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If you are looking to book a romantic restaurant in Santorini with amazing views then…here is the best list you can find. There is an abundance of Santorini restaurants with a view as the most famous towns of the island (Fira, Oia, Imerovigli) are sitting on a cliff overlooking the caldera and the famous volcano.

Santorini restaurants with a view
Most Santorini restaurants overlook the caldera sitting on a balcony (especially at Fira or Oia). (spoiler alert: the experience is 1000s times better than any pictures you see…)

There are many reasons why Santorini is one of the top romantic destinations of the world. Sure…it’s the stunning views that most hotels and restaurants in Santorini can offer. But it’s not only that.

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It’s a general feeling that you get once you step foot on this amazing Greek island. There are literally very few places on planet earth that can compare with the romance and the eclectic atmosphere that Santorini can offer. Having dinner under the stars with views of the Aegean sea and the volcano is one of the best things to do in Santorini for couples.

However, if you are just looking for a list of the absolute best restaurants in Santorini (not just the romantic ones with views…), here are my recommendations:

The 25 Best Restaurants of Santorini (fine dining, street food, greek tapas…everything!)

IMG 8161 scaled
The views you will be enjoying (even at night) are out of this world…

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On this list, I picked up some of the most romantic Santorini restaurants with a view where you should definitely try a Santorini wine or a greek beer.

So…some of these might possibly be the perfect proposal locations but in general, they are just amazing restaurants with stunning panoramic views of the volcano lagoon (aka caldera).

But bear in mind that especially in July, August, and September reservations must be made to all of these (well in advance). These are also considered the best sunset restaurants in Santorini as they all have beautiful sunset views and volcano views.

Here are the restaurants with the best views in Santorini:

1. Petra Restaurant, Canaves (Oia)


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This is the magnificent restaurant of Canaves, Oia Hotel and it can offer you a trully unique experience. It expensive ineed, but this is more than a restaurant. You will have stunning views to the sunset and some of the best food in Greece with incredible service. This is a special occasion restaurant, so keep that in mind as it’s a gastronomical and fine dining experience that can be compared with the best restaurants in the US or Europe. There are 6 and 7 course dinners to select from but these change a lot depending on the season and the chef so please make sure you get the latest menu from the service team.

2. Argo Restaurant (Fira)

santorini views restaurant argo

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Argo in Fira town is a favourite of mine and it is the place that I take people who are visiting the island for the first time. Argo offers a large selection of greek food but it’s their seafood plates that are shining along with the beautiful views of the caldera and the great service. The only problem with Argo is that you need to book it many days in advance , especially during the summer months of June, July, August and September as it gets fully booked. Argo is one of the best Santorini restaurants with a view (mainly for its sunset views) so you will definitely experience those while eating.

3. Sphinx Restaurant (Fira)

sphinx restaurant santorini

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Sphinx is one of the best Oia restaurants with a view. It has a very calm and relaxing vibe to it and the tables have a lot of space between them on a beautiful rooftop terrace. The food itself is really good with a focus on pasta and Italian influences. However, Sphinx has one of the largest selections of wines on the island with more than 400 labels, all kept in the underground cellar which used to be the old building’s water tank. This is one of the best spots to watch the sunset away from the crowds in Oia and definitely one of the

4. Feredini Restaurant, (Oia)


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Feredini restaurant at Fira has stunning uninterrupted views of the volcano but it’s the food that makes it shine. The menu has lots of options for vegeterians and the service along with the main courses are excellent. The restaurant itself does not have sunset views but this shouldn’t stop you from visiting it and have a great dinner.

5. Ambrosia Restaurant, (Oia)

Ambrosia Restaurant santorini

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Ambrosia has beautiful views in Oia and great service. There is a large selection of dishes with meat and seafood as well and there is generally a very romantic vibe at the restaurant. The service is on high standards and the food will not dissapoint you .

6. 1500 (Oia)

1500 restaurant

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1500 is one of the most well-known and oldest restaurants in Oia as it offers some of the best sunset views on the island. There is an excellent wine list that will accompany your courses which are mainly focused on seafood and local produce. Desserts are also some of the best in Oia! If you are looking for a sunset dinner, then 1500 is one of the best options where the polite service supports the great food and the magical views.

7. Remvi Restaurant (Firostefani)


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Remvi has one of the loveliest terraces on the island, and it’s very well known for its excellent food even in the busiest of times. You definitely have to book well in advance as in the summer the restaurant gets extremely busy. The food itself is mainly inspired by greek cuisine and Remvi is also a great option for a lunch during the day. As with every restaurant on this list the prices are indeed quite high but this is to be expected as I explained earlier.

8. VEZENE Restaurant (Imerovigli)


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Vezene is one of the most recent additions in Santorini, and it’s the sister restaurant of Vezene in Athens. The restaurant offers one of the best menus on the island with great interior design and (as expected) stunning views of the volcano and the famous sunset. The restaurant has a large selection of fish and meat courses along with some of the best cocktails in Oia. It’s good to know though that the restaurant itself is not in Oia or in Fira but close to Imerovigli and you have to travel there if you are not staying close. Vezene though is fine dining in Santorini at its best.

9. Fanari (Fira)


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Fanari offers very casual but really yummy food at an excellent location in Fira. The restaurant offers a great selection of seafood casually with large portions (compared to other restaurants) and it’s not pretending to be something more than it really is: a casual greek taverna with great greek food. You must be aware though that the restaurant becomes extremely busy during sunset time as it offers one of the best sunset views in Fira from its terrace.

10. Gefsis (Oia)


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Gefsis (in greek it means “taste”) has one of the loveliest terraces in Oia with unparalleled sunset views. The food is really good, and the ambience is…just right! The staff is really knowledgeable and attentive. The restaurant itself usually opens a bit earlier than the typical tourism season, and in case you feel cold (you may encounter some chilly nights in April or May) you will be provided with blankets and seated close to an outdoor heater, which is great. Customer service is also top notch and they will make sure you have a great experience overall.

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