya mas! (that’s “cheers” in greek)

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