Best Restaurants in Mykonos

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best restaurants in mykonos

Yes, Mykonos can be super expensive and sometimes feel like an island that is functioning and operating only for the international jet set and the super-rich people that are visiting the place every summer BUT there is no shortage of amazing restaurants that cater to everyone…Here are the Best Restaurants in Mykonos!

Mykonos restaurants don’t usually have fantastic volcano views like Santorini restaurants but most of them have a very unique feeling and a VIP atmosphere, mostly belonging to the fine dining category though.

I need to warn you though that Mykonos restaurants can be very expensive but the great thing is that the island offers amazing cheap but very good places to eat such as lovely souvlaki places or small tavernas, off the grid. You can book a table on these restaurants through their website or through a phone call, but make sure you do that well in advance as these are in high demand in July and August.

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So…without further ado, these are the Best Restaurants in Mykonos :

1. Funky Kitchen

funky kitchen mykonos
Funky Kitchen has some of the most creative dishes oj the island

Funky kitchen is one of those places where you don’t expect to be surprised but it actually offers one of the most creative fusion and modern dishes in Greece. We are talking about Michelin star quality with some of the best ingredients in the world. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience, but don’t expect to find a fancy restaurant as it’s literally hidden on a terrace at a small alley in the famous Little Venice area of the island. You will obviously find many seafood choices that are inspired by the greek cuisine and a fantastic selection of greek wines and greek beers. This is a Michelin starred quality restaurant with very well thought courses and it comes with a price as well (totally deserved in my opinion…).

2. To Maereio

maereio mykonos

Maereio literally means “a cook’s place” and we use it in Greece as a word for the really good places to eat that offer simple but very good food. The restaurant is a simple typical greek taverna in Mykonos town and the food is so good that you may have to wait to be seated in July or August if you haven’t booked a table in advance. The prices are not typical Mykonos prices so it’s on the cheap side but the quality is really good. You will find some of the most famous greek dishes such as saganaki, moussaka and greek salad while you might be able to hear some traditional greek music as well (depending on the day of the week but it’s definitely every day in July and August). Maereio is a great experience as it’s the essence of greek cuisine: quality ingredients, nice portions and simplicity!

3. Captain’s

captains mykonos

Captain’s is one of the best choices for seafood and fish on the island of Mykonos. You cannot actually reserve a table there so you just show up (you may have to wait a bit in the high season). The great thing with Captain’s is that you will be seated at the sea front which is ideal (especially if you are a couple as it can be very romantic). Definitely try the seafood tacos and the stunning seafood platters that are made to share. Captain’s is not pretentious at all and it’s one of the best casual restaurants in Mykonos town.

4. Souvlaki Story

souvlaki mykonos

Along with Local Mykonos (see at the bottom of this list) this is the best souvlaki place in Mykonos, hands down! If you are looking for awesome greek street food with massive portions and good quality meat (including gyros, steaks and the famous souvlaki sticks). You can even find falafel souvlaki wraps and obviously lots of yummy greek salads. Prices are very fair and if you are looking for a cheap place to eat after a day on the beach or even after clubbing, then a souvlaki is the greatest thing you can grab.

5. Appaloosa Bar Restaurant

apaloosa mykonos

Appaloosa is a hidden gem that is representing Mykonos’ history as it’s in this place since 1997. This is one of the island’s classics in Mykonos Town (Chora) and you will be making a mistake if you don’t visit it. Appaloosa is more than a restaurant as it’s also a great bar with unique atmosphere. There are very unique international dishes that are on the menu with Indonesian, Indian and even Mexican influences, with lots of vegan options.

6. Hippie Fish

hippie fish mykonos

Hippie Fish is one of the most chic beachside restaurants and beach bars in Mykonos. It is located in one of the best locations of the island on the beach of Agios Ioannis. Expect to find dishes such as seafood carpaccio, paellas, pasta, fresh fish and yummy salads along with a large selection of summer (and not only cocktails). This is not a cheap place and you will probably be surrounded by lots of Instagram or TikTok influencers if you visit the place in July or August but hey…you are in Mykonos! The place has a very laid back vibe to it and it’s definitely one of the most romantic restaurants in Mykonos.

7. Kensho Psarou Beach

kensho mykonos

This is the restaurant of the Kensho Psarou Beach Hotel which is a little paradise in one of the most VIP areas of the island. It goes without saying that this is an expensive place but the restaurant itself has an amazing vibe and obviously incredible design and ambience. There is no doubt this is a small paradise for the few who can actually afford it but what’s the point of visiting Mykonos if you are not able to afford it anyways…? Yes, you will find yourself looking at the Psarou bay filled with some of the most expensive yachts in the world and you will also probably witness some VIP helicopter landings. Worth it? You decide…

8. NOA

noa mykonos

Noa is in Mykonos town and it’s got amazing sunset views. The menu is the creation of the executive greek Chef Panagiotis Tsoukatos and it’s influenced by ancient greek plate but with modern touches. Noa has excellent service and in the high season, you would be able to enjoy live greek music in the background, as there is a trio of musicians (bouzouki, guitar, saxophone) that play greek melodies, during the night. The food itself can be considered fusion and modern but with local fresh ingredients.

9. Mediterraneo

mediterraneo mykonos

Mediterraneo is in Mykonos Town offering a large variety of Italian dishes like pasta, pizzas and yummy salads. Ηowever, you will also find some very good asian dishes and sushi as well that make the menu a very interesting leaflet to read (!). Don’t forget to order the Nutella cheesecake which would easily be the start of your dinner or lunch!

10. Karavaki

karavaki mykonos

Karavaki has one of the best views in Mykonos town as it’s in a hotel that sits on the hill behind the town so it overlooks all the whitewashed houses from a lovely terrace with a cute swimming pool. This is definitely a very romantic setup but the food is also not to be missed offering plates like everyday greek plates with excellent presentation and fresh local ingredients.

11. D’Angelo Mykonos

dangelo mykonos

D’Angelo is the best Italian in Mykonos islands offering fantastic Italian dishes with low prices (for Mykonos standards anyway…). Everyone is very friendly in the restaurant, from the waiters to the chef himself and there is a good chance of you meeting them as the ambience is really relaxed. Raviolis, pasta and risottos are all very well cooked and presented and if you are in the hunt for a good Italian place to eat, then you cannot go wrong with D’Angelo’s.

12. Yialo-Yialo

yialo yialo mykonos

Yialo-Yialo is in Platis Yialos beach which makes it a great choice if you have already spent the day in the area in one of the most famous beaches in Mykonos. It has very reasonable prices (for Mykonos!) and excellent staff that will take care of your table. The menu itself has pretty much everything that you would expect from a greek restaurant on the beach: seafood, fresh fish, salads, pasta and lots of fresh salads and yummy deserts. Most of the tables are literally on the sand of the beach so this is a very unique and unforgettable experience by itself.

13. M-eating

m eating mykonos

M-Eating is one of the best fine dining experiences on the island of Mykonos. Every dish here has extreme attention to detail and it literally is a feast not only for the mouth but for the eyes too. Expect to pay anything between 50-100 euros which is really not that expensive for fine dining in Mykonos. The cocktails are fantastic but what can really be the star of your meal is probably the strawberry cheesecake at the end. The cuisine itself is inspired by famous greek plates and if you can, try to seat at the little garden so that you avoid the buzzing streets in the front tables.

14. Local Mykonos

local mykonos

If you are looking for yummy meat flavors along with the best souvlaki and gyros on the island, please make yourself a favour and pay a visit to the Local Mykonos. This is a typical greek meat souvlaki and gyros restaurant but it’s better than you would ever imagine. Great salads options, juicy ribs, tasty lamb and gyros cooked to perfection. This is a great local spot that can easily become your go-to restaurant on the island.

So…these are my suggestions for the Best Restaurants in Mykonos!

It goes without saying that they are all offering great options for a great lunch or dinner but it all depends on how much you want to spend and what type of ambience you are looking for. Greek food on any greek island is an unforgettable experience that you would want to take back home when you are back.


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