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athens to delphi
The best way to go from Athens to Delphi is by booking a guided tour by bus which will take you there within 3 hours

You basically have three ways to get from Athens to Delphi: take the public KTEL Bus, book a guided tour or drive by yourself by renting a car.

I honestly believe that the Best Way to get from Athens to Delphi is by booking a licensed guided tour. This can also be done as a day trip to Delphi from Athens. 100% doable, but it’s going to be a long day, as expected.

daytrip from athens to delphi
I highly recommend you book a guided day trip from Athens to Delphi with a licensed guide who will explain to you what you are seeing; bear in mind that is going to be a long day though, that could last up to 12 hours in total

A guided tour from Athens to Delphi, like this one, will take you on a bus from central Athens and drive you to Delphi. A licensed guide will talk to you during the 3 hours of drive, and when you arrive in Delphi, she will guide you to the Delphi Archaeological Site and the Delphi Museum and explain to you exactly what you are seeing and what is the history behind everything. You are really getting the best out of the trip, in my opinion.

However, you have a few other options to get to Delphi from Athens, if you want to explore the area by yourself. These are all the options:

How Long It TakesCost*
Licensed Bus Guided Tourthis is a 10-12 hour day trip from Athens to Delphi that departs from central Athens, takes you to Delphi and returns in the evening it varies (check here)
(KTEL N. Fokidas bus Company)
3 hours
(the bus departs from Liosion Bus Station in Athens)
15.10 euros
Rent a Car
renting a car from Athens can cost 40 euros per day renting a car from Athens can cost from 40 euros per day
*Obviously, the cost fluctuates a lot and may differ; always check the official KTEL Bus website and Rentalcars for renting a car
delphi tour from athens
Your tour guide will also escort you in the Delphi museum where she will explain everything about the artefacts and life back then
ktel bus kifissos bus station athens inside
KTEL Buses are modern and safe buses that can take you pretty much everywhere in Greece, but the Bus Station in Athens are very old and have very limited facilities

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It goes without saying that whatever I am detailing in this post also applies to the return trip from Delphi to Athens.

delphi hotels map
Delphi Archaeological Site is next to the cute Delphi village that has all the hotels in the area pretty much

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  • Best way To get From Athens to Delphi: by a licensed guided bus tour (like this one)
  • There are no flights to Delphi, and the only way to get there is by bus or car. The place is up on the mountains in a remote area of mainland Greece.
  • Bus from Athens to Delphi: you have to take it from the Liosion KTEL Bus Station (on Google Maps), which is unfortunately the worst in the country and really dated without any modern facilities
  • Delphi is also called Delfi or Delphoi or Delfoi (it’s from the greek word “ΔΡλφοί”)
  • Between April-October, there are usually 4 KTEL Buses from Athens to Delphi and from Delphi to Athens
  • How long is the bus ride from Athens to Delphi: the bus ride takes about 3 hours
  • How much does it cost to take a bus from Athens to Delphi: the bus ticket on KTEL Buses costs 15.10 euros but this changes so always check the official website
  • Where to Get the bus from Athens to Delphi: you have to go to the Liosion Bus Station in Athens (NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the Kifisos Bus Station; it is a different Bus Station)
  • Best Way to Get From Athens Airport to KTEL Liosion Bus Station is by taking the Express Bus X93 (see its route here)
  • Where to Book the Bus from Athens to Delphi: from KTEL Fokidas website

Ok, so let’s see all the available options from Athens to Delphi (that also apply to the return trip Delphi to Athens):


athens delphi ktel bus day trip
There are 4 KTEL Buses per day from Athens to Delphi and back. You can book your ticket here.

In order to get the KTEL Bus to Delphi you have to go to Liosion Bust Station in Athens (on Google Maps). This is not the same station as Kifissos Bus Station and it’s in a different location.

liosion bus satation ktel athens
The KTEL Buses from Athens to Delphi depart from Liosion Bus Station in Athens.
liosion ktel bus station
Liosion Bus Station for KTEL Buses in Athens is probably the worst in the country and it’s better if you avoid it
ktel bus delphi
The KTEL Bus will drop you at the entrance of Delphi village which is very close to the Archaeological site and the Delphi Museum


You can reach the Liosion Bus Terminal in Athens either with a bus or Metro Line 2 from Syntgmuare.

x93 liosion bus station athens airport
This is the route of the express bus X93 from Athens Airport to Liosion Bus Station (it’s a 1 hour ride and the ticket costs 6 euros)

You can also see the details of X93 Route and timetables on the official website of Athens Buses.

  • From Syntgma Square to Kifissos Bus Station: you have to take the Metro Line 2 (M2) and then walk for about 15-20 mins
liosion bus stop from syntagma
This is the best way to get to Liosion Bus Station from Syntagma Square: Metro Line to Attiki stop and then walk for about 15-20 minutes
liosion bus station from syntagma square map
This is how to get from Syntagma Square to Liosion bus station in Athens


How long is the bus ride from Athens to Delphi?

KTEL Bus takes about 3 hours to get from Athens to Delphi. The same applies to the guided tour but if you include the whole day trip to Delphi then it’s a 10-12 hour overall trip.

What is the best way to travel from Athens to Delphi?

The best way to travel from Athens to Delphi is by a guided tour that will also take you around the archaeological site and the Delphi Museum.


You basically have 3 options to get from Athens to Delphi: by a guided tour or by a KTEL bus or by renting a car and driving there. I recommend taking the guided tour because you will experience the whole trip in a much better way. Apart from the nice views and the archaeological site and museum, there is not much to do in Delphi and a day trip from Athens is highly recommended.

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