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Here is little me back in th early 80’s in Corfu with my mum who wouldn’t like to be embarassed on the internet

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I was born and raised in Greece and I am actually Greek. I have visited pretty much every square meter of my beautiful country and I want to share my experiences and give my tips to anyone wishing to visit this beautiful piece of land.

This is my travel blog that It’s being read by more than 1 million people every year (never expected that!) and I really hope it will help you out with your research to my beautiful country.

Santorini is my favourite greek island, but it can get very crowded in the summer months. This is Oia town during sunset time (around 6-8 pm) every day between May and October.

I have visited Santorini hundreds of times and I have actually lived on the island a few years ago for some time. It is my favourite greek island, but I want to be honest with you: it can also be a tourist trap and feel like a rip-off nowadays as prices have increased significantly.

santorini airport

Santorini’s tiny airport has recently had some upgrades, but it’s still a small airport on a small island so get prepared for below-average service and facilities.

santorini airport car rentals
There are many car rental companies upon your arrival at the airport but make sure you book well in advance your vehicle through which is the most reliable and usually the cheapest option.

santorini hotels
Most premium Santorini hotels and resorts are located on the cliff overlooking the caldera (volcano lagoon) but they come at a very high price per night as well so if you are on a tight budget you won’t have any luck finding an affordable room there in the high season (June-October). You would be better off if you take a look at the cheaper areas that are usually the ones closer to the famous black beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Perivolos. In any case, you will find the most available options on (and not on Airbnb).

santorini fira bus station
This is Santorini central local bus station at Fira. The island has very reliable local buses and Fira town is the main transportation hub as all buses for all destinations start and end up there. Check the timetables for Santorini buses.

santorini atv
I am still not sure why this has become a “thing”, but the island is full of these ATV vehicles. I honestly think it is a very unsafe way of travelling as they are not stable at all, but many people consider it a fun way to get around the island. Renting a car is usually the best option.

imerovigli hotels santorini
This is Imerovigli, and in my view it is the best place to stay in Santorini, hands down. Imerovigli has the best available villas, the most amazing views, the best hotels and equally beautiful views with Oia but without being that crowded during sunset time.

This is the central taxi hub in Fira town. Santorini has a limited number of taxis, and there is no Uber on the island. So if you want to get a taxi, you need to call a specific number. Taxi is not the best or most value-for-money way to get around in Santorini and also bear in mind that your hotel might also be able to arrange a transfer (through private drivers that are not registered taxis).

Visiting a local Santorini Winery is one of the best things you can do on Santorini. There are more than 15 wineries on the island with outstanding local wine (such as Assyrtiko or Vinsanto variety) that also offer a wine tasting experience.

SantoWines winery is my favourite Santorini winery as it is easily accessible from Fira, it has lots of space even if it gets super crowded and it has some of the most amazing views of the volcano. If you want to visit more than 1 winery, it is usually a very good option to get on a Winery Tour where a van takes you to the best ones around the island, and you can drink as much as you want without worrying about driving. This one is a great Wine Tour in Santorini.

Another fantastic winery is Venetsanos winery which has an incredible dining room as well. This is the oldest winery on the island, and it’s been recently renovated, but it has fewer available seats than Santowines but equally tasty wine and sunset views.

Yes, Santorini has big chain grocery stores and supermarkets that actually have local produce as well, so you can always find cheap food to cook by yourself if you don’t want to spend a fortune in premium restaurants.

This is where a Sunset Cruise departs. I can guarantee that a sunset cruise will be the highlight of your trip to Santorini. There are many to choose from, but almost all of them depart from the port of Athinios, and they can take anything from 4 hours to 8 hours as they may include a visit to the volcano, the hot springs, the white beach and (the most expensive ones) even a seafood meal on the boat.

This is the fantastic Franco’s Cafe in Pyrgos with some of the most magnificent views on the island of Santorini. Pyrgos is one of my favourite villages of Santorini, and if you are looking for very cute and picturesque accommodation off the beaten path, then this is where you should stay.

A visit to the ancient prehistoric ruins of Akrotiri is also one of the best things to do in Santorini. My advice is to get a guided tour (like this one) as this will make you understand what you are seeing. Many people still consider Akrotiri the ancient Atlantis…

If you are looking for unique things to do in Santorini then a visit to the quirky Tomato Industrial Museum in Vlychada is a must! One of Santorini’s most famous local products (apart from wine) was cherry tomatoes and this factory used to be the largest of its kind in Greece till the mid ’90s.

This is Vlychada beach in Santorini with its dramatic white geological rock formations at the back. There is no shortage of great beaches in Santorini, and if you are visiting between May and October, you will be able to swim in the seawater as the ambient temperature would usually be above 30 degrees.

This is the famous Red Beach which has a unique landscape but it’s also very dangerous as there is always a risk of falling rocks from above. That is why local authorities have cordoned the inner part of the beach. I also highly suggest you wear good hiking shoes if you are looking to visit the Red Beach as there is rough terrain to get there.

Ammoudi bay is a small bay below the famous Oia town, and if you decide to eat there you will literally be eating on the water! All 3 restaurants on the bay offer excellent quality seafood (mainly) and you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you reserve a table though as these restaurants get super busy in the high season!

Kamari is a beautiful long beach with black sand and pebbles (that can become very hot in the summer!), which is ideal for families and kids. There are lots of amenities behind the beach, many restaurants and beach bars to get a drink or a snack. Hotels in Kamari are usually cheaper than in Oia, Fira, or Imerovigli as you are not getting famous volcano views.

This is Perissa beach, the famous black beach in Santorini with lots of beach clubs, cafes and restaurants. Perivolos and Perissa are on the same long beach. The beach bar in this photo is my favourite one in Perissa called Tranquilo which is a lovely bar-restaurant with lots of healthy and vegan options with a mexican vibe.

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