Best Greek Islands to Visit in October

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While Greece’s islands may be among of the world’s most beautiful, they really are different every month as many things depend on the weather and the tourist crowds. If you ask me, the month of October is probably the best month of the year to visit any Greek island. But what a re the best greek islands to visit in October? My list has them all.

perissa beach
Perissa beach (black beach) on Santorini island, in October: calm and quiet with all businesses still open…

I strongly believe that October is one of the best months to visit the Greek islands.

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Usually, the most crowded months for the greek islands are the month of July and August where literally millions of tourists are visiting the most famous greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Crete, and many more.

However, October is always less busy as schools have already opened in most parts of the world and not that many people take holidays.

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When is summer in Greece

greece holidays weather
October is the end of the high season in Greece and it is perfect if you are looking for cheaper prices, fewer crowds and

The best greek islands to visit in June are:

greek island beach
This is Elafonissi beach in Crete, will be pretty much all yours if you visit in early June!


Which Greek island is hottest in June?

The hottest greek island in June is Crete. In general, June has very predictable weather and it will be sunny 99.9% of the times with very nice summer temperatures but Crete overall is the warmest of all the greek islands or even mainland Greece. The main reasons for that is that Crete is the most southern island in Greece and it’s basically facing Africa. You should also know that Crete is also hotter than other greek islands in July and August.

Is June a good month to visit Greece??

June is the best month to visit Greece and the greek islands because the weather is great for swimming and most of the islands and the most famous places in Greece will be less crowded with tourists. June is basically the start of the high season and prices can also be lower in accommodation, ferry, and plane tickets. You should also know that greeks very rarely go on holidays in June (apart from the June long weekend of Holy Spirit Bank Holiday) which makes things even better in terms of available rooms and hotels.

How busy is Greece in June?

Greece is quite busy in June but it is less busy than in July and August, so June is a great month to visit if you are not looking to be in a very quiet place and also being able to enjoy the sunny summer weather of Greece. However, the most famous islands such as Santorini and Mykonos can still feel quite busy in June because they have a longer touristic season. Any other islands than these 2 would feel very relaxing and quiet in June (always compared to July and august of course)

Is it warm enough to swim in Greece in June?

You would be able to swim in Greece in June because the seawater would still be warm enough. The ambient temperature during the day is usually between 25-35 degrees C and it will be sunny pretty much every day. June is perfect for holidays in the summer because there won’t be that many people even on the best beaches in Greece.

greek islands june
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So, let’s see the best greek islands to visit in June:

1. Santorini

red beach santorini
Red Beach in Santorini will still be busy in June but it will be nothing compared to August

Santorini island is without a doubt the most famous Greek island. June is still a busy month for Santorini as it is the start of the tourist season but Santorini is one of the best greek islands and if you really want to visit it then June and late September are the best times to visit the island. you will be able to enjoy Perissa beach (Black Beach) , Kamari beach, and Vlychada beach but also the famous and unique Red Beach with fewer crowds. However, if you can, visit Santorini in the first half of June. The weather would be exactly the same but it will be even less busy. June is also great to have your honeymoon in Santorini.

2. Mykonos

mykonos beach
Elia beach in Mykonos is very well organized and it won’t be that busy in June

Mykonos is the second most famous greek island after Santorini and they are both very unique but different islands (you can read my detailed comparison of Mykonos vs Santorini). Everything that I mentioned above in regards to visiting Mykonos in June, applies to Mykonos as well. However, Mykonos is also a famous party island and June is the month when most Greeks go to party for the Holy Spirit Bank holiday (around mid-June usually). Also, June is the month when most students in Greece go for holidays so it might be slightly busier but it will still feel empty compared to July and August.

3. Naxos

naxos beach
Plaka beach in Naxos is the best family beach in Greece and in June it would feel empty!

Naxos is quite a big island so in June it would definitely feel less busy. Naxos is the best family greek island and it has some of the best beaches in Greece which are great for families and kids. June is definitely a quiet month for Naxos so it is ideal if you want to relax and have a completely stress-free holiday.

4. Crete

crete beach
Balos beach in Crete is difficult to reach but in June it will feel less busy

Crete is the largest greek island and it really never feels busy, to be honest. Crete is one of the hottest places in Greece and you will get the best weather if you visit in June as it won’t be unbearably hot and the sea waters will be warm enough for swimming.

5. Corfu

paleokastritsa beach corfu
Paleokastritsa beach in Corfu is quite busy in August but not that much in June

Corfu is in the Ionian islands group in the sea between Greece and Italy. Corfu has slightly colder weather overall as it is northern than the Cyclades islands but June is a great month to visit as you may also get cheaper packages.

6. Skiathos

koukounaries beach skiathos
In Koukounaries beach in Skiathos will be quiet in June

Skiathos is a little gem that sits in the Aegean sea but it’s north of the Cyclades islands and it belongs to another group of islands called Sporades. In June, Skiathos will have great summer weather and it will be warm enough to swim in its beautiful beaches.

7. Milos

sarakiniko beach milos
This is the breathtaking Sarakiniko beach on Milos island which in June would be all yours!

Milos island is called the “Love Island” between greeks because it is literally ideal for young couples. Milos is a little gem with incredible beaches and very unique volcanic landscape (Milos sits on an active volcano as Santorini is). In June, Milos would be even better in June but in general even in August Milos is great. The best thing you can do in Milos is a boat cruise to the incredible Kleftiko Coves.

8. Ios

mylopotas beach ios island greece
Mylopotas is one of the most family friendly beaches in Greece

Ios used to be a party island back in the day but it’s now a very well developed island with great hotels and overall very relaxing atmosphere. The island can be quite busy in Julky and August but it is perfect to visit in June (and September).

9. Paros

kolibithers beach paros greece island
Kolibithres is the best beach on Paros island

Paros island is in the Cyclades group of islands and it is extremely busy with greeks and non-greek visitors in July and August. That’s why June is a perfect month to visit the island of Paros without being overwhelmed by the crowds in the little picturesque towns of Paroikia and Naoussa.

10. Kefalonia

myrtos beach greece
Myrtos has been voted the best beach in the world for many years

Kefalonia is close to Corfu on the Ionian sea and it is one of the biggest greek islands. Kefalonia is a lovely island with white sand beaches and dramatic views. June is a quiet month for Kefalonia but the weather will still be great and hot.

11. Zakynthos

navagio beach greece
Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach) is very busy in July and august but you will see fewer people in June

Zakynthos is an island close to Kefalonia and Corfu which is usually very busy in July and August but June is pretty relaxed and quiet.


So, these are the best greek islands to visit in June. I truly believe that June is a great month to visit Greece and the greek islands but September is also a great month. in June you can definitely go swimming and the islands, in general, will be more quite. The busiest months for the greek islands are July and August and these are also the most common months for greeks to go on holidays so everything will be more expensive (accommodation, ferry tickets and even restaurants). If you are planning to visit Santorini or Mykonos in June, try to make it the first half of the month as they would definitely feel less busy. June is still considered high season for these two islands so the earlier the better. On the other hand, if you are looking to meet more people and party then you should definitely July and August.


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