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9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)

Mykonos is not a cheap place for holidays but these decent and clean places twon’t break your bank this year. Cheap Hotels in Mykonos are indeed a reality but you have to search carefully to find them either in Mykonos Town or elsewhere.

cheap hotels mykonos

I’m not going to lie to you: Mykonos is an expensive place for holidays and it becomes even more expensive during the hot season of June-July-August-September.

So, get prepared for high prices on everything (food and drinks included…)

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Do not expect 5 star hospitality or amazing views even if you are paying a 2 figures sum for a night (up to 99 euros). Remember, that you are looking for one of the hottest destinations in Europe (not to say in the world…), so as I said before you are basically paying for the fact that you are in Mykonos. Please accept that and move on…

  • Best Cheap Hotel in Mykonos: Hotel Spanelis
  • How to have cheap holidays in Mykonos: go off season…meaning any month outside of June-July-August-September and preferably October or May as these are the months where you would still be able to swim in the sea or find some early season (May) or late season (October) awesome and famous Mykonos parties or…
  • Best Cheap Hotel in Mykonos Town: Hotel Gorgona
  • Best Cheap Hotel in Paradise Beach: Akrogiali 
  • Best Cheap Romantic Hotel in Mykonos: Mykonos Beach Hotel


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So…without further ado, let’s see the  Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos island:

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Divers House is located at Agrari beach where you definitely need a car to approach

My view: located in the quiet area of Agrari (yes, you need a car to go there) it offers excellent clean rooms and a super friendly owner who would do his best to make sure you have a lovely stay

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Spanelis is the best cheap hotel of Mykonos

My view: hands down this is the best cheap hotel in Mykonos without compromising in cleanliness, careness of the owners and a yummy breakfast 

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Maganos offers a lovely pool at an affordable price

My view:  spectacular location, lovely owners and a great swimming pool! What else you need from an affordable hotel…?

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Ioanna's house will put you in the centre of Mykonos town

My view: best rooms in the heart of Mykonos town hidden between the lovely streets and the whitewashed houses. Lovely clean rooms and the perfect location to explore the nightlife of Mykonos and being in a quiet neighbourhood at the same time. 

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Gryparis has excellent clean and comfortable rooms

My view: really good and clean rooms and a great host (Giorgios) 

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Sofia Village has an amazing swimming pool and lovely beach views

My view: you don’t easilly get a swimming pool with that views for those prices in Mykonos those days…so grab till it lasts!

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Ethereal is located at Agrari but the rooms and the hosts are great

My view: these are excellent rooms but are also at Agrari beach which means you need a car to move around

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Flora's is a family hotel run by 2 lovely hosts

My view: Flora and her husbamd Yannis will make sure you have an excellent stay in their rooms; the catch is also that you need a car to and from the rooms as the hotel is in a slightly remote area

9 Best Cheap Hotels in Mykonos (UPDATED 2021)
Mykonian Studios is in Ano Mera which you can easily reach by bus

My view: these are located to one of the most quiet areas of the island (Ano Mera) and their outside space is lovely; they are perfect ot have a quiet and relaxing stay


As I said at the intro of this post, these are all very good choices if you don’t want to spend thousands for your Mykonos holidays.

You can definitely stay in all of these cheap hotels and still have a great time without breaking the bank.

The best thing you can actually do is to visit Mykonos on any other month outside of June, July, August and September as prices do get significantly lower outside of those months.

Bear in mind though that there are some cheap hotels in Santorini too.

A final tip to help you out is that you can actually stay at a cheap hotel but visit one of the Mykonos luxurious hotels and just spend your day at their swimming pool with a drink (and set your Instagram stories on fire!).



Top Rated Hotels in Santorini:

Best Hotel in Oia: Maregio Suites
Best Hotel in Fira: Cosmopolitan Suites
Best Hotel in Imerovigli: Grace Santorini
Best Hotel in Firostefani: Tsitouras
Best Hotel in Perivolos: Orabel Suites
Best Hotel in Perissa: Anastasia Princess
Best Hotel in Kamari: Sunrise Studios

Highest Rated Villas in Santorini:

Best Villa in Oia: Anemi House

Best Villa in Fira: Anteliz Villa

Best Villa in Kamari: Eolia Villa

Best Villa in Pyrgos: Sensation Villa

Best Villa in Akrotiri: Cavo Ventus

Best Villa in Firostefani: Villa Aura

Best Villa in Imerovigli: Grace Villa

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