6 Traditional Products of Santorini You Have To Try

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Written By: Pavlos Inglesis

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You are missing a lot if you don’t try these amazing local products of Santorini The best thing about Santorini is not the amazing views, the romantic landscapes, the amazing beaches and the mesmerising sunsets.

For those who know how to enjoy life (aka “foodies“….) the one thing that puts Santorini on their map is the amazing local produce. Santorini does not disappoint on that and it’s just one more example of the wealth and variety of  the amazing local produce of the greek islands.

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So, here is my suggestion of the most delicious and unique products you MUST try when you are in Santorini:

1. Santorini Cherry Tomatoes

νtomatakia 730x397 1
The unique Santorini cherry tomatoes

Why you should try them: this is a very unique variety of cherry tomatoes and it is possibly the most famous local product of Santorini. They have hard skin and really rich and juicy body with unique aromas and earthy flavours since they grow up on the volcanic soils of the island. 

This is where they grow! On the volcanic soils…

Where to find them: you can easilly find them in every grocery store on the island during the summer season and you will recognise them immediately from their unique red colour and strange shapes! However, you can also find them in paste or sun-dried here and in other grocery stores on the island. The paste and the sun-dried tomatoes will give an amazing tomato-y and earthy flavour to any dish! Try it!

2. Santorini Fava Beans

This is how Santorini fava beans should be served: chopped red onions, olive oil and (if you want) local capers !

Why you should try them: this is probably the most famous dish of Santorini! Nothing fancy here…it is a very simple dish that has its origins in Ancient Greece. This kind of peas are only cultivated in Santorini and Anafi, so make sure you try them out! Surprisingly enough, archaeological excavations have revealed grains of fava from the ancient site of Akrotiri, on the southern side of Santorini, which shows that this product is cultivated on the island for about 3,500 years. Fava beaches are sowed in December and harvested in June.

Where to find them: you can easily find them in every grocery store on the island but they are are also served in every restaurant/taverna on the island.

3. Tomato-keftedes (tomato-balls)

tomato balls santorini
Tomato balls are a perfect option for vegeterians as well

Why you should try them: Tomatokeftedes (or basically tomato-balls…) are deep fried Santorini cherry tomatoes mixed with herbs, onions or whatever each family run restaurant feels like putting in the mix. Just yummy!

Where to find them: you can easily find them in every grocery store on the island but they are are also served in every restaurant/taverna.

4. Fish and Seafood

seafood santorini restaurant
Seafood in Santorini and on the greek islands in general is amazing

Why you should try it: Mediterranean sea. Crystal clear waters. Amazing variations. Fresh herbs from the island. Need to say more? Please make yourself a favour and try every variation of seafood you can find in any restaurant or small taverna you go. Most of the times you would be able to see (and select) the fresh fish you want before it’s cooked. Try the grilled octopus with olive oil and vinegar, try the seafood pasta or any type of fish on the grill! you can thank us anytime…

Where to find it: Every small or big taverna on the island have fresh fish and seafood. Ask for the days catch!

5. White Santorini Eggplants

white eggplant santorini traditional
White eggplants of Santorini are the only white ones in the world

Why you should try them: these look a bit weird but they are actually quite rare and are so sweet that will make you ask for more!

Where to find it: Every small or big taverna on the island has white eggplants in the summer. Ask for them and also give the “melitzanosalata” a try! It’s a delicious paste made from these eggplants…seriously…you have to try that with fresh bread and local wine! Trust us!

6. Melitinia

melitinia santorini traditional sweet
You can find melitinia in every bakery on Santorini

Why you should try them: these are made of hand-prepared pasty stuffed with local soft cheese called “anthotyro” or “myzithra”. They are only made in Santorini and they are a delicious desert!

Where to find them: You can find these in any bakery on the island and in many cases you will find them served as a desert in restaurants. Ask for them and try to pour some honey and cinammon on top…yummy!

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