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best time to visit mykonos

Mykonos island is not the same every month of the year. The best time to visit Mykonos depends on your situation but in general, I would avoid visiting in July or August as these are the busiest and most crowded months for the island.

In reality, the best time to go to Mykonos really depends on what you are looking for from your trip to this magnificent greek island.

The best summer weather you will get in Mykonos is between June and September but this is also the time when the island is very crowded and extremely expensive.

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But as I am explaining below there is still hope…

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  • Best Time for beaches, swimming and hot weather (more than 30C during the day): June, July, August, September

  • Best Time for a Mykonos honeymoon: June (I’m explaining below why…)

  • Best Time for activities, hiking, wine-tasting, restaurants and mild sunny weather (but not too hot): May, October

  • Best Time for parties, buzz, crowds: July and August (most famous DJs come to Mykonos in July and August); there are definitely more things to do in Mykonos than just parties and beach life though

  • 15th of August: massive celebration in Greece and a Bank Holiday (St.Mary’s day)

  • Greek Easter: usually within April (check here)

  • Many businesses, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars close: between and including November-March 
  • Avoid August if possible!!! Mykonos is very crowded and super expensive during August and July

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How crowded is Mykonos during the year?

(the following numbers are not official statistics but more of a feeling after visiting the island for many years and in different months)

mykonos best time to visit
These are not official numbers obviously but more of a “feeling” after having visited the island every summer for the last 20 years

January & February: 10% crowded – (Low Season – many restaurants, hotels and businesses will be closed, beaches will be empty but the island is not “dead”…Mykonos Town is the best place to stay, eat and entertain yourself during the winter time)

March: 20% crowded – (Low Season –but slightly more people start to visit the island as the high season approaches, many restaurants, hotels and businesses will be closed or just about to open, beaches will probably be empty but the island is definitely not “dead”…Again Mykonos Town is the best place to stay and eat;this is the month with the most unpredictable weather in Greece

April: 40% crowded – (Shoulder Season – the slow beginning of the high season; most restaurants, beach bars, cafes, and businesses open in April since it is also the Greek Easter and lots of Greeks visit the island to start preparing for the coming high season)

May: 70% crowded – (Shoulder Season – All of the businesses of the island will be 100% open and operational but the island is still not full, the beaches are getting busier every day and the weather is becoming better and better with lower chances of chill days or rain)

June: 90% crowded – (High Season – almost at full capacity but not yet super busy…everything will be open, all beach bars are running at full speed; this is the best time of theyear to visit mykonos in my opinion; bear in mind that there is a bank holiday in Greece in mid-June (Holy Spirit Monday) and it is extremely common for Greeks to visit Mykonos that day!

July: 100% crowded – (High Season – the heart of the high season and when the island gets super busy and crowded, but you will still have a great time while the weather is super hot – do expect to spend most of your time on the beach or the swimming pool – July is not as busy as in August though)

August: 110% crowded – (High Season – the busiest month for Mykonos, try to avoid if possible because everything becomes more complicated and takes more time with all the crowds)

September: 90% crowded – (Shoulder Season –  it will still feel like the long tail of August some times but it will get less busy towards the end of the month – weather still feels like summer and you should still be able to swim in the sea)

October: 70% crowded (Shoulder Season – the weather gets colder but you can still possibly enjoy a swim in the sea or the pool – for many of the businesses October is their last operational month for the year)

November: 30% crowded (Low Season – the early days of winter and the month where the weather gets considerably colder – many businesses, hotels, and restaurants will be closed)

December: 10% crowded (Low Season – the heart of the low season and one of the coldest months in Mykonos; no swimming, many closed businesses and shops)

To put it simply:

November-December-January-February-March: Low Season/ most businesses will be closed

April-May-September-October: Shoulder Season / all businesses will be open

June-July-August: HIgh Season / all businesses open (massive crowds and extremely high prices everywhere)

(it is true that the last years, the High or Peak Season has started to extend in late May and early September and I do believe this trend will continue till the whole of the year is basically high season for the island!)

So, let’s see one by one all of your options, shall we?

Best Time to visit Mykonos for hot weather, swimming at the beaches or pools

panormos beach mykonos
Panormos beach in Mykonos is the liveliest in July and August

The hottest weather in Mykonos is in June, July, August, September but even May and October are pretty hot. In October the sea water will probably be warmer than in May as it has been warmed all summer long.

Try to avoid July and August as much as possible because the island is super crowded and the shops are always very busy.

It’s not that you won’t have a great time…it’s just that you might feel overwhelmed with the thousands of people crowding in the small street of Mykonos City every night. I always visit the island between mid-September till mid-October while the weather feels really nice to swim and all the businesses are still open. Most businesses (restaurants, hotels, cafes, beach bars) of the island close at the end of October. So, if swimming and great weather is your only concern then mid to end September and early October is the best time for you!

Best time to visit Mykonos for sightseeing, hiking and great food but without hot weather

mykonos streets
Mykonos streets are lovely but can become very crowded in July and August

April, May, October and November (for most of the time) have awesome weather with low chances of rain, temperatures around 15-20 degrees Celsius and mostly sunny. If you are not really a big fan of swimming or weather that makes you sweat and it’s absolutely fine for you if you don’t wear a t-shirt, shorts, and bikinis 24/7 then you should better visit Mykonos in April, May or October (the shoulder seasons).

Best time to visit Mykonos to party

mykonos party nightlife
Cavo Paradiso is the best club in Mykonos

The best time to go to Mykonos for party is July and August. This is when everything really happens on the island and basically when all famous DJs are playing in Mykonos. If you are going to party, you will do it in these 2 months (and it’d be awesome!). Most of the famous DJs in the world visit the island in July, August and sometimes in September so your chances of having an awesome party anywhere on the island are very high during these 2 months. This of course does not mean that there are no parties in June or in October. There is still life in Mykonos during those 2 months but it’s definitely not the same parties as they are in July and August.

Best time to visit Santorini for a solo traveller

It really depends again on what you are looking for from your travel but if you are looking to meet people or just network with other travellers then July and August are the best months to visit Mykonos. If you are looking to see the place but not being super lonely then I would say June or September is the best option for you.

Best time to visit Mykonos for honeymoon

mykonos honeymoon 1
Mykonos is a great option for a honeymoon

The best time to visit Mykonos for honeymoon is June. You will get amazing sunny warm weather but fewer tourists and crowds everywhere. I also recommend visiting Mykonos in September as in both these 2 months the island would feel not to crowded but also not too empty and all businesses will be open and operational.

Best time to visit Mykonos for cheap hotels

You should look for any low season deals which means any date between November-March. However, you may find some good deals in April and October as well.

Best time to visit Mykonos for greek island hopping

ferry to santorini
There are ferries connecting greek islands between themselves but you should check the timetables in advance

If the main purpose of visiting Mykonos is to use it as your base to visit other greek islands (such as Santorini for example) then you need a time when you will get the most available options of flights and ferries between the islands. This time is June, July, August and September. These are the best months to do your island hopping in Greece. But especially in July and August you should expect lots of crowds in Santorini as well.

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Also, bear in mind that other greek islands (Naxos, Crete, Ios etc) are not that crowded as Santorini or Mykonos and the high season will be absolutely normal (you won’t be alone but you won’t have millions of tourists around you).

Best time to visit Mykonos for a family

mykonos with kids
Mykonos is awesome for kids

Mykonos is a very family-friendly place to spend your holidays with your kids. That applies to every greek island really because they’re places with amazing beaches that can be a kid’s heaven to spend a whole day. Greece is also a place with very good and healthy food and lots of amenities around the beach side areas. I believe that the best time to visit Mykonos with kids is in May or September where the crowds will be less visible and the weather won’t be super hot. i highly recommend that you stay in one of the best beach hotels in Mykonos if you are visiting with kids.


The best time to visit Mykonos is in June or September. Mykonos is a place with some of the best beaches in Greece so you should definitely go during the summer months but you must avoid July and August by any means. It goes without saying that Mykonos is an exceptionally expensive place to visit but there are some cheap hotels in Mykonos that you can trust. If you are visiting with kids then you should also avoid the crowds of July and August and I also recommend that you stay close to one of the beaches in Mykonos so the kids can enjoy them more easily.


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