The 25 Best Restaurants in Santorini for 2021

by | Jan 3, 2021

Yummy greek food, inspiring chefs, unique surroundings, dinners under the stars…Here are the Best Restaurants in Santorini !

best santorini restaurants(spoiler alert: they are all 1000s better in reality than any pictures you’ve seen…)

You have probably heard all the good things about greek food. It’s time to taste the real thing this year and Santorini is probably the best place to have a truly unique greek food experience! It’s by far one of the best things to do in Santorini.

If you are in love with greek food and you are interested in learning more, you can always take this amazing Santorini Cookery Class and Wine Tasting Tour .

So….what are the restaurants that stand out from the crowd because of their food or location?

Yes, Santorini can be a tourist trap sometimes (especially in July, August and September but my list of restaurants here makes no compromises and every restaurant on the list will give you an unforgettable experience. I have personally been to almost all of them and in many cases I even know the owners and the stuff.

This list includes everything: street food, fine dining, greasy bbq places and amazing seafood tavernas.

These are the best restaurants on the island! Creme de la creme!

However, if you are looking for a truly romantic restaurant in Santorini to celebrate your honeymoon or to propose (you see where i am getting right…?) you should have a look on our other handy list: Most Romantic Restaurants of Santorini 

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So…without further ado, these are the Best Restaurants in Santorini (in random order):

1.  Selini Restaurant, in Pyrgos village

An absolutely unique greek fine dining experience under the stars from a restaurant with more than 30 years in Santorini. Selini’s lovely terrace, along with the marvellous food creations will possibly the highlight of your trip.

Reserve your table here.

best restaurants in santorini


2. Koukoumavlos , Fira

Koukoumavlos offers another unique gourmet experience in an astonishing surrounding at Fira. Romantic balcony overlooking the caldera, stunning views and a dinner with candles…

Reserve your table here.

best restaurants in santorini


3. AKTAION , Firostefani

This the real greek deal. Typical traditional taverna with 90 years of history at Firostefani! That’s the real greek food!

Reserve your table here.

best restaurants in santorini


4. Metaxy Mas, Pyrgos

Metaxi mas is an real gem for those who seek really authentic greek cuisine. Nothing fancy about it except from… amazing food, great location and awesome atmosphere. One of the best restaurants in Santorini. Hands down! The views you will get are of the Kamari Beach and the Airport area. Make sure you reserve your table

Reserve your table here

best restaurants in santorini


5. Naoussa Restaurant, Fira

Authentic greek cuisine with lots of fish and meat. The view rocks, too!

Contact them here.

best restaurants in santorini


6. Nikolas Taverna, Fira

This is one of our personal favourites. Nothing fancy about it. One of the oldest tavernas on the island. Truly yummy greek authentic food and very easy to find it in Fira. Just ask any local and they will direct you. Chances are that you will find it by yourself while wandering in the small streets of Fira. Yummy traditional greek food! It can get very crowded though.

Reserve your table in this number: +30-22860-24550  (yes…Nikolas has no website. Nikolas needs no internet. Nikolas is the real thing!)

or visit their Facebook page for more info.

best restaurants in santorini

7. Argo Restaurant, Fira

Awesome greek food with incredible views! There are some other restaurants at Fira with even better views but this one has one of the best food in our opinion. What else do you need?

Reserve your table here

best restaurants in santorini


8. Katina’s Taverna, Ammoudi

Best sea food and fish onthe island, hands down! Greeks favourite taverna for seafood in Santorini too! And that says a lot!

Unfortunately no reservations can be made… (but to be fair you only need them in August probably)

This is their Facebook Page.

best restaurants in santorini


9. Remvi Restaurant, Firostefani

Some of the best views at Firostefani and a very romantic atmosphere.

best restaurants in santorini


10. Anemoloos Restaurant (at Exo Gonia)

Anemoloos is the essence of greek food: simplicity, generosity and heavenly made plates! People often say this is the best restaurant of the island and the food totally justifies it.

Contact them here.

best santorini restaurant

The food at Anemoloos is simple and rustic but out of this world…


11. The Athenian House (at Imerovigli)

Unreal views, top chefs, amazing service and waiters and one of the best ambiances of the island. You can’t go wrong with The Athenian House at Imerovigli.

Contact them here.

best santorini restaurants

The view from The Athenian House it’s not the only amazing thing about it…


12. Aroma Avlis Restaurant (at Exo Gonia)

Aroma Avlis is a relatively very new addition to the restaurants map of Santorini and it is basically the restaurant of one of the Best Wineries of Santorini : “Artemis Karamolegos Winery” . It offers a lovely terrace with views to the vineyards of the winery. The food is really good in this one and it balances very well between greek traditional cuisine and modern fusion tastes. Plus…you will be tasting the great wines of the Karamolegos Winery!

Contact them here.

best santorini restaurants

Aroma Avlis lovely terrace. It’s actually behind the Karamolegos winery.


13. Feggera Restaurant (at Megalochori)

Feggera Restaurant is one of a kind. It’s a great team of young and enthusiastic people at a lovely terrace in Megalochori. The great thing about them is that they also offer some amazing greek cooking classes which are really fun! But the food and the ambiance is also very cosy.

Contact them here. 

best restaurants santorini

Feggera Restaurant has an amazing ambiance.

best restaurants santorini

The greek cooking classes at Feggera Restaurant are real fun !


14. To Pinakio Restaurant (at Kamari)

“To Pinakio” is not just a restaurant. The big difference is basically that you will also listen to amazing live greek music! It’s also not uncommon that musicians sit on the same tables with the people who eat and all sing greek songs and have fun in such an unpretentious, cosy and relaxed environment. It’s not a coincidence that you will see mainly Greeks and locals hanging out at Pinakio… 🙂

Contact them here.

best restaurants santorini

so much fun!

best restaurants santorini

Such a cosy place…with greek live music!


15. To Psaraki, (at Vlychada)

“To Psaraki” (in greek = the little fishy fish!) was created by very 2 passionate people in Vlychada with the main purpose to offer simple, authentic greek seafood and fish. This is possibly some of the best seafood and fresh fish you can find in Santorini. Also, the unique views to the lovely Vlychada port are really cute. You may want to visit this place more than once…trust us…

Contact them here.

best santorini restaurants

The guys at “To Psaraki” are not playing around with the fish and the seafood…

best santorini restaurants

Undoubtedly some of the best fresh seafood and fish in Santorini


16. Lauda Restaurant at Andronis Boutique Hotel, (in Oia)

An amazing swimming pool, international and greek chefs, lounge live music and amazing caldera views. “Lauda Restarunat” at Andronis Boutique Hotel is greek fine dining at its best. Undoubtedly one of the best, finest and most impressive restaurants not only in Santorini and Greece but all over the world. An experience you don’t get to have very often…

Contact them here.

best restaurants santorini

When the sun sets, the setup becomes even more stunning…

best restaurants santorini

The unreal location, food and views of Lauda Restaurant


17. Kapari Wine Restaurant (at Imerovigli)

Kapari WIne Resrtaurant is part of the Kapari Natural Resort at Imerovigli and it is in a very cosy and romantic setup with a very cure little balcony overlooking the cladera and the volcano. The food is really nice and the service is also really friendly. Definitely an unforgettable and very romantic experience.

Contact them here.

best restaurants santorini

One of the most romantic balconies of the island…

best restaurants santorini

Kapari Wine restaurant offers a very cosy inside area as well.


18. Melitini (at Imerovigli)

Melitini is a relatively new restaurant/cafe in Santorini and it’s basically a “child” of the greek financial crisis (!). Possibly some of the best greek meze and tapas in a very greek-ish decorated environment with super friendly and smiley stuff. We have been hundreds of times at Melitini (just for coffee, lunch or dinner) and every time feels different and better than the last time…

Contact them here.

best restaurants santorini

Possibly some of the best greek meze/tapas in Santorini…


best restaurants santorini

Unique location and such a cutie pie…


19. Pitogyros (Oia)

Ok..this is not technically a restaurant with all the whistles, candles and views…BUT what’s wrong with traditional greek street food by the possibly the best souvlaki place in Santorini? “Pitogyros” has only a few stands for you to enjoy the heavens of your souvlaki but you can always take your souvlaki, your Donkey beer and go to any roof terrace to enjoy them in Oia! Seriously, this is what greeks do all the time!!

You don’t need to contact or reserve anything at Pitogyros. Just show up there hungry. That’ll do! But in case you want to find them here is their website.

best santorini restaurants

the cosy stnads of Pitogyros souvlaki place

best restaurants santorini

What a combination…souvlaki from Pitogyros and Donkey Beer! The best!


20. Katharos Lounge (at Katharos)

This is a place that seems like it’s been out of “Mamma Mia” musical…! Hands down, this is one of the most secret and amazing spots of Santorini. Forget the touristy restaurants and cafe’s. This is the ultimate relaxing place on the island, though not technically a restaurant, it offers a wide selection of greek mezze and nibbles as every greek cafe that respects itself! Do yourself a favour and visit Katharos Lounge

best restaurants santorini

The most relaxing spot of Santorini…


21. Onar Restaurant (at Imerovigli)

best restaurants santorini

The amazing views of Onar is not the only thing that will surprise you because you’ll be amazed of how good the food actually is.

Onar is at a marvellous location (not really a fact for Santorini restaurants, right?:) but it’s been one of the best restaurants in Imerovigli for many years so it really deserves to be here. The food here is really creative and it will definitely surprise you! And seriously…look at these views…!

Contact them here.

22. Sporos (at Megalochori)

best restaurants santorini

Have you seen a cuter restaurant than this…?

Sporos (in greek = the seed) is the newest addition as it literally opened in 2016, but it is such an awesome and cute place. Sporos’ concept is based on amazing vegetarian, healthy and nutritious plates at a cosy and traditional greek environment in the cute village of Megalochori. Everything is carefully chosen from Greek organically certified farmers and livestock. Worth your visit!

23. Tranquillo Bar Restaurant (in Perissa)

best restaurants santorini

The best life advise by Tranquillo! Plus amazing food and colourful surroundings…

Tranquillo is a whole category by itself. It’s probably the most colourful place you’ve ever seen and it’s literally the epitome of beach healthy food! Large selectios of cocktails, salads and fruit creations on teh beach of Perissa. If you spend your day in Perissa then Tranquillo is the obvious option for your lunch, coffee or snack.


24. Ladokolla (at Fira)

best restaurants santorini

Ladokolla offers a great selection of greek BBQ plates

Ladokolla is not a fancy place. It has no views and no charm at all. BUT…it’s one of the places that you want to visit if you are starving. We hope you know what we mean…. It’s an amazing traditional BBQ place (with even some fish or seafood options but seafood is never in our mind when we are thinking of Ladokolla to be honest…).


25. Avocado Restaurant (at Imerovigli)

best restaurants santorini

No views at Avocado but the food is super yummy…!

Avocado is another cutie pie 🙂 No views again here but lovely staff and great food that makes a dinner there very special. Seriously, the food at Avocado Restaurant is possibly the best value for money food you will ever have in Santorini. It’s seriously amazing for what you pay!

best restaurants snatorini

The plates at Avocado are seriously good…

So…there you have them!

These are my top suggestions of the Best Restaurants in Santorini!

You won’t be disappointed at any of these but this doesn’t mean you won’t find other restaurants all over the island that cannot serve you equally great food with equally good views or surroundings. Greek food is amazing and it will be one of the things that you will enjoy the most at your trip to Greece or the greek islands. There is no doubt about it.

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Best Hotel in Perivolos: Orabel Suites

Best Hotel in Perissa: Anastasia Princess

Best Hotel in Kamari: Sunrise Studios


Highest Rated Private Villas in Santorini:

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