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5 Amazing Greek Islands Near Santorini

by | Jan 10, 2019

You can actually do some awesome greek island hopping from Santorini! Here’s everything you need to know:

santorini island hoppingWhenever I visit Santorini I am always trying to visit one more greek islands if I have the days to do that. I mean…why not?? Greek islands are awesome!

Santorini is not only a magic place to spend your holidays or honeymoon but it is also a great connection hub which you can use as your base in order to visit some other amazing Greek Islands!

With more than 10 direct flights per day (especially between April-November) from all over Europe, Santorini gives you the ultimate opportunity to visit some less touristic but probably equally beautiful Greek islands.

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From Santorini, you can basically visit all of the Cyclades islands: Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Ios, Anafi and each one has its own amazing beauty…so even-though I love Santorini more than anything, I do admit that Mykonos and Ios beaches are a-m-a-z-i-n-g and the food of Naxos is out-of-this-world…

Timetables for ferries are not fixed every year, so times and schedules change. Let’s Ferry provides you an updated time schedule.

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Recommended Websites for Hotels, Ferries, Flights and Car Rentals for Santorini:

  • is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Santorini (more than Airbnb)
  • Let's Ferry is the best website to book your ferry tickets or check the timetables for Santorini & all greek islands
  • Expedia has all the available flights from Athens or other European cities to Santorini (Santorini Airport Code: JTR)
  • Get Your Guide has the best and largest variety of Santorini Sailing and Wine Tours
  • Rentalcars is the best website to rent a car for Santorini (highly recommended as you won't waste time waiting for local buses)

So, these are 5 amazing Greek Islands you can visit from Santorini with just a few hours ferry:

1. Anafi

islands near santorini

Why You Should Visit Anafi

Anafi is a very small, quite, calm and definitely less touristic greek island.

If you are seeking unspoilt and genuine Greek Island life…then Anafi is the one!

No tourists (at least till now…), lonely sandy beaches with crystal blue waters and a truly unspoilt Chora (main island town) with tavernas and cafes is what Anafi has to offer.

Don’t expect luxurious hotels with pools and fancy restaurants.

Anafi is the wild side of greek islands and that’s why you’ll visit it.

The myth actually says that Anafi is the home island of the famous Argonauts (just google it if you don’t know wha the Argonauts were…).

It is a true gem…so go there before things change!

Not only white shores and sparkling water. Mountainous too, by @viveretravel. #cyclades #aegean

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How to get from Santorini to Anafi




There are frequent connections to Anafi with a ferry from Santorini. Any travel agency at Fira (the capital) in Santorini will be able to tell you the ferry schedules and book you a ticket (or you can just check them and book them by yourself at Let’s Ferry) . It only takes about 1.5-2 hrs for the ferry in Santorini to get you to Anafi’s little and picturesque port of  Agios Nikolaos. For 2016 there was 1 ferry everyday that was departing from Santorini early morning (super early…like 4am) which is actually good because you’ll get the whole day in Anafi.


Best Hotels in Anafi:


You won’t find the luxury of Santorini, but these are the Best Hotels in Anafi:

Apollon Village Hotel  (possibly the best hotel in Anafi)

Villa Kalamiotissa (the best villa to rent in Anafi)

Ostria (spartan but clean and with awesome sea views)

Sunset Rooms (basic but cute)

Panorama Rooms (closest to the capital / chora with all the buzz – if there is any at Anafi..:))


Tip: in case you are island-hopping you don’t really need to spend 2-3 days in Anafi. Only 1 night would be enough or even a day-trip from Santorini if the ferries allow that. If you are considering staying in Anafi more days then you would be missing the things you can do in Santorini because Anafi is a really quiet and small place to be honest…  Anafi is the only greek island that you can actually visit as a daytrip from Santorini. It’s not worth it for the other islands becauue you are literally going to spend half of the day on the ferry (2-3 hours to go and 2-3 hours to come back), only to have spent 4-5 hours on the other island itself.






2. Folegandros




islands near santorini


Why You Should Visit Folegandros




Folegandros is also a hidden greek gem mainly visited by greeks who want to avoid the tourist masses in other greek islands. Eventhough, in recent years it got remarkable tourist arrivals , Folegandros has still kept her remarkable beauty. The Chora of Folegandros (the capital town in greek islands is always called “chora”) built on a sheer cliff, is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque among all the greek islands and it’s really cute to be honest (not like Oia though…) The beaches of Folegandros won’t disappoint you as well but they are difficult to reach in general (mainly by a small boat or through rocky roads). The great thing about Folegandros is that it’s awesome for hiking as the views are breathtaking:

















Discovering a hidden gem in the Greek Cyclades. New post on the blog: Folegandros Photo Diary and Travel Guide ✨?? link in bio ??
















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No surprises in Folegandros: amazing turquoise waters, sandy beaches, tavernas with fresh fish and little cute bars with amazing cocktails to chill-out in the night.



How to get from Santorini to Folegandros


Folegandros is not that close as Anafi is to Santorini, so I’d suggest to spend a night there (or 2…) instead of visiting as a daytrip from Santorini. And to be honest there are slightly more things to do and see in Folegandros than there are in Anafi.


It is about 3 hours away from Santorini by ferry and 1.5 hours away with a speedboat (though that’s a remarkably more expensive option).


Travel agencies at Fira in Santorini or at Santorini’s main Port (Athinios) will be able to book your tickets and tell you the timetables of the available ferries at the time you are there.


It’s super simple: you pop in at a travel agent in Fira (there are hundreds you won’t miss them), you ask the timetables for the ferries to Folegandros and that’s it. Alternatively, you book everything online at the Let’s Ferry website.



Best Hotels in Folegandros:


There are some excellent additions to Folegandros’ Hotels scene lately that make it an extremely attractive destination.


These are the Best Hotels in Folegandros:


Blue Sand Hotel (check prices) :


best hotels folegandros


Themonies Luxury Suites (check prices):


best hotels folegandros


Aspalathras Hotel (check prices) :


best hotels folegandros


Chora Resort and Spa (check prices):


best hotels folegandros


Lithia Villas (check prices):


best hotels folegandros

3. Naxos

naxos to santorini



Why You Should Visit it


Naxos is one of the largest greek islands and definitely the largest in Cyclades island complex. It’s one of my personal favourites…


Naxos’s Chora (the capital town) is full of life with many tavernas, shops an archaeological museum and of course the famous “Portara” which is the ancient entrance into the island’s port. However, to be honest with you Naxos town is not an extremely picturesque greek island town and you’d better head off to the amazing beaches and the awesome mainland villages (like Apeiranthos village…one of the most picturesque and different greek cycladic villages). I’m literally in love with Apeiranthos…


Naxos has amazing long sandy beaches (like Agia Anna beach) and it’s an amazing destination for foodies.


I had the best greek food in my life in Naxos (after my mum’s food obviously…)!


Local produce consists of really goof quality lamb, beef and of course the world wide famous Naxos Graviera cheese (seriously….don’t leave the island if you don’t try this amazing gruyere-like yellow cheese…). It literally melts in your mouth!


Naxos offers fantastic opportunities for watersports as well: waterskiing, kitesurfing, windsurfing as its beaches are are ideal with the strong winds of greek islands:



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Naxos is very well organised with B&B’s and hotels and we’d definitely suggest a 2-3 days stay on the island because there are so much to see and explore.











How to get from Santorini to Naxos




Naxos is about 2 hours by ferry from Santorini and about 1 hour by a speedboat. I do recommend taking the Blue Star Ferry (there is one that takes you from Santorini to Naxos and the other way every day): If you want to check all the timetables or even book your ferry ticket to Naxos (which you have to pick up at the port anyways – that’s the greek law…) you can visit the Let’s Ferry website (or you can just check the timetables).











Best Hotels in Naxos:




Naxos is a pretty big island with hundreds of available options for accommodation. These are the Best Hotels, Villas and Apartments in Naxos: Belogna Ikons (check prices): naxos best hotels Sea & Olives Villas (check prices) : best hotels naxos To Armiro Boutique Houses (check prices) : best hotels naxos Coralli Beach Apartments (check prices) : best hotels naxos Naxian Utopia Luxury Villas and Suites (check prices) : best hotels naxos Ampelos Resort (check prices) : best hotels naxos Naxos Island Escape (check prices) : best hotels naxos Nissaki Beach Hotel (check prices) : best hotels naxos Seven Suites (check prices) : best hotels naxos Naxos Euphoria Suites (check prices) : best hotels naxos Tip: in case you are island-hopping then you need to stay more than 1 night in Naxos because the island is pretty big (one of the biggest actually in Greece) and you definitely need to rent a car or a scooter to move around as the distances are not short. Also, make sure you visit the amazing mountain village of Apeiranthos and do not leave the island if you don’t eat at one of the best greek restaurants in Greece: Axiotissa 




4. Mykonos (check our awesome blog  for Mykonos! 🙂 )








mykonos to santorini








Why You Should Visit it




You probably already know a lot about Mykonos. Mykonos (along with Santorini) is probably the most famous Greek island. Read Also: How To Get From Athens to Mykonos  How To Get From Santorini to Mykonos Santorini vs Mykonos: Which One is Better? 21 Best Beaches of Mykonos 30 Best Luxury Hotels of Mykonos Crazy nightlife, amazing bars and clubs, DJs from all over the world, some of the most luxurious hotels and restaurants on the planet, celebrities hotspot, amazing fully-organised golden sandy beaches and…hundreds of parties every day (especially in the summer). This is what I believe about Mykonos:




If Santorini is a little romantic angel, then Mykonos is a sexy dressed little devil!






You can easily have the time of your life in Mykonos (…and in Santorini) no matter if you are with your other half, with your crazy girlfriends who take Instagram selfies 24/7, with your buddies or even alone! However, Mykonos doesn’t have much to see and do compared to Santorini, so your days in Mykonos are going to be:




        • beach/swimming pool











      • cocktails















      • food















      • club/bar















      • repeat















…and that’s absolutely fine because you are on holidays!! However, I do admit that Mykonos‘ sandy beaches are some of the best you can find in Greece but the thing is that everything is super expensive in Mykonos so you may have to pay a lot to sit on those awesome sunbeds (from 5 euros to 1000 euros in some of the most exclusive celebrity-spots beaches!!).













September is the best in Mykonos! Photo: @mbsblue #mykonos #mykonossecrets #panormos








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How to get from Santorini to Mykonos

You can either take a direct flight (more expensive) from Mykonos to Santorini or one of the regular frequent ferries (there are many throughout the day).

Just visit any travel agency at Fira in Santorini, anytime you are in Santorini and they will be able to give you the latest timetable (it changes every few months)

Alternatively you can also check the times at Let’s Ferry.

The ferry from Santorini to Mykonos takes about 2-2.5 hrs

Direct flights from Santorini to Mykonos:

For 2017 there are 2 companies that fly directly from Santorini to Mykonos (not every day though):


Thomas Cook

The flight from Mykonos to Santorini takes approximately 25-30 minutes.

Is it really worth taking a plane to Mykonos?

It’s really up to you to be honest but I always prefer to take one of the cheap ferries for a couple of hours as I tend to hate airports the last years…

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Best Hotels in Mykonos:

Mykonos has some of the best hotels in Greece (even better than Santorini in many cases).

READ ALSO: 30 Best Luxury Hotels of Mykonos

I dare to say Hotels in Mykonos are slightly more luxurious than the ones in Santorini and in many cases the villas you would find on the island are much bigger and more impressive.

Here is my list of the best places to stay in Mykonos (spoiler alert: w-o-w ! ):

Villa Amarillo (check prices):

best hotels in mykonos

Lyo Boutique Hotel (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel & Spa (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Greco Philia Boutique Hotel Mykonos (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Nissaki Boutique Hotel (check prices) : 

best hotels in mykonos

Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Myconian Ambassador Hotel & Spa (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Boheme (check prices) : 

best hotels in mykonos

Cavo Tagoo (check prices) : 

best hotels in mykonos

Myconian Naia (check prices) : 

best hotels in mykonos

Kivotos (check prices) :

best hotels in mykonos

Tip: Mykonos is definitely for more than 1 night (avoid a daytrip…it’s not worth it). There are so many different beaches, events, parties, beach bars and restaurants to visit that 1 night will never be enough. I recommend you stay at least 3 nights in Mykonos and then 4-5 days in Santorini.

Make sure you come back though…because Mykonos is highly addictive!

5. Ios

santorini to ios ferry

Why You Should Visit Ios

Ios is a really unique and underrated island in my opinion.

Back in the 90’s and 00’s it used to be a crazy party island and for some inexplicable reason it got bad reputation but I really never understood why.

It’s an island with amazing beauty and its golden sandy beaches are some of the best in Greece. Seriously…

Though I have to say that the island is mainly more appealing to younger ages (up to 30 years old probably). But this shouldn’t stop you to visit Ios and explore it’s amazing beauty.

Ios is very well organised with B&B’s and hotels and I’d definitely suggest a 2-3 days stay on the island in case you decide to visit it.

How to get from Santorini to Ios

Ios is about 40-45 mins by ferry from Santorini (check ferry timetables and prices here)

The journey is really quick and it costs about 30-35 euros (one way). I know…expensive…

Best Hotels in Ios:

Ios has some really good options for hotels

These are the Best Hotels, Villas and Apartments in Ios island in Greece:

Ios Palace (check prices):

santorini to ios

Liostasi Hotel & Suites (check prices) :

santorini to ios

Levantes Ios Boutique Hotel (check prices) :

santorini to ios

Island House Hotel (check prices) :

santorini to ios

Tip: if you are in the mood for partying then Ios island is a great choice. One of the most famous beach clubs in Greece is Far Out Beach Club at Mylopotas in Ios which also has the great Far Out Camping Ios.

So…are you ready for your greek island hopping this year??

Recommended Websites for Hotels, Ferries, Flights and Car Rentals for Santorini:

  • is the website with the most available rooms and Private Villas in Santorini (more than Airbnb)
  • Let's Ferry is the best website to book your ferry tickets or check the timetables for Santorini & all greek islands
  • Expedia has all the available flights from Athens or other European cities to Santorini (Santorini Airport Code: JTR)
  • Get Your Guide has the best and largest variety of Santorini Sailing and Wine Tours
  • RentalCars is the best website to rent a car for Santorini

Highest Rated Hotels in Santorini:

Best Hotel in Oia: Maregio Suites

Best Hotel in Fira: Cosmopolitan Suites

Best Hotel in Imerovigli: Grace Santorini

Best Hotel in Firostefani: Tsitouras

Best Hotel in Perivolos: Orabel Suites

Best Hotel in Perissa: Anastasia Princess

Best Hotel in Kamari: Sunrise Studios


Highest Rated Private Villas in Santorini:

Best Villa in Oia: Anemi House

Best Villa in Fira: Anteliz Villa

Best Villa in Kamari: Eolia Villa

Best Villa in Pyrgos: Sensation Villa

Best Villa in Akrotiri: Cavo Ventus

Best Villa in Firostefani: Villa Aura

Best Villa in Imerovigli: Grace Villa

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