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cheap hotels in mykonos

Mykonos is not a cheap place for holidays but these decent and clean places won’t break your bank this year. This is a list of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos.

Budget Hotels in Mykonos are indeed a reality but you have to search carefully to find them either in Mykonos Town or elsewhere.

I’m not going to lie to you: Mykonos is an expensive place for holidays and it becomes even more expensive during the hot season of June-July-August-September.

So, get prepared for high prices on everything (food and drinks and even sunbeds included on that statement).

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If you really want to bring the prices down you must visit the island in May or October if possible.

Do not expect 5 star hospitality or amazing views even if you are paying a 2 figures sum for a night (up to 99 euros). Remember, that you are looking for one of the hottest destinations in Europe (not to say in the world…), so as I said before: you are basically paying for the fact that you are in Mykonos. Please accept that and move on…

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  • How to have cheap holidays in Mykonos: go off season…meaning any month outside of June-July-August-September and preferably October or May as these are the months where you would still be able to swim in the sea or find some early season (May) or late season (October) offers is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Athens, Santorini , Mykonos & Crete (more than Airbnb!)

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So…without further ado, let’s see the  Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos island :

1. Divers House

Divers House Hotel Mykonos
Divers House is located at Agrari beach where you definitely need a car to approach

Divers House is located in the quiet area of Agrari (yes, you need a car to go there) but it offers excellent clean rooms and a super friendly owner who would do his best to make sure you have a lovely stay. Overall a great option if you don’t want to break the bank!

2. Hotel Spanelis

Hotel Spanelis
Spanelis is the best cheap hotel of Mykonos

Hotel Spanelis is hands down the best cheap hotel in Mykonos without compromising in cleanliness, careness of the owners and a yummy breakfast. yes, you won’t find stunning views for your instagram stories but you will have a family run hotel with awesome reviews from people who visited. This is one of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos.

3. Argo Hotel

argo hotel mykonos
Argo Hotel has literally no reason to be a budget hotel but…it is!

Argo Hotel is located in Platis Yialos beach and it has one of the best breakfasts of the island though it is still on the budget side. It is probably slightly more expensive than the rest of the hotels on this list but if you can afford an upgrade. There is also a souvlaki shop in the hotel!

4. Ioanna’s House

Ioanna house Mykonos
Ioanna’s House is a cute and clean small hotel in Mykonos City

Ioanna’s House is one of the best options if you are looking to be where all the buzz is in Mykonos as it’s literally a house with separate rooms in Mykonos Town. Its location is ideal if you want to be where all the action is!

5. Gryparis Club Apartments

gryparis mykonos
Gryparis has excellent clean and comfortable rooms with lovely terraces

Gryparis Club Apartments is located outside of Mykonos city (but in walking distance to the centre but there is also a bus stop outside of the hotel). It has lovely terraces where you can have your breakfast an its rooms are very clean. The host and owner George really goes out of his way to make sure you have a great time!

6. Sofia Village

Sofia village hotel mykonos
Sofia Village is a great budget option if you really must have a pool on your doorstep

Sofia Village is in Mykonos Town and it has a swimming pool and lovely sea views. You don’t easilly get a swimming pool with that views for those prices in Mykonos those days…so grab till it lasts!

7. Ethereal Apartments

Ethereal Apartments Hotel Mykonos
Ethereal offers very simple accommodation next to the Agrari beach

Ethereal Apartments is in agrarian beach which means you probably need a vehicle to go but the rooms are clean and definitely on the budget side. You can also visit the famous Elia beach which is nearby. This a great option for relaxation and also to experience the quiet side of the island away of the buzzing Mykonos town.

8. Flora’s House

floras house Mykonos
Flora’s is a family hotel run by 2 lovely hosts

Flora’s House is run by Flora and her husbamd Yannis who will make sure you have an excellent stay in their rooms; the catch is also that you need a car to and from the rooms as the hotel is in a short drive from the hora (Mykonos Town).

9. Mykonian Studios

Mykonian Studios Hotel Mykonos
Mykonian Studios is in Ano Mera which you can easily reach by bus

Mykonian Studios is in a quiet area of the island (And Mera village) but the hotel itself is very well organised and it’s cleaned up daily. The rooms are spacious with fully equipped kitchens and lovely hosts who have the cutest cat on the island.


As I said at the intro of this post, these are all very good choices if you don’t want to spend thousands for your Mykonos holidays. You can definitely stay in all of these cheap hotels and still have a great time without breaking the bank. The best thing you can actually do is to visit Mykonos on any other month outside of June, July, August and September as prices do get significantly lower outside of those months. Bear in mind though that there are some cheap hotels in Santorini too. Another tip is that you can actually stay at a budget hotel but then visit one of the Mykonos luxurious hotels  to spend your day at their swimming pool with a drink (and set your Instagram stories on fire!).


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