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We love this island more than any other place in the world (along with Mykonos island…:) )and we’d be happy to help you out on your research for information and how to plan your trip to Santorini..

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    Ask us whatever you want for Santorini and we’d be happy to help you out!
    It doesn’t matter if you are on the island or if you are planning a trip next year!

    We’d be happy to help you out!

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    Ok…So you are probably visiting Santorini in a few months or weeks or days and you are lost not knowing where to stay or what to do and see?

    Me and Nikos (aka “The Santorini Guys”) would be happy to help you out! Drop us any question you may have and we’ll do our best to reply asap and help you make the best of your visit to this paradise-on-earth!

    We are both Greeks (as you have noticed…) and we definitely know what the locals do, eat and experience.

    We do know the must see’s and do’s though, so…drop us a line and we’d be happy to reply !


    • Linda Bobroy

      Hi Pavols! My family(3) and friends (2) will be visiting Santorini in August. Before I did research, I had booked at Villa Markezinis in perivolos not realizing it was on the other end of the island. We have a budget of $150-170 and were hoping to be closer the sights without being in the craziness of the crowds. Could you make some recommendations that might have a pool/sea view? I have been searching on line but confused and a bit overwhelmed. I am of Greek decent and want to make this visit spectacular!!!!!! Efchatisto:)

      • PIN

        Hey there,
        Are you looking to be near the beach or you are looking to be on the cliff having the famous caldera Santorini views?
        Villa Markezinis is awesome but it is on Perivolos which is next to the beach.
        You cannot have both unfortunately.
        I have to warn you though that with $150-170 might not be enough for a pool and the famous views in August…
        The place is almost sold out and all the good properties are probably gone for the summer.
        Take a look on to check what is available at Imerovigli, Fira or Firostefani. Avoid Oia if possible as it can be extremely crowded in August.
        Hope that helps!

  • John

    Hi guys!
    Thanks very much for all the info you provide!

    I will be visiting Santorini this August and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for hotels in Kamari and Perissa or other suggestions for what to do on the island.


    • PIN

      Hi John,


      Regarding the hotels we would suggest you stay in any of these which don’t cost that much per night and they are very clean and good:

      At Kamari:

      Zacharakis Studios

      Horizon Resort

      Hotel Matina (our preference)

      For Kamari you can find even more hotels by searching here.

      At Perissa:

      Anny Studios (really good and very close to the beach!)

      Drossos Hotel

      For Perissa you can find even more hotels by searching here.

      Unfortunately most other options at Fira, Oia or Firostefani are much more expensive or are fully booked for this August…

      But you can book any of these and you will get some very good accommodation below 100 euros/night roughly.

      Regarding what you should do to the island here is our tips (from our site!):

      Top 10 Things To Do in Santorini

      4 Amazing Greek islands you Can Visit From Santorini

      6 Traditional Local Food Products Of Santorini You Should Try

      In case you are flying to Athens first we have created a very comprehensive guide on how to get from Athens to Santorini also.

      Hope it helped!

      Have a great time and let us know if you need any more help!

    • PIN

      Hi John,

      Regarding the hotels we would suggest you stay in any of
      these which don’t cost that much per night and they are very clean and good:

      At Kamari:

      Zacharakis Studios

      Horizon Resort

      Hotel Matina
      (our preference)

      For Kamari you can find even
      more hotels by searching here.
      (our preference)

      At Perissa:

      Anny Studios
      (really good and very close to the beach!)

      Drossos Hotel

      For Perissa you can find
      even more hotels by searching here.

      Unfortunately most other options at Fira, Oia or Firostefani
      are much more expensive or are fully booked for this August…
      But you can book any of these and you will get some very
      good accommodation below 100 euros/night roughly.

      Regarding what you should do to the island here is our tips:

      Top 10 Things To Do in Santorini

      4 Amazing Greek islands you Can Visit From Santorini

      6 Traditional Local Food Products Of Santorini You Should Try

      Hope it helped!
      Have a great time and let us know if you need any more help!

  • PIN

    Hi Kirilee!

    Thanks for your question.

    March is definitely a great month to visit Santorini because it is not very touristic but the weather will still be good but as you would probably expect not as warm as in the summer.

    The best place to stay is Firostefani or Oia.

    Oia is where all the tourists go to see the sunsets but trust us: it’s a magic place and it has to offer some very seclusive hotels.
    On the pther hand, Firostefani is definitely more seclusive and private. This is probably the best option for honeymoon.

    So…we highly recommend the following:

    Katikies Hotel

    The Tsitouras Collection

    Astra Suites

    Aqua Luxury Suites Santorini

    Let us know if you need any more details!


  • Laina

    Hey chicos! I am going to be in Santorini for 4 days in the middle of July and I’m staying in Firostefani. What are the main points I shouldn’t miss in my short time there? I had planned on spending one whole day in Oia and one in Fira, but what to do in each town as well as what to do on the other two days is a big question mark. Also, what is the best mode of transportation? I heard ATVs are commonly used but Ive never driven one myself. Finally, would you suggest your favorite places to get seafood where locals go? Thank you so much!

    • PIN

      Hi Laina!

      4 days is a bit short for what Santorini has to offer but you’ll get a very good glimpse!

      Have a look here with our proposals:
      Top 10 things to do in Santorini

      In Oia you should go for a nice dinner, relaxing afternoon walk and of course the sunset (eventhough in July expect it to be a bit crowded!). When in Oia try to follow the steps that go to Ammoudi port. Ask any locals and you won’t miss it.

      At Fira you should go for shopping, nightlife and also some very good restaurants. recommend visiting the Perissa beach. You can spend the day relaxing on sunbeds with cocktails.

      You can also visit the archeaological site of Akrotiri and also visit the beautiful inland villages of Pyrgos and Emporio!

      Also do not forget to visit the SantoWines Winery which has amazing views to the volcano…

  • Arti

    Hello Pavlos and Nikos!

    I’m thinking about planning a trip to santorini with my husband and 1 year old baby this July or August. What baby/family friendly hotels and activities would you recommend. We’ll be staying for a week to 10 days and would like a hotel with a gorgeous view, pool (spa/baby play area will be a nice plus) and good restaurants close by so we don’t have to go anywhere if we don’t feel upto it! Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated! Thanks 🙂


    • PIN

      Hi Arti,
      Great decision to choose Santorini for your holidays 🙂
      Most of the major hotels in Santorini have nice swimming pools and are very kids-friendly.
      For the best views we highly recommend Imerovigli area which is very quiet and you, your husband and definitely your kid will love it and have a great time.

      At Imerovigli, we highly recommend the Regina Mare Hotel

      They can provide anything you may want during the day without
      even going out if you don’t feel like it!

      There are some other hotel options for Imerovigli too , but Regina Mare in our opinion is perfect for what you need.

      If you will spend 10 days in Santorini then the best option is
      to rent a car for a few days and explore the island.

      You must visit Perissa and Perivolos because they are the best
      beaches of the island and your kid would love to play around (be careful thoughbecause the sand can be very hot during the day…our advice is to visit them after 4-5pm where you will find less people and it won’t be too hot for your baby and you of course).
      These beaches have many restaurants where you can eat and they are basically on the beach. You can all have a very relaxing day out there. There are also toilets and amenities everywhere.

      We also highly recommend to visit the Kamari Beach which is a
      similar situation.
      However, we don’t recommend visiting the Red Beach though. It’s not family friendly and there is a bit ofwalking to go there…

  • Isaiah

    I’m traveling from CA, what do I need to charge my phone and laptop. What kind of adapter/converter do I need for Santorini?

  • Evangelos

    Will be visiting Santorini beginning of August and would like a recommendation for a nice hotel that isn’t expensive on the Caldera side. Will have a car so location isn’t really a factor.

    • PIN

      Hi Vangeli,

      Well…beginning of August and caldera side cannot be very cheap to be honest with you…

      What’s your budget per day per room roughly?

  • Sherif Mohsen

    Hi Guys !!
    Am planning for a visit for Santorini by end of October.. My questions are :

    Is this a good time to enjoy this beautiful island?
    What’s your recommendations for a luxurious place ( could be a villa not important to be hotel ) not extremely expensive?
    Is there any places with a private pool and directly on sea ?


  • Jess

    I’m visiting santorini July 2016 and we will be staying in Fira. Can you please recommend really great luxurious hotels (in terms of near the main strip, great pool, view of caldera would be nice but not essential) at budget prices?
    Also can you please recommend a beautiful restaurant with a view?

  • Jess

    I’m visiting santorini July 2016 and we will be staying in Fira. Can you please recommend really great luxurious hotels (in terms of near the main strip, great pool, view of caldera would be nice but not essential) at budget prices?
    Also can you please recommend a beautiful restaurant with a view?

    • Jess

      We would like to spen no more than 200 euros per night

      • PIN

        Hi Jess,

        In case you haven’t booked your accommodation
        yet, it’s needless to say that luxurious hotels in Santorini and especially in
        July do not have budget prices…You should expect to pay more than 200 euros.
        However, for Fira specifically you can have
        a look here and try all the different options.

        Fira is a great place to stay as it has all the buzz.
        But if you need more seclusive areas you should better try

  • Jess

    We would like to spend no more than 200 euros per night

  • Tana


    I am going to santorini with my husban and our son ( 11 month years old) in the middle of September.

    I was wondering where to stay specially we have a kid with us and what activities we can do?

    Is there a place we can put our kid in and go for a romantic dinner for example?

    Appreciate your help and thank u

  • Rashi Bajaj Aswani

    Great site! Very informative…. Much thanx.
    My husband and I along with our two kids ( one 3 year old n the other 6 months old) are visiting Greece beginning of November this year.
    Could you recommend where v can stay in Oia, a place child friendly and with less steps where a stroller can be used.?
    Also how does one get to Naxos in November? Our the ferries still functional?

  • Ekaterina

    Hi! I’m in Santorini with baby 7 months. I can not find a good store with baby vegetable puree. Tell me, is there a store in or near Perissa? thank!

    • PIN

      Ekaterina, better try Fira !
      You should be able to find something in the supermarket AB !

  • Ruth Roberts

    We are attending a wedding in Santorini in September 2016 2 friends, this is the easy part, we plan 5 nights here. We also want to go to 1 or 2 other Islands nearby Folegandros for 2/3 nights and another one got 2 or 3 nights. We are planning on flying in and out of Santorini. What do you recommend 1 island or 2 and how many nights in each.
    Thank You

    • PIN

      Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for your question.

      Every island is unique and great but considering the fact that your time is limited we’d recommend Mykonos, Naxos or even Milos island if you can. Folegandros is really small and its beaches are very difficult to access.

      So, a good plan for you can be:

      3 nights in Mykonos and 3 nights in Naxos.

      if you want to avoid too much hopping on and off (it can be tiring) , I would suggest you spend 5 days in Mykonos for more buzz or 5 days in Naxos for a more quiet experience.

      Hope that helps!

  • Jony Jimenez

    Hi guys,

    Also, I am going for our honeymoon at the end of march. We are planning to fly into Athens and then go to Santorini.
    I have read much about the weather and I do understand it is by far not the warmest of months. With this in mind, is it still a good idea to visit Santorini? Will it be too cold to go out and walk the town?

    I will look for places to stay clicking on the links below. thanks for your help.


    • PIN

      Hi Jonathan,

      Honeymoon in Santorini?

      What an excellent choice!!

      We’ll be honest with you: March can be one of the coldest
      months in Greece…BUT we are still talking about Greece here.

      Especially if will be visiting at the end of March, the
      weather might be milder.

      You may experience some rain and wind but temperatures can easily
      be around 20 degrees or even higher!

      Even in the coldest days you can still go and wander around
      the towns. You should never worry about that in Greece.

      I cannot remember a day in my life in Greece where we said we
      couldn’t go out because it was too cold.

      If the weather allows it you can even try swimming in the
      sea! So…I wouldn’t really worry about the weather ruining the
      You guys will have an amazing time!

      If you are still looking for accommodation we highly recommend as it is the website that most businesses here on the island use to manage their availability (also by far the most well known site to book any room in Greece).

      Have a great time and send us some pics on our Instagram pages
      while you are there!

      Happy to help if you need anything else!


  • Karrie Kay

    I’m planning a Family vacation in July and I would like to plan a 2 night excursion to santorini. We are all adults and love the beach. Can you recommend a great hotel on a fun beach that we can relax and enjoy the beauty of the island?

    • PIN

      Hi Karrie,

      Hope it’s not too late.

      We’d highly recommend staying in Perissa which the best beach place in SAntorini with a massive beach , super markets, restaurants, cafes and everything else you guys may need.

      It’s perfect for kids and adults too.

      In Perissa there are some really nice family hotels like:

      Anastasia Princess
      Margarenia Studios or
      Stelios Place

      These are all family run business by locals and the owners are very friendly and helpful. Hope it helps!

  • G. Hazzi (Fierce5)

    Hello! I’m planning on going to Santorini around Mid-May this year for our honeymoon. We love the views and would like to stay somewhere but full access to the water and the gorgeous scenery, any suggestions?

    • PIN

      Hi there!

      The drawback with Santorini is that if you get full access
      to the views you are normally far away from the beaches but if you prefer to be
      at a walking distance to the water you should try
      , Perivolos or even Kamari.

      They are all awesome places with huge beaches with crystal
      clear waters!
      You can visit Fira, Firostefani , Imerovigli and Oia for the
      views after you have spent the day on the beach!
      Hope it helps!


  • Jo

    We visited santorini a few years ago and fell in love with the nuts rolled in sesame seeds. Is there anywhere to buy these in the states, and what are they called?

    Thanks, Jo

    • PIN

      Hi Jo,

      I am pretty sure you are talking about these ones.
      I think they ship worldwide!
      It may take a while though but you’ll get the real thing!
      Maybe they work with some shops in US.
      I really don’t know if there is any store selling them in the US but you can try your local Greek grocery store (if there is any…) and ask them. Maybe they will bring them for you.
      But I am pretty sure that the guys at will get back to you if you ask them.
      Hope it helps!

  • sharina shahril

    Hi guys! A group of 5 of us are travelling to Santorini from Athens. We will be taking the Blue Star ferry to Santorini and are thinking of getting the tickets online. However, after reading your post, we might be getting the tickets from the airport. Would the price of the ticket be different if we were to purchase it online and with the ones at the airport?

    Also, for a group of 5 would it be advisable to travel by ATV or should we rent a car in Santorini?

    Thank you!! 🙂

    • PIN

      Hi sharina,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      There is absolutely no difference on the price of the ferry ticket between the online and the airport. It’s going to be the same.
      Regarding the ATVs I would recommend that you rent a car.
      Yes, ATVs can be fun but I believe you’d enjoy it more with a car and it will probably cost you less because you are going to have to rent 3 ATVs for 5 people.
      Also, ATVs are not really the safest…

  • Lorraine

    Hi guys, anxious for your advice. My daughter Is getting married Imerovigli in June, 2016 and we would like help with finding a local restaurant to host our 35 guest the night before the wedding. We are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, good food and would love it to be in walking distance . Also, any ideas where to go for drinks or a lite meal other nights?

    • PIN

      Thanks for stopping by Lorraine.

      That’s a tough one…

      I will try to give you a few options though:

      Try to contact them and see if they can make an arrangement for 35 people.

      For the rest of the nights we have a very good list of our selection here:
      You won’t be disappointed at any of these…

      • Jess

        Hi guys! Thanks for the information! These restaurants look amazing and we will definitely try them while we are there for the wedding (I’m the bride!).

        I also found another place, Taverna Dimitris, where they do a 3 hour set price dinner and dancing show. Have you been? I’m wondering if it will be a fun cultural experience or a cheesy tourist trap?

        Also, since we are getting married through a UK planning company but using a Greek venue and entertainment (DJ, musicians), should we tip everyone? I understand this is more of an American than Greek custom, but was wondering your take.


        • PIN

          To be honest we haven’t been to the Dimitris Taverna but any dance show seems very cheesy and touristic to us…so we strongly advice you guys to avoid that (we are not saying it may not be good though)
          Also, fixed price menus are not the best because they cannot give you the essence of the greek food which is all about variety and sharing…so again…we’d recommend you to stay away from fixed prices menu even though the food itself might be very good.
          It’s always better to order meze and put them on the table for everyone to share.
          Also, tipping is not mandatory in Greece but bear in mind that especially in restaurants you should always leave approx. 10% as a rule of thumb. It’s really up to you if you want to tip the DJ and the musician but again if you tip them you will probably get more from them so…it’s not a bad idea.


    I need your help!!! I am planning to take my GF on a surprise trip to Santorini… last week of March 2016. She is in Germany and I am flying from the USA to Germany and then to Santorini. I am planning to propose to her for marriage on this trip. I have booked all the tickets and got a nice hotel in Imerovigli, but I cant seem to find a nice restaurant which will be open around that time. I have checked the good ones but they all seem to be closed. I want to propose to her on 27th of March and celebrate with a romantic dinner, but I am getting nervous as I don’t have a restaurant booked. Can you help ?

    • PIN

      Hi Nitin,

      Have you tried to call or contact the ones we have in our lists?

      I am pretyy sure almost all of these are open 365 days/year.

      If none of these work then we have 3 different solutions for you but not the very touristic ones:

      1. You can try the Franco’s Café in Pyrgos village. Really seclusive from the other side of the island and it’s on the top of the hill next to a small white church. It’s not on the famous caldera sunsets but in the middle of the island away from the tourist waves , on the top of one of the most picturesque villages of the island. A truly romantic and unique place that she will never forget:

      2. You can also try proposing on a beach. There is a not-well-known beach in Santorini which is called Eros Beach. There is a very nice beach bar restaurant here:

      But it won’t be open probably this time of the year. However, you can still at the benches of the beach bar or walk by the amazing beach. The place is magic. You can propose there and then wander in the streets of Oia or Fira for a nice dinner. She’ll love it. It is really seclusive and unique. Only for you two guys. Imagine that with a bottle of wine and enjoy the place and the views. (see the picture below)

      3. You can also try the Aghios Nikolaos church which is next to Megalochori. This church offers some amazing views and you will probably be all alon. It has some spectacular views of the sunset. Here is a map for you to find it:

      Hope that helps!

  • Penni Anderson

    If an artist/writer were interested in a two to three month stay in Santorini as part of a working sabbatical, where would be the best and most cost effective (reasonably inexpensive) place to start looking for a room with internet access and perhaps some type of library access?

    • PIN

      Your best bet would definitely be Fira.
      Fira is the capital of the isand and the place where you could find almost everything.
      The best library of the island is this one:

      but it has greek books mainly.

      However, Oia is much more artistic and quiet and a bit more seclusive (though very touristic in high season). Oia is full of small shops and independepent bookstores so it does make it a good option too.
      Also, I would suggest that you rent a vehicle since you will be staying for 2-3 months. A scooter would be very convenient and it will allow you to move around the island, do shopping and visit other places of the island (Pyrgos village is really seclusive with unique architecture). It will definitely make you more independent.

  • Kspoyan Lusine

    Hi guys,

    I plan to visit Greece in summer (mid-august) with my friend and I have some questions to you 😉

    First I wonder if we chose the right time be in Greece or it is THE time when there are a lot of tourists.

    We are coming from different cities so we will land in Athens and then will go to Santorini by ferry and then we want to visit Crete and Rhodes. Then return back to Athens. I can’t find how to go to Crete from Santorini and from Crete to Rhodes. Do you have some tips for me?

    Many thanks,

    • PIN

      Hi Lusine,

      Try this:

      Yes…unfortunately mid-August is the heart of high season in Santorini but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the island…:)

  • Virginia Nagenthiran


    I wonder if you can help me please. My other half and I visited the island a couple of years ago and fell in love with it so much, we’re now getting married there in August this year.

    I’m keen to try and keep everything as “local” as possible, and leave the island to do the talking – not like it needs any help to be more amazing! As such, I was keen to try and find somewhere I can buy small bottles of the local, and delicious olive oil that I can give as favours on the day.

    Any thoughts? I’ve seen on another board somewhere that a couple found a lady who lives just off the island in Sifnos, and that she was able to send small bottles to be given out as well as some fresh olive leaves. I love this idea, and wondered if you can help!

    Many thanks,


    • PIN

      Hi Virginia,

      There are hundreds of shops where you can get something like that.
      Not sure if we can help on that from here though…
      It’s better if you ask around while you are on the island.

  • Iván Reinoso

    Hello people I need advice! I wonder if It is possible to arrive in Santorini in August with no accomodation and once there, have a look around to see if we find something cheap. I remember i did it once and i found a family renting rooms and it was so much cheaper than the offers u can get online, but i cant recall if it was hard or not.

    • Nick Ballas

      Hello Ivan, of course you can arrive in the island In August with no accommodation. We are not sure if you will find of course something very cheap, as August is high season in Santorini. If you arrive by ship, in the port of Santorini there are many people offering rooms. Just make sure that you will confirm your stay only after you see the room. Sometimes pictures of a room are different from reality.

  • Sureeta Sen

    Hello! Firstly, I really appreciate the information that has been provided by you in this website. Its extremely detailed and informative. I would like to know if my husband and I can visit santorini and oia in 1st week of November, 2016? As I noticed there are no dates provided in the schedule by the ferries beyond October, 2016.

    Thank you,
    Sureeta Sen

  • mariz

    we are a family of 5 visiting greece for 6 nights. I’m thinking of staying at Mykonos for the 1st 2 nights, July 24-26 and santoriti for the last 3 nights, July 27 to 30, where else can we stay for 1 night? Any hotel recommendations? Some of the hotels you recommended below are not available anymore. PLus kindly recommend on things not to be missed. Thanks!!!

    • Nick Ballas

      Hello Mariz and Family, regarding hotel list in Santorini you can check this link
      For one night we would recommend some islands which are directly connected with Santorini and they are Ios, Naxos, Paros or Milos. Are you travelling by boat and then you will return in Athens? In this way i would recommend you to visit either Naxos or Paros after Santorini and then you are closer to Athens.

  • Marsela Strakosha

    Hello my son is going to visit Santorini on May 16th to 19th. I have several questions so please help me. First he is comming with his friends 5 boys and we were looking on Expedia hotel for a room with 4 beds. Would the hotels there allow all 5 to stay in one room or they have stricked policy. They looked at Fira if they stay is there a beach that they can go to. If they stay in Perisa can they visit Fira i was reading that there are busses that take you around the island. Do you know until what time the busses work at night. The boys are 20 years old all of them and i was looking for Fira because they will want to go at the night clubs and at least i will be ok knowing they can walk at the hotel. My last question is where can i look online for ferry if they want to go to Mykono after Santorini. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Christa Bee

    Hi! My husband and I are in the process of booking our Honeymoon. We’re cruising from Rome to Athens and then I’d like to stay in Santorini a few nights at the end of July/August. I fell in love with the idea of an infinity pool overlooking the island. I came across Astarte Suites that has a room with a private infinity pool indoor couples Jacuzzi and private panoramic terrace with sea/caldera/volcano view. It is very pricey so I was wondering if you know of any other hotels that have an infinity pool at a less expensive rate or if Astarte Suites is that amazing that we should just suck it up! Thank you!!

  • DonnaR

    Currently in Perisa 29/05/2016, where could we reach with a small car out of way places to capture picturesque aerial video footage using Eurpean commercial authorised pilot footage? Thinking coves or secluded spots or even luxury that’s not going to be over run with people?

    • PIN

      Hi there,

      Try the Eros beach , Vluchada beach, Pyrgos village or the top of the island: Profitis Ilias monastery!

  • Hannah Judah

    Quick question – I’m coming with a group of 6 in a few weeks, and we’d like a chef to come to our villa and cook dinner – do you have any recommendations?

  • Fadi Rebeiz

    Need Help choosing a hotel. Hi Guys, I am so glad I found somebody to ask. Looking for a hotel for a couple who is visiting from July 25-29. They want something close to restaurants and action but also a nice view. I was thinking of Imerovigli
    , Fira,Olia. They want a nice big pool and rooms that are not really small. So they want to hang out during the day on a nice pool, have some luxury, and have clean, not too small rooms with a view. I saw Galaxy Suites, Chromata and a few others but people keep saying in the reviews not to believe the photos you see on the web. I really don’t want to make a mistake but also don’t want to break the bank. From 250 Euro to 350 Euro max/night. Pleeeeeeese Help 🙂

  • kavya manjunath

    Hi. Me and my husband are planning to visit santorini in July end or August first week. Planning to stay for 3 days in santorini. Was looking in airbnb for accommodation. Please suggest some cheap hotels or rental homes to stay in santorino.

  • kavya manjunath

    And should I book ferry from Athens to santorini in advance ?

    • PIN

      No need! You can book them in the Athens Airport when you arrive in Athens.
      Ask in the info for the Travel Agencies that are in the airport.

  • Josh


    I am going to Santorini in the middle of July for 2 weeks, and I am wondering how much spending money I will need.
    Can anyone give a rough guide to the cost of things out there? We have a Villa booked so basic foods, beer – and the cost of eating out?


    • PIN

      Hi there,
      July is high season and things always tend to be more expensive in general (market rulez….)

      For groceries and supermarket Greece is not an expensive country (for non-Greeks…).

      One of the largest super markets in Greece (and in Santorini too) is AB Vasilopoulos.

      To get an idea of how much things cost click here on their online shop:

      The product descriptions are in Greek but you will get a rough idea (from the pictures) of how much you should expect to spend on groceries.

      I believe that for 2 persons (and depending on what you buy obviously) you don’t need to spend more than 15 euros/person/day for groceries…(and that includes food that you will prepare by yourself and other consumable)

      Obviously if you drink champagne at your breakfast every day you should expect to spend more… 🙂

      Eating out prices also vary a lot because the places/restaurant with a view of the volcano in Oia are super expensive (I believe minimum 50euros per person…depending on what you order as well).

      There are also some other tavernas/restaurant with less luxurious surroundings where you could probably eatwith about 25-30 per person but again it depends.

      But that’s a rough guide.

      Drinking out is not very cheap though.

      You should expect to pay minimum 12euros per cocktail (in many cases 15-20 euros) in some more exclusive places (e.g. Franco’s at Fira) but beers would be anything between 5-10 euros

      Hope that helps!

  • sarahoped

    Hi! I booked the Vedema hotel on Starwood points for 2 nights in early September. I don’t see a mention of that hotel anywhere here – is it worth it to stay there or should we pay for a hotel somewhere else? Thanks for your help!!

    • PIN

      Not an issue at all!
      These are just some of our recommendation which may not be for every pocket to be honest.

      That’s why we are preparing a list with the best budget hotels in Santorini.

      Vedema Hotel is absolutely amazing.
      The only issue is that it’s not actually in one of the largest towns but it’s in Megalochori so you need some sort of transport means for you to visit Fira or Oia or Pyrgos.
      But you can always take the bus.

      You’ll have an amazing time anywhere on the island and most hotels in Santorini are of a very high standard anyways.

      Megalochori village is also one the most picturesque places not only of Santorini but of the whole Greece!

      Another benefit is also that you are much closer to the Perissa/Perivolos beach which is the largest beach of the island and if you feel adventurous you can even walk to the beach (it’s about 1hr walking distance).

      Options are endless!

  • mar


    Need your advise, THIS July, after Mykonos, we are going to Santotini by ferry. I’m thinking of stopping at Naxos for 2 hours then ride the blue star ferry to Santorini. Is that advisable or is it better to just ride a fast ferry straight to Santorini?
    I’m worried about our luggages if we do stop in Naxos, is it safe to put it in a locker? I heard you can rent one.
    What is there to do in Naxos for 2 hours?
    Kindly advise. Thanks!

    • PIN

      Hi mar,
      Good to have you here!
      I would not recommend doing that as it’s really not worth it for the trouble.
      I have to say that Naxos main town and port is not that fascinating (compared to Santorini’s towns of course). It’s still super beautiful and picturesque but in our opinion the real beauty of Naxos is in the mainland of the island and the great beaches. Bear in mind that it is a pretty big island as well, so hopping on and off for only 2 hours is not worth it in our opinion.
      Also, you have to pay again for a ferry ticket to Santorini and it’s almost the same price as if you have taken the ferry from Athens…
      Hope that helps!

      • Mar


        We will be riding the ferry from Mykonos to Santorini this end of July,What is the difference between Champion Jet 1 and 2. Which is more advisable if we are afraid of seasickness? Do we book economy only? are there reserved seats?


        • PIN

          Ther eis really no difference between Champion jet 1 and 2. There is no need to worry about seasickness really… And yes, you will have reserved numbered seats but you only stay inside!

          • Mar

            what is the difference between club class and economy class? How will I know if i booked reserved seats?

          • PIN

            All seats are reserved on the jets. No one is standing in there. I am not sure but the more expensive tickets are probably for the ones sitting at the front ( really not sure though)… You can contact the ferry company!

  • Mary Robertson

    Love the Secrets, thanks! We’ll be on Santorini Sept 20-23, staying at Rocca Bella. Can you suggest a phone app for Santorini that includes maps and other travel info, to have at hand when offline?

    • PIN

      Hi Mary!
      Glad we can help!
      Unfortunely there is no app at the moment (that we are aware of at least…) but we are preparing something that can be viewed online for you guys to take while on the island. Hopefully it will be out very soon!

  • Mallorie Miller

    Is the Santorini Airport closed any time of the year? My Fiance and I are wanting to fly in at the end of November.

    • PIN

      Hi Mallorie!
      Absolutely not!
      It’s open all year.
      Where are you glying from?
      Are you going through Athens?

  • Rob Willingham

    Hi guys!

    We are staying in Santorini late august for 3 days before moving onto Mykonos! Can you recommend the best way to get to Mykonos from Santorini?

    Thank you


  • sawsan

    hello guys..

    id love to hear your advice on the below as I’m too overwhelmed..

    were thinking of visiting greece end of september..our first stop is santorini now the question is should we go to mykonos or just jump to one of the ionian islands?

    if you suggest doing the 3 we could divide our time accordingly.

    were a young couple that love the beach and exploring.

    thank you

    • PIN

      Hi there,
      Ioanian are literally on the other side of Greece and eventhough they are magnificent I do not recommend doing both at the same time as you will lose too much time on transportation.
      It’s much better if you focus on the Cyclades islands better and then your second time in Greece you can focus on the Ioanian islands which are a different asventure.
      So, you should better visit Mykonos, Santorini and one more island (Naxos, Ios , Paros or Milos) if you have the time.
      Try to spend at least half of your time in Santorini though.


  • Mary Robertson

    Thank you, once again, for The Secrets. Anafi sounds a perfect day trip from Santorini. But I can’t find a one-day round trip ferry schedule Thira-Anafi. Do you know of any? Our overnights are already booked for Santorini Sept 20-23.

    • PIN

      I am afraid there is no option for a day trip to Anafi as the demand is pretty low for such a trip and usually in September there are even less feries between the islands. Anafi is a really small island. Why don’t you try to spend the night there? It’s woth it!

      • Mary Robertson

        Thank you for quick reply. i will remember that for next time. We’ve already booked and paid our 3 nights on Santorini. But how about a day trip by boat to the Caldera? Do you recommend that?

        • PIN

          Sure!! That’s highly recommended and there are many tour operators who do that. Pop into anytravel agency in Oia or at Fira and they will tell you all the available options as there are many different packages you can choose from.

  • Nancy Rodriguez Castro

    Hi! We will be there in May. I noticed that the sea temp will be cold. Do people wear some kind of wet suit when it’s cold, or are they used to it? We would like to enjoy the ocean, but don’t want to look ridiculous either. LOL

    • PIN

      Hi Nancy,
      There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of the water temperature.
      It’s the mediterranean after all!
      Also, bear in mind that it is not an ocean but a realitively closed sea.
      Cold and hot are relative terms.
      When you see people saying that the sea water might be cold , they are not talking about Norway or Siberia cold.
      There is absolutely no reason to wear any protective clothes…

  • Roger devitt

    hey guys
    I’m coming to a tiring next week to celebrate with my wife our 25th wedding anniversary and our 50th birthdays
    we are staying at Agali house and are looking for a restaurant close as we get in late

    • PIN

      Hi Roger,
      Santorini is the best to celebrate anniversaries!
      Agali House is at Firostefani so your best bet would be to walk to Fira and you will find hundreds of restaurants to choose from at any time.
      Fira is the capital and in August everything is open almost till very late.
      That’s a general rule for Greece actually: restaurants do not close before midnight. They stay open till 2-3am so don’t worry about that.
      You will even find places to grab a bite after 3am too!

      • Roger devitt

        thank you. we are counting the hours until we leave. can you suggest a car rental at the airport also

  • Joy Sto. Domingo

    I am planning to visit Santorini in March. I was able to find flights from Rome to Santorini on March 31st, but I’m looking to go one day earlier, March 30th. Do more flights open up from Rome to Santorini later on? Am I just to early to see flight options from smaller airlines like Aegean and Olympic ? Or are flights from Rome to Santorini in March hard to find?
    Appreciate your help!

    • PIN

      Hi Jo,

      It is possible that some more flights will open but we really cannot guarantee anything…
      Normally you can always book your flights 7-8 months in advance so you’d better wait a month or so to be sure.

      • Joy Sto. Domingo

        Thanks for the response! Will check again in a few months 🙂

  • Haley Barnes

    Hi, I need your help! My husband and I are traveling with our 1.5 year old next month. We are having a hard time finding a great place to stay that allows children. An infinity pool is a must! It is our first time to Greece 🙂

    • PIN

      Hey Haley, I really hope it’s not too late…
      Have you found anything?

  • Haley Barnes

    Hi! I am wondering if you have any advice where to stay with a 1 1/2 year old. He would love a swimming pool and semi near a beach or shops. My husband and I would like an infinity pool and semi luxurious! We are thinking of staying at San Antonio Hotel Imerovigli but worried about the stroller.. It is only a 7 lb stroller so we can easily take it up and down stairs but are there any straight paths?

    Also, if we stayed there I saw on here you said you can go to the red sand beach by boat.. could we do that from imerovigli? Thank you!!!!

    • PIN

      Hi there,

      San Antonio Hotel is a really great choice!

      Awesome place and amazing service and people.

      I don’t think you will have any issues with the stroller. There are some straight paths but there are some stairs too. For advise you can actually contact San Antonio directly. I am sure they will help you.

      Imerovigli is up the hill so there is no direct connection to the sea. It’s just the pools from the hotels.

      I would advise you though to rent a car for a couple of days and visit the beaches of the island. I wouldn’t recommend the Red Beach as it is probably the most difficult to access.

      I would highly recommend visiting Perissa/Perivolos beaches and Kamari beach as these two are the most family friendly beaches and you are all going to enjoy spending a day there. There are plenty of eating and drinking options, easy flat access, really wide beaches with sun-beds and umbrellas. Basically all the amenities you may want if you have a kid.
      Red beach is really not the best beach for you guys to visit…(even by accessing it with a boat from the beach). You can actually visit it by car and take a couple of pictures from a distance (500m) but it won’t be easy to actually get there because there is a pretty rocky path.

      But Perissa/Perivolos and Kamari beaches is a must for you guys!!
      You are going to have an awesome time! You can even go by taxi to ma ke it easier but if you guys have your own car I imagine it would be more practical. Parking is not an issue at the beaches but it might be an issue at Imerovigli so you have to ask your hotel for that becasue it depends on the locaiton.

      Also, I would suggest not visiting in August becasue it’s super busy…

      Hope that helps!

  • Corinne

    Hi Nikos and Pavlos!

    My dad, uncle and I will be visiting Greece the first week of October and are planning a few days in Santorini and then Paros (or before, not sure!). Do you have good suggestions for transportation between Paros and Santorini? I saw some high-speed boat and longer ferry options but not sure what will be best, fastest and available during the month of October.

    Many thanks!

  • Faraz Makhani

    Hey Guys !
    So we are planning our honeymoon at Santorini towards the end of Feb 2017 ! (Delaying it is not an option). Just wanted to check what should we be prepared for ? And also whether it would make more sense to stay at an AIRBNB location or a proper hotel ? Hotel suggestions would be really helpful !
    Thanks in advance.

    Faraz Makhani

    • PIN

      Hi Faraz,
      We’ll tell you the truth:
      February is probably the coldest month in Greece and even in Santorini but that doesn’t mean you will see snow and heavy rains… It will probably be sunny and around 5-10 degrees but it could possibly be even higher than that 14-16 degrees and sunny which is pretty pleasant anyways.

      Obviously in February you will have limited options in terms of places to stay but I would probably suggest you stick to a hotel durning that period becasue you will get a standard service. If the Hotel is open in February then it’s going to be great. Because, not many Airbnb owners libe in the island in the winter and you may get less options and finally compromise with something you may not like. I would suggest you have a thorough look on Booking and see what’s available on February.
      As many places won’t be that busy in February I would suggest you stay at Fira which is the capital and it’s always busy anyways. Even out of season.
      Hope that helps!

  • Mary Robertson

    HI guys thank you again for the Secrets. We arrived today by ferry which was a pleasant trip. The bus experience at Fira station was awful. Mobs of people, busses not marked for destination, people running like poor herds hoping to get the right bus only to have mean drivers shouting and pushing them away. We waited over an hour for an Oia bus to get to our Imerovagli hotel on the route, bus was going to shut the door on us with our suitcases already loaded until I had to grab the big crude bus barker and tell him not to leave us behind our suitcases. He let us on, packed like sardines. We are told drivers and taxis can be 20 euros per trip. Dread to go back to Fira for a bus to get to the beaches and/or Pyrgos. What are our options? And what is the easest time to get a bus to Oia? We are at the Rocca Bella. I’ve been here before, in 2000, same hotel, and experienced nothing like we had today. Thank you for your help.
    Mary (subscriber)

    • PIN

      Hi Mary,
      It really doesn’t sound like a good experience….
      Really sorry to hear that.
      I trully believe that the best way to experience Santorini is to rent your own vehicle. You are much more flexible, you don’t waste time waiting for a bus and generally a much more pleasant experience.
      Yes, you do pay more money but I really believe it’s worth it for the days you want to go to Oia or somewhere further.
      Now… to answer your question: there are very frequent buses to Oia from Fira and here you can see the timetable:

      However, there might be some deviations from that especially on the busy summer months…and because it’s Greece (I know… stupid excuse but we Greeks see “time” differently…).

      I would expect the buses to Oia to be super busy during the sunset times (before and after) so you may want to avoid that.

      Hope that helps!

      • Mary Robertson

        Thanks for a very good Secret! We will rent a car.
        Today we took busses to visit Oia and Pygos in the daytime. Long waits, the schedules are highly unpredictable. With the car tomorrow we will explore Santorini.

        • PIN

          Hope u guys enjoyed the roadtrip!

  • John

    I’m flying to Santorini for my honeymoon in two weeks and your site has been a tremendous resource! On my returning flight to the US, my fiancée and I are flying Aegean Air into Athens to catch an international flight home to the US. We have a two hour layover before jumping on an American Airlines flight. Is two hours enough time to go through baggage claim for checked bag, and re-enter security to make it in time for boarding? The flights are scheduled for Saturday morning. Is that a busy time? Thanks!

    • PIN

      Hi John,
      Unless there is a delay on your flight to Athens there is absolutely no reason to worry about with 2 hours layover.
      It’s more than enough for tge Athens airports which is relatively small compared to other European airports.
      There is only one terminal and the walking distances are really not that big inside the airport.Even for the longest distance wothin the airport you don’t need more than 7-8 mins to reach your gate.
      However, if your flight from Santorini is delayed for whatever reason you may need to run!! 🙂

  • hr jackinpile

    Hi Pin, just planing to went Santorini in 2017 but not sure which month is best for travel. I’m travel from Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, can you provide some idea please?

    • PIN

      Hi there!
      The best months would literally be: May,September, June, October . In that exact order.
      The reasons for that is that July and August are super busy and the any month after October and before May is possibly too cold for you to enjoy the beach and also the island slows down a lot (many hotels also are closing down for the winter…)

      You can check the hotels availability and prices on Booking,com which probably has the best options for the island.

      If you type in your dates you will figure out the best cost effective option for you.

      But May and September are probably the best for Santorini.

      Weather is always between 20-30 degrees and 99% of the time sunny!

      All the restaurants, bars and hotels are open, the sea waters are relatively warm for you to enjoy and the island is not very crowded and busy as it is in the middle of the summer with all the cruise ships and the millions of tourists! October is still nice in my opinion for the same reasons!

      • hr jackinpile

        Thanks for reply Pin..will keep ur advice in my mind…but for the air ticket is abit difficult for me to booking…coz i’m not sure the flight reach Athens, and then from there izit we need to catch up the time properly to Santorini?

        • PIN

          There are flights from Athens to Santorini throughout the whole year so it shouldn’t be an issue! You can fly to Santorini any time of the year. You may have to spend 1 day in Athens. This is what most people do so you’ll get a chance to see Athens as well.

  • Carson

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying to plan a trip to Greece as part of my honeymoon. We will be traveling in either October 2017 or the Spring of 2018. I really want to be able to treat my new wife to everything under the sun, but my wallet says otherwise and I have a few questions.
    -Can you recommend any good hotels that have the private pools/Jacuzzi’s that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?
    -How many days would you suggest we need for Santorini?
    -Are there many good beaches where we can actually swim in? Or are they too rocky?
    Thanks guys!

    • PIN

      Hi Carson,

      First of all…Santorini is the ultimate honeymoon destination! So…congrats for your choice! 🙂

      Second, October is possibly one of the best periods to visit Santorini as it won’t be too crowded but still the weather would be nice. May or September would also be good options.

      So…to reply to your questions:

      Here are some very good options for hotels that won’t break the bank:

      Above Blue Suites

      Aisling Micro Hotel

      Aerino Villa

      Sunset Hotel

      Irida Hotel

      Whitedeck Santorini

      Caldera’s Majesty

      Dreaming View Suites

      These are all exceptional hotels with amazing views, private jacuzzi’s and great service. Most of them are at Imerovigli which the best place to stay in Santorini becasue it is far away from the very touristic Oia and it can offer a very seclusive experience for you guys. It’s ideal for honeymoons!

      Regarding on how many days you need to spend in Santorini, you need to stay at least 5 nights as the island has so many to offer, see and do. Ideally stay for a whole week if you can!

      There are many beaches in Santorini that you can swim and the waters are the most crystal clear waters you will ever find!

      We have a post with the 4 beaches of Santorini you definitely have to visit:

      The beaches are not rocky but they mainly have a black volcanic sand which is great!

      Hope that helped!

  • Arvind Bhaskaran

    Hi, my wife and I are planning to visit Santorini for 3 days in December. We wished to come to Santorini from Mykonos, but I believe there are no direct ferries from Mykonos to Santorini in December. Is there a way to reach Santorini from Mykonos other than via Athens in December. Are connections available from other islands (e.g Paros, Naxos etc)?

    • PIN

      Hi there,
      Unfortunately there are no available ferries or flights between Mykonos and Santorini in December.
      But why don’t you try to go to Naxos instead?
      The Blue Star Ferry ( that goes to Santorini in December, it also goes to Naxos first.
      To be honest with December is very out of season but if that’s your only choice then you can literally visit Naxos which will be much more “alive” in December instead of Mykonos because it’s a bigger island with more local population.

  • sue

    Hi guys, love your website. Looking to travel to Greek islands in sept 17 and planning on going to Santorini (4 nights?) and another island not too far away. However having read your site it looks like there is heaps to do on Sant. Would you recommend using Sant as a base (say 7 nights) and just doing day trips to the other islands or would you still recommend staying on another island for a few nights. If so which one would you recommend to see a diff side of the Greek islands ? (not Mykonos though as we are young 50 year olds who aren’t really interested in raging every night). Maybe Naxos? We love sight seeing, beaches and all other activities though, oh and good vibe restaurants are a must!
    Also would you recommend staying in Pyrgos or just going there to visit and staying somewhere like Firostefani instead?
    Thanks again for your imformative website.


    • PIN

      Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      I’d highly recommend that you stay at least 4 nights in Santorini ( make them 5 if possible!) because there are so many things to do and see.
      However, if 7 days in total is all you have, I suggest you just visit 1 more island and stay there for 1-2 nights and then get back to Santorini for your flight back.
      Island hoping is not that easy as it sounds because you have to take a 3hr ferry (which might be a bumpy ride sometimes) and then 3 more hours to come back to your base (eg Santorini) only spending 5-7 actually on the island itself.
      So… I also believe Naxos would be the best option for you guys! It’s got everything. Amazing food, sandy huge beaches (completely different from the black pebbles of Santorini’s beaches) and it’s about 2-3 hours with a ferry from Santorini. It also has some cute mountain villages (completely different than any other greek island) and it’s rich in history and archaeology sightseeing.
      I believe you should stay 2 nights in Naxos to get a good taste of it.
      Hope that helps!

      • sue

        Thanks heaps Paul for your quick reply. Do you have any comments on staying in pyrgos? I just saw a good deal on a place there called zannos melathron but it was only 3 nights and I don’t want to stay there if it’s too out of the way.

        • PIN

          Zannos Melathron is really good! Excellent choice!
          But I would stay at a place where you get the amazing volcano and caldera views.
          These places are:

          Firostefani and Imerovigli

          Zannos Melathron has some amazing views but it’s better if you are at the edge of the cliff in my opinion (at Firostefani or Imerovigli).

          Pyrgos is great for visiting and spending a morning there but I wouldn’t necessarily stay there.
          It’s a really picturesque and beautiful village/town though.
          There is a great cafe on the top of the hill called Franco’s Cafe that gou have to visit. The views from there are amazing!

          And some of the best restaurants of the island are also in Pyrgos like “Metaxy mas” restaurant.

          • sue

            Thanks again Paul you confirmed what I thought about firostefani. We had friends stay at Dana villas and they look pretty good.
            Quick question about the islands, would you prefer Naxos over folegandros? That place looks amazing! And also you don’t mention Paros is that not accessible from sant?

          • PIN

            No worries Sue!
            Paros is also a good option and there is a ferry that goes from santorini to Paros (the same that goes to Naxos).

            I’d prefer Naxos every time to be honest (forget Folegandros…difficult access to beaches and only a small cute town… it’s a small and rocky island to be honest)

            In Naxos you have so many more things to do, places to eat, beaches to enjoy and sightseeing!

            Paros is also lovely with some amazing beaches too but nothing that you won’t find (probably at a greater scale with more option) in Naxos.

          • sue

            Hi again guys just wondering if you can clarify the accomodation on the Santorini cliff for me. It’s a bit hard to get the gist of things via the web. We’ve been looking at dana villas in firostefani which have great reviews but a friend said its not at the top of the cliff. Would you recommend staying higher up although we don’t want to pay exhorbatant prices! The reviews and photos and price look really good for these villas. Your thoughts?
            Thx sue
            Btw we’ve decided on Naxos and are going to do 5 in sant and 3 n in Naxos ?

          • PIN

            Hi Sue,
            No problem at all!
            Dana’villa is at Firostefani and it is on the top of the cliff with an amazing pool overlooking the volcano and the caldera.
            You won’t get better views than that and there is nothing that is higher up on the cliff.

            Not sure what your friend means but Dana’s is on the edge of the cliff.

            You can also book their private jacuzzi/pool suite if you can afford it. That’ll be awesome…

  • Chau Lawrence (Come HK)

    Which restaurants and which chapel with the blue domes are the best places for marriage proposal?

  • Lynne

    Hi! My husband and I are planning on staying in imerovigli for a week in July.
    Between these hotels, which do u suggest:

    Andromeda Villas
    Sophia suites
    Thalia resort

    Thank u very much!!

    • PIN

      Hi Lynne,

      If this is the Sophia Suites you are talking about then I would go for it every time…!

      Next up, I would also suggest Afroessa

      You can’t go wrong with any of these two.

  • Sheri

    HI! We are going to Greece from March 10-19, 2017. We are spending the first 3 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Santorini and 2 nights in Naxos. I want to make the most of our time. Would it be better to go to Naxos first or Santorini first after Athens? I’m thinking of taking the ferry from Athens to the first island, taking a ferry between the islands, and then flying back to Athens. Can you take a ferry from Naxos to Santorini if I go to Naxos first? Any ideas on what to do on the islands during March/ THANKS!

  • louis

    Mingalarpar..! ( means “hello” or “hi” ) 🙂

    I am planning to visit Santorini in May(2nd week) this year 2017.I come from Myanmar(burma).(Currently i living in Singapore).I checked all and understood the place to be built in a bit remote location, out of the busy city life. Also, the distance from the various beeches and the tourist spots is ideal for traveling.
    I would like to know the travel info because i will come private tour without Agent (Solo Traveler).
    Could you give me good points.?

    Example: Hotels(budget), what things To Do & etc….
    I’m still hoping your good suggestion.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  • Chris

    Hi, we are planning Santorini for our honeymoon in August. Currently, we are looking at Anteliz Suites with a private pool, but we are wondering if you have any suggestions close to Fira/Imerovigli with pool/tubs that are nicer or better for the pirce, or is Anteliz a good way to go? Thanks for the help!

    • PIN

      Hi there,

      You really cannot go wrong with Anteliz Suites but I would also have a look at Andromeda Villas , Aqua Luxury Suites and Aqua Mare Luxury which are all at Imerovigli .

      As a general advice, I would totally avoid August completely because it’s super crowded. Try to go in September or June, July if possible.

      Also, (especially for a honeymoon) try to avoid Fira because it’s super crowded and busy (in August). I would go 1000 times for Imerovigli where you’d feel more seclusive and private.

      Hope that helps!

  • Adrian Baldwin

    Hello there…great site!

    We are coming early May 2017 (2-8th. Honeymoon Winemaker Suite @ Ikies), and while I’m encouraged to see you keep mentioning May as a preferred or even favorite month and water being warm enough to swim…I keep reading pretty much the opposite elsewhere with regards to the water and weather. Just looking for a little clarification on that…I assume it will be cool, but you are saying it can still be pleasant to swim?

    If not, I assume tanning/beach/balcony are still nice for sunbathing in May assuming it’s a Sunny day?



    • PIN

      Hi Adrian,

      Temperature is a relative thing.

      If you send an Eskimo in Santorini in January it will be the warmest days of his life.
      If you send an Arab in June he may feel a bit cold.
      Hope you get the point I am trying to make here…:)

      In May you are going to get 20-30C and sunny every day in Santorini.
      Even in the early weeks of May you are going to get awesome sunny weather.

      Yes, the sea won’t be as warm as it is in August or July but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to swim.

      I am greek and as far as I remember myself, my first swim of the year was always in May in different places in Greece (including the islands).

      May is the month that everyone starts going to the sea in Greece.

      Honestly…you have to give it a try and see if it is for you or not.

      But even so, you would still be able to sunbathe at your terrace/balcony and swim in your pool anyways.
      Nothing to worry about.

  • Tony Green

    HI, I’ve been trying to contact you but this appears to be the only way. I have subscribed to your newsletter this morning so I should be easy for you to identify. I have a proposition for you that I cannot put here so please find me and send me an email address as info@ santorinisecrets doesn’t accept incoming mail.

  • Roz Bora

    HI Pavlos, Great site thanks for putting this together and spending time helping people..

    I am having hell of a time deciding between Imerovigli & Oia. I am just not finding the answers really as the location is actually exact same for our 4 night stay in September in terms of the itinerary, please help! 🙂 thank you so much … let me explain the battle here:

    DAY 1 – ARRIVAL – same for both towns
    = arriving 5pm-ish/Check in by 6pm-ish/ Unpack-relax by pool with drinks/dinner@hotel or area

    = 11am walk out (Imero or Oia bound)/1pm explore village/3pm late lunch/4pm taxi@$25 back to hotel/POOL TIME/dinner & party in FIRA ((add taxi@$50 if staying in Oia))

    DAY 3 – ATV RENTAL same for both towns
    = 11am get ATV delivery to hotel, head out & explore beaches/back by 5pm/POOL TIME with sunset/dinner@hotel or close by

    = 9am leave hotel/10am Catamaran for 5hrs/4pm return to hotel/POOL TIME/taxi@$25 to the other Village for dinner with sunset /taxi@$25 back to hotel

    We have 3 half day activities + afternoon pool/relax time. So hotel with views are important because we will spend some time hanging there. 180 degrees views would be what I am after: when you look one way you see the rocky caldera and when you look another way you see hill side white houses. We are young-ish at heart, no kids. Still love some action around the hotel but no over the top – some kind of people watch there when relaxing would be great.

    Here are my choices:
    OIA- Secrets or Kirini
    Imerovigli – Astra or Chromata

    Please help to shed some light given the equal activity vs. location balance. Thank you so much again for this awesome resource!!!!!!

    • PIN

      Hi Roz,

      Many thanks for your kind words.

      Ok…let’s see the options here.

      Usually I do recommend to people to stay at Imerovigli because (especially in September) it feels more seclusive than Oia.
      Oia is packed of people every day after 3-4pm till 8-9pm every day due to crowds going to see the sunset. When I am saying crowds I mean C-R-O-W-D-S ( just read that…).

      But still it is an awesome experience anyways.

      So, I do recommend staying at Imerovigli for you guys.

      Both Astra Suites and Chromata are excellent choices but I would choose Chromata every time because of its slightly more luxurius feeling to it.

      So, if you stay at Imerovigli you can even walk to Fira which is the capital and where you’ll probably go out for a drink . It’s also the place where all the buzz and the shopping is with great options for restaurants. So…no need for a taxi to go to Fira and back.

      However, you certainly have to visit Oia (possibly on Day 2 – with a taxi because…it’s Oia! You have to see the sunset from there anyways!

      Of course this doesn’t mean that the other 2 hotels that you mentioned are not good. Both Kirini and Secret are awesome!

      A few more advices for you guys:

      – Try to fit a visit to a winery within those days ( here is the biggest list of all the wineries in Santorini but since you won’t have much time just visit Santo Wines winery – the first one on the list)

      – Even Though ATVs sound fun (and they are) I am not usually recommending them for July, August and September as they can be pretty dangerous because thousands of people ride ATVs during those weeks in Santorini. I am always renting a car but it’s really up to you 🙂

      So…Imerovigli it is!!
      Hope that helped!!

      You’ll have a great time no matter where you stay… 🙂


    • Roz Bora

      Pavlos! thank you for the speedy reply, feels like I can breath now 🙂 Yes we should add the Santos winery, most likely on our car rental day. Seems like any other day we would be rushed. We are also coming from 4nights in Mykonos. Do you think we should do 3 nights Mykonos and 5 nights Santorini? So much to see, so little time … Thanks again.

      • PIN

        Absolutely Roz!
        Go for 3 nights in Mykonos and 5 in Santorini.
        Mykonos is not that diverse to be honest.
        It’s basically awesome sandy beaches and great nightlife and restaurants (nothing wrong with that though… 🙂 )
        It has only one major nice city (Mykonos City) and really nice sandy beaches all over the island. But…that’s it…

        On the other hand you will be able to see and do more in Santorini.

        If you want to read more on How Many days you want in Santorini read my post that I wrote a few days ago:

        It will help you decide but as you would read my advice is : 5 days Santorini!

  • Gladys Seidel

    Hello my name is Gladys and am coming to Santorini on the 1st july until 19th July iam coming for my boyfriend birthday and our anniversary is only 1year but still something i just have a quick question we want something relaxing and romantic but also close to food shops and restaurants we have looked at oia and fira i am saying oia my boyfriend says fira please can you help thx and also how does the transport work to get out and about and how much euros roughly would we need for 3 weeks for a young couple under 30yrs thank you

    • PIN

      Hi Gladys,
      Thanks for stopping by 😉
      Ok…first things first.
      July is the most expensive and one of the busiest months of the year for Santorini.
      In order to help you out I really need some more information.
      Santorini is an expensive island and for 3 weeks obviously the cost will be even higher…
      What’s the maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for a hotel per night…?
      Also, location-wise I would recommend Firostefani as it is close to Fira (20mins walking distance) but it feel spretty seclusive and private with some of the best hotels of the island.
      My other advice is for you guys to rent a car.
      You do need it in Santorini.
      If you cannot afford it for 3 weeks then definitely for a few days as it will give you the flexibility to move around easily and explore the island even better. Buses can be super crowded and unreliable.
      And you will waste too much time waiting for them.

      • Gladys Seidel

        Thank you for your respond the mi

        • PIN

          No problem Gladys.
          Ok…so I understand 1000 euros in total for 18 nights or so…
          That’s a tough call for Santorini, as you will be looking for about 50-60 euros per night/room, if I am correct…
          Unfortunately, I have to say that it’s nearly impossible to find such a place with nice caldera (volcano) views in July because the hotels with the views cost much more (3 digits per room).
          What I do recommend for you guys is to stay closer to one of the beaches (Perissa/Perivolos mainly) as there are cheaper hotels for you on that area.

          For example: Iliada Hotel in Perivolos

          But these are some other (slightly more expensive options at Fira (now that you told me your budget I believe it’s impossible to find a room for you guys in Oia or Firostefani in July…).

          You can try these very decent options at Fira also: Golden Star, Villa Soula, Blue Sky Villa .

          Regarding the rose…I am pretty sure if you ask your hotel they would be able to do something for you 🙂

          • Gladys Seidel

            Thank you very much no i think you misunderstood me the hotel is been paid we were thinking of spending money to be 1000 euros .Also roughly ???food prices and transport prices such as car etc last question thank you very much sorry about that

  • idratherbehiking

    Hi. I just planned our trip to Greece in April (12-16)! We plan to be in Santorini during Holy Week/Easter. Will we be able to get food and alcohol in the restaurants during this time? Will the cafes have open air seating? Also my daughter is really hoping for at least a day of sunbathing. Should we keep our hopes up and pack the bikinis? I heard it might be a little warmer in Crete. Should we plan a day trip there?

    • PIN

      Hi there!
      Most of the places will be open as usual and you won’t have absolutely any issues on finding food and alcohol.
      It’s not that strict at all.
      To be honest the beach places (beach bars and beach restaurants at Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari) open in May but most of the cafes and restaurants will definitely be open at Fira and Oia, so you won’t have any issues at all.

      Regarding the temperature you can expect anything between 15-22 C degrees and sunny (unless you are really unlucky…).
      But I won’t lie to you: the sea water will be pretty cold to swim in, but it really depends on you to be honest if you want to try it.
      I am greek and I have never swam in April in Greece.
      Most people start swimming in May to be honest.

      However, sunbathing might be ok, but again it’s a relative thing depending on what temperatures you are used to.
      20 C degrees and sunny is an Eskimo’s best summer ever but it’s also a very bad winter for a Sahara Bedouin… 🙂
      Joking aside I believe that you should pack your bikinis anyways!

      As for Crete, the temperature won’t be that different to be honest in April.

      And also bear in mind that Crete is a pretty big island and I do not recommend people visiting it for day trips as you won’t feel being on an island at all. It feels more like mainland and you definitely need a car. In general, you need many days for Crete.

      If you really want to go on a daytrip here are 5 greek islands near Santorini to choose from (I highly recommend Ios for example – less than an hour ferry from Santorini)

      But I would say you’d better focus in Santorini this time and if sunbathing is your main goal then I believe you might be ok.

  • Karen

    We are a family of five who would like to visit the islands around Santorini this summer and stay on various islands if possible. Is it best to fly to Santorini and then make our way onwards, possibly to Naxos and another island. Some help in routes in and out would be greatly appreciated, as it would be so nice to see different places and travel around, but not too extensively. Many thanks

    • PIN

      Hi Karen,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Santorini can definitely be your base island from where you can explore other greek islands (the same can also be said for Mykonos).

      You can have a look in our guide with 5 greek islands near Santorini (I suggest Ios, Folegandros, Naxos, Paros and Mykonos).

      The best way to travel between the greek islands is with a ferry and Let’s Ferry website is the best website to check timetables and ferry prices.

      However, if you are staying in Greece in total any less than 4 days I do not recommend visiting any other island… it’d be probably be better enjoying Santorini only…

  • Sofia

    Ya Pavlos – congratulations on a terrific website. Lots of great insights.
    I’d appreciate your advice about a mid range hotel or pension for a solo woman traveller. I won’t have a car as I am from Australia and we drive on the left side of the road – am too afraid to drive in Greece.
    I gather that Santorini buses are crowded and not too frequent so taxis may have to be my only option. Or book a day tour. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • PIN

      Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for your great comments! Hope the website helps everyone who wants to visit Santorini.

      I need 3 things to help you more:

      1. What’s your budget (max) per night for the hotel?

      2. How many days are you planning to stay in Santorini? (if you haven’t decided yet have a look on our detailed guide: How Many Days Do you Really need in Santorini?)

      3. When are you planning to visit Santorini? Which month?

      It’s really fine if you don’t want to drive in Greece. I know it can be terrifying if you have to drive on the other side…
      So…local buses it is! No problem with that.
      But depending on when you are actually visiting the buses might not be that frequent or not that crowded 🙂
      If you are really planning to stay 2-3 days on the island then a Daily Tour is highly recommended.

      ) has a lot of these daily tours for Santorini.

      So,let me know more details and I can help you out! 🙂

      • Ruth

        Thanks Pavlos. I am coming in early May and staying 3 nights. Being lose to the beach is not important – a view is better.

        • PIN

          Hi Ruth, I just realised I haven’t gotten back to you…
          Probably you have already booked your hotel but in case you haven’t, there be prepared to pay high prices for the famous caldera/vlocano views.

          I wouldn’t stay in Oia because Fira will always give you more options for food and walking around. It’s where the buzz is really!

          Oia is awesome but for a solo traveller might not be the best option in my opinion.

  • Brad Pipella


    I am trying to book a ferry from Santorini to Naxos In June. I need help with the seating. Should I just book economy for the four of us? The website does not explain any of the options and we just want to make sure we have a view. Also, not sure if we should be inside or outside.

    Carla and Brad
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    • PIN

      Hi there,
      Hope it’s not too late… 🙂

      From Santorini to Naxos it’s really not a very long or tiring trip so there shouldn’t be any issues with sitting outside.
      I don’t know when you are visiting but if it’s anytime from June to September then it’ll be great.
      Just make sure to get on the ship as early as possible to catch a good space so that you guys are comfortable.
      It’s not the most comfortable seats ever but the views of the amazing greek sea waters will compensate for it 😉
      I would say go for it!

  • BAB

    Hi Pavlos,
    Thank you for this website! My husband and I are planning a first trip to Greece first two weeks in October. As recommended we are flying from Boston to Athens to Santorini. I’m looking for the best flights to make connections, and it seems arriving in Athens in AM is best since there are several flights to Santorini in the afternoon. Does Flex rate (Olympic) mean if there is a flight delay to Athens we could rebook for a later afternoon flight to Santorini? I tried to contact Olympic directly by e-mail but e-mail bounced back written in Greek!

    • PIN

      Hi there,

      Good luck with trying to reqch Olympic Airways… 😉 they are really bad but you can actually try to contact Aegean Airlines because they are literally the same company.

      I am really not sure what their Flex Rate is to be honest (I am usually flying with Ryanair to Santorini) but I would say try to avoid very tight scheduled flights. Leave a few hours between them.

  • Katherine

    I’m looking for a good spa in santorini. Couples massage on honeymoon!

  • Nick Sdoucos

    Hi Pavlos,

    Just curious if you recommend taking the ferry over the plane when LEAVING Santorini? Im traveling with my 83 year old father and I have heard that the airport can be crazy when leaving. (easier when arriving?) Anyways, we are going to be departing on the second of july. Thoughts?

    • PIN

      Hi Nick,
      I suppose you are talking about taking the plane or the ferry feom Santorini to athens , right?

      If that’s the case then go for the plane.

      The ferry would be very tiring for your father. It’s 5 hrs at a minimum in the sea.
      The flight only takes 40mins on the air.
      The only problem with Santorini’s airport is that it’s actually very small for the amount of travellers that it gets so it can become chaotic and busy in the summer. But to be honest it’s nothing to worry about.
      The ferry could also be bumpy and as I said it can ve quite tiring even for a younger person.
      Definitely go for the plane!

      • Nick Sdoucos

        Pavlos. Thanks for the info. I have another question for you. My fiancé and I are getting married on June 29th. We are looking for a good restaurant to eat at afterward. There are ten of us. We definitely don’t want to go to a dinning hall or anything like that.

        What we are looking for is a restaurant that is loud, friendly, great atmosphere, and amazing food. If it has a great view its a plus. Really we just want something that feels like we are part of a big family. Does that make any sense?


      • Nick Sdoucos

        Forgot to mention we are staying in Oia and getting married a mile or so south of Fira.

  • Irene

    Hi! I am looking for a hotel on oia near the blue dome. What is the best ? Thanks

  • Parul Khetan Sigtia

    Hi! could you please recommend where one can find vegetarian food with good views too

  • Shannon Felsot

    Hey! I was wondering if you had a recommendation for sailing flotilla that has a good itinerary with breaking the bank!


    • PIN

      Which one is that? Do they have a website or something to understand which ones are these?

  • Carissa Vernon

    Hi Pavlos I am wondering how long the ferry takes to get from Santorini to Mykonos please? Also could you tell me the most authentic Greek food place to eat on Santorini please.

    • PIN

      I think I responded o our Facebook group right? 😘



    I am looking for advice in choosing between Sunset Oia Sailing or Santorini Sailing? We are staying in Fira, and both provide transportation.

    Thanks so much!


  • Marissa Kelland

    Hi! My friend and I are going to Santorini for 5 days in July! I was wondering if it is better to stay in Fira, Kamari beach or Perissa Beach? By day we plan to explore & hit the beach, and at night go to bars & clubs. Deffinetly want to see the best of day and night, so we plan to be roaming around the island! I was originally thinking of staying in kamari beach but i am now thinking Fira, since there is more nightlife. Is it a better idea since i am assuming it is easier to find transportation during the day than at night?

    • PIN

      Hi there!
      Definitely stay in Fira! No question about it.
      All the buzz is there, most of the shops and restaurants are there and basically 99% of the nightlife of Santorini is there.
      I keep on saying that to everybody: if you can, rent a car!!!
      It will make tour life so much easier… seriously…! Though all the buses and taxis use Fira as their main hub.

      From there you can go basically everywhere: beaches, Oia, Akrotiri etc

  • Bib

    Hi – first, thank you for the valuable info on this website. I’m staying at Kapari Resort (Imerovigli). I would like to propose on my trip to Santorini (in 2 weeks). I think during sunset would be a great idea but I’m aware of the crowd and I don’t want to do it with thousands of people around. I’d like a very quiet place, where we would be only the both of us, with a view. Is this even possible? 😀 Thanks!

    • PIN

      Of course it’s possible.
      There are hundreds of quiet corners in Oia.
      You can even do it after the sunset when the people have left! That would have been an even greater surprise!

  • Lili Gross

    waited too long! We are 4 girls having a reunion from boarding school in Switzerland. Grace Hotel is booked along with everything else that is cool.
    Most hotels take up to 3 guests? That seems to be a problem. Do you have any suggestions.. we are not flexible with our dates since we are coming from all directions. July 3 – July 8 5 NIGHTS.. thank you !! for any guidance…

    • PIN

      hmmm…that’s a tough one because it’s so close but there is still hope! Hurry up and book it immediately!!

      This is one of the best hotels still available: Amber Light Villas

      Why don’t you guys book 2 rooms in that one? It’s at Imerovigli which is really the best area of the island with amazing views.
      It’s not a problem that you guys are going to be in different rooms as all the rooms are really close to each others and you will probably all hang out together at the private pools. HURRY UP and book it!!

  • Sky Thew

    Hi, we will travel to Athen, Santorini and Mykonos on 3th-13th Aug. pls advise if better for us to travel from Mykonos back to Athen by ferry or by flight?

    • PIN

      The best thing you can do is :

      Athens-Santorini: flight (the ferry takes too long)
      Santorini-Mykonos: ferry (it’s only 2-3 hours)
      Mykonos-Athens : ferry (it’s only 3 hours and cheaper than flight)

      Hope that helps.

      • Sky Thew

        haha thanks… We had been booked Blue Star ferry with Air seat…. 🙂

        want to ask is there any bus transfer from Fira to Athinios Port as I cant find any timetable with KTEL.
        Port as we are try to take 10:45am ferry to Mykonos. Pls advise.
        We are staying at Hotel Kavalari, Ipapantis, Fira 847 00, Greece.

  • Udita Sharma

    Hello Pavlos,

    Thanks a lot for a very informative blog!! I am sure, tourist like me would really appreciate it. But, unfortunately I did not read your post before planning my travelling dates.

    So, now I am travelling in August (the very crowded first week) but still I want to make full out of my trip.

    Hence, here go my questions:

    Are there are any less known or less crowded places e.g. to see the sunset and yet enjoy it?? 😉 :p

    In your blog there are 5 restaurants with great views, but what about not so famous yet restaurants with tasty food ? In which only locals will prefer to eat? (Note: I am a veggie) 🙂

    Also, in your blog I found, how to get to Santorini from Athens but can you also help me in finding ways to reach Santorini from Kreta?
    In many other blogs, I read that there are cheap boats and ferries but when I search online on various websites, e.g lets ferry etc. then only two options are shown from Heraklion. Are there any other ferries or boats apart from seajet and hellenic?

    Is it advisable to hire an E-bike for travelling around the Island?

    • PIN

      Hey Udita,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I will start answering all your questions one by one:

      Are there are any less known or less crowded places e.g. to see the sunset and yet enjoy it??

      Yes there are, but you have to see the sunset from Oia. Also, in Oia you don’t have to get packed where everyone goes. Try to go to a more quiet spot. There are plenty of these if you are there on time. But if you want to experience a completely different sunset then you have to either go to the top of Pyrgos village or to the monastery of Prophet Elias. But you won’t be able to see the caldera/volcano though. To me it is equally beautiful though.

      In your blog there are 5 restaurants with great views, but what about not so famous yet restaurants with tasty food ? In which only locals will prefer to eat?

      Check our list with the 25 restaurants:

      Believe it or not, locals don’t eat where the nice views are. These are all occupied by tourists unfortunately.
      All of the greek restaurants and tavernas offer plenty of vegeterian options so you won’t have any issues finding something nice for you.
      If you search below you will find one of my resposne where I specify exactly what you can order in a greek restaurant if you are vegeterian.

      Regarding the ways to get from Santorini to Crete then the options you see on Let’s Ferry are the only ones available I am afraid… Ferries are pretty expensive in Greece unfortunately…

      Also, I E-bike sounds nice (if you find one on the island…) but I would better make it a motorbike if I was you. It’s pretty hot in the summer and you will be exhausted. Also, you won’t be able to explore the whole of the island.

      Hope that helped!

  • Victoria

    Hi I am thinking of visiting Santorini for a week at end of sept/ October and wanted to renew wedding vows while there, it will only be my husband and I on the trip any suggestions? Want to do it with a stunning view and opportunity for great photos.


    • PIN

      Are you looking for hotels or something else?

  • Nino Amonashvili

    Thank you for this great website. I found it very useful. Just one question, do you know what would be the best way to get from the airport to Perissa beach hotels? And approximately how much will it cost? Any tips will be highly appreciated!!!
    Thank you in advance very much!

  • Dev

    Hello! looking to plan our honeymoon in greece around late October / early November, heard things close up during this time. And also weather wise please suggest is it favorable? We can reach Athens by 29th Afternoon, would want to fly straight to Santorini. and want to visit 1-2 more places in 7-8 days. Please suggest

  • Shirley David

    my family and i (including a 4yo toddler and 1 yo baby) are visiting Greece in early December and thinking of spending a few nights in Santorini. will it be okay to bring young children to santorini during winter. will it be too cold for them? and where is the best place to stay with young children?

  • Heidi Morain

    Your site says many businesses, restaurants, etc will be closed in late December, but that’s when we can go. We aren’t goign for the beach life; we want to experience a bit of the culture and scenery. However, to what degree will EVERYTHING be closed? And will the ferries to Naxos be running in December? Thanks.

  • Heather Perry

    Hi there. I am looking at planning a family holiday (7 adults) for September 2018. Lots of villas we’re looking at seem to be booked out. Are they really booked or have those dates not opened up for bookings yet?

    • PIN

      I believe now they should be open for bookings on September 2018.
      i do recommend using

  • Weam Mussleh

    Ill be there on 19/8 im staying for 4 dayz at skyfall hotel but i dont know where can i go when im there and how can i have friends there so we can go together cuz ill be on my own and thats bit scary for me 🙁 , can you recomend anything for me please

  • Kim Nguyen

    I am going to Greece next month and planning out my itinerary: 3 nights in Santorini, ferry to Crete, 3 nights in Crete, fly to Athens, 2 nights in Athens, then back home. As you can see, I have minimal time in these cities. What do you suggest I do/see in these cities to maximize my visits? Or should I just skip Crete, and do Santorini & Athens only? Look forward to your reply.

  • Neda Vakilian

    Hi there! Thanks for an amazing website! Quick question: what’s megalochori like? I found a cute villa and want to stay there with my newborn twin girls. Thank you!!!

  • Julie Nilferli

    Omg. I decided that I wanted to join my friends who have already booked a trip to Greece. All their rooms only fit 2 except for Athens. I am trying to coordinate with them. And find flights and ferrys . I was thinking I would stay in Istanbul for a week instead and return 10/6. I can purchase a multiway ticket for that I’m sure. Please give me advice.
    I can fly these options:
    •Lax-Ist r/t 9/22-10/6
    •9/22 Lax – Ath // 9/30 Ath-Ist 10:10 // Ist- lax 10/6
    •R/t 9/22 lax to Athens – 9/30 ath to lax
    •Only join in the santorini portion of their trip by taking one way flight to sant from Ist (layover in turkey is ok bc I can ask a friend to meet up). With this choice, I found many different options such as r/t Ist to santorini, one way Ist to Ath & Ath to santorini…..

    This is their itinerary:
    9/22 (18:85-arrive 9/23 20:35) – 9/30 (10:10) lax to Athens r/t
    9/23 stay the night in Athens bc they arrive in the evening
    9/24 fly Ryan air 7am to santorini
    9/24-9/27 Hotel de sol
    9/27 Ferry Hellenic 11:00 to Mykonos
    9/27-9/29 bellissimo
    9/29 Mykonos to Athens 21:20 Ryanair

    Which hotels are close to the hotel de sol and bellissimo? What areas are close to Fira ??? Suggestions???
    Which wine tour is a good choice? Catamaran tour?


  • Isabelle Lim

    Hello ,

    I was wondering , should I book any cruise in advance . I will be visiting this 1st week of September . Do you think the sunset cruise will be fully book?

  • Samira Nikain

    Hi there! Going to Santorini with my boyfriend, his mother from October 4-7th. I found out he has a guy in Santorini slated to make us sandals while we are there. I need help and want to surprise him with something just as cool and memorable-just for him. Any ideas or suggestions? THanks!

  • Marisol

    Hi, My husband and I are going to Greece from November 4th to November 12th 2017. We have heard that the beaches are too cold and that boat rides may not be available due to the weather. How is the weather usually at the beginning of November? In the 70’s low 60’s? We love to go wine tasting and taking pictures of beautiful places. What do you recommend?


  • António Marques


    I want to know if there is a boat connection between Mykonos and Santorini in the month of March (concretely on 28 March 2018).

    A. Marques

    • PIN

      hey Antonio,

      Check Let’s Ferry website to check availability for ferries to and from all greek islands.

      • António Marques

        Thank’s !


    In Santorini , which is the best place to stay , hotel and restaurant, public transportation From NOV 15 TO NOV 18, 2017

  • Allison Jean

    My fiance and I will be in Santorini from October 10th though the 17th! We already have a few things book, but what we really want to know is where the best parties are this time of year. We love dancing at bars and clubs and the bands and DJs that play there. We plan on spending most nights in Santorini, but are also planning on spending a day in Mykonos. Are beach clubs still open the first couple weeks of October?


  • kanika yadav

    Hey !
    I’m travelling to santorini the last week of November. Of what i’ve heard, its low season and we’re worried the shops and cafes might be close.
    Also Could you please share about how the weather is usually, is it super cold or justa jumper does the work.

  • Frankie Chong

    Is there any tour guide recommended at Greece once i reach airport? I need arrangement for transport and sighseeing.

  • Rachel Smith

    Is finding a place on Air BNB or similar sites recommended for Santorini?

    • PIN

      in general I do recommend using on which you can book immediately online and you can also cancel.
      Also, i know that all hotels, villas and room owners of the island prefer instead and it is having much many more options for you to choose from.

  • John S

    Hey guys, I’ll be visiting greece for my honeymoon in 2018 and wanted to know your thoughts on the following itinerary.

    Flying from Naples, below is not necessarily in that order:
    4 nights Santorini
    3 nights folegandros
    2 nights ios
    2 nights athens

    What would be best combo to maximize time enjoying and less time traveling, should I add a day to ios, eliminate it? Other thoughts?

    • PIN

      hey John,
      Your itinerary looks good but I would change it a little.
      3 nights for Folegandros is too much. In general forget about Folegandros and visit Mykonos instead.
      if this is your first time in the greek islands then you definitely have to go to Mykonos.
      Ideally I would make my plan like this:

      5 nights Santorini
      3 nights Mykonos
      3 nights Athens (including a small island around Athens for a day trip instead like: Hydra island 2hrs quick ferry from Athens)

      otherwise you will waste too much time/money for the ferries between the islands

  • Fabio Erika Rosati

    Hello guys, we are two fruitarians and we are considering moving to Santorini in the next future. Would you consider Santorini a good place for fresh local fruits? Can you advice us of local fruit farms or organic fruit farmers where we could get good produce? We haven’t been able to find good info about it so far on the web. Thank you!

    • PIN

      Hey Fabio,
      Santorini and Greece in general are one of the best places to find fresh fruit and vegetables.
      Similar weather like south italy and really good fresh produce.
      you should be able to find fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere on the island (super markets and grocery stores). Obviously, not everything is grown on the island but they come from all over Greece so it’s very fresh anyways!

  • Joey Foo

    Hi , am planning a trip to Greece in late Feb 2018 with wife . Wanted to do Athens , Santorini and also Zakynthos shipwreck ( a k-pop fan) . Can anyone help to advice. On a tight budget and would appreciate if we can know the prices of food and accomodation and how we shall plan . Thanks alot .

    • PIN

      Hey Joey,
      You can definitely do Athens and Santorini but I do not recommend doing Zakynthos as it is in the completely opposite direction and you need to drive about 3 hrs and then take the ferry or direct plane from Athens. Also, bear in mind that in February Navagio beach won’t be at its best as it can be cold and windy. February is the coldest month in Greece. It may not look at all like the pictures or videos you’ve seen… the same applies to Santorini as well.
      The good news is that if you are in a really tight budget then February is a great month to visit Greece and its islands because it is off season and generally cheaper but bear in mind that many places will look empty or won’t be open.

  • Frank Reemer

    if we stay in imeroviglio can I get a taxi or car service to get to the castles, akitori ruins, restaurants and other beaches or should I rent a car, how easy is it to drive in santorini, is parking a problem ?

    • PIN

      you can get a taxi from anywhere on the island but depending on the time you are visiting you might wait a bit longer…
      I always advise people to rent their own means of transportation just to be independent (if you can afford it of course).
      For Imerovigli you probably have to park a bit further (depending on where you are staying).

  • ramesh

    We are a group of 3-couples all around 70-years, we have planned to arrive in Santorini on 23-Apr and wish to stay for 3-nights and then go to Mykonos by ferry.
    Can you suggest a 3-bedroom self serviced apartment?
    also when we take ferry to Mykonos can we stop for a day on any other port?

  • TB

    Hi, when exactly do the pools close???…Im hoping to visit mid October, but hoping the pools still open??

    • PIN

      October should be fine! All pools are open but it’s the end of the high season so things are slowing down towards the end of the month.

  • Kendra

    Hello! We will be ending our Honeymoon in Santorini this upcoming June. We are debating how to use our last 6 nights. We initially were planning on doing 2 nights in Naxos, followed by 4 nights in Santorini, but would that give us enough time in Santoini?

    Any advice, would be much appreciated!!

    • PIN

      Great choice!
      I always say that from the total amount of days spent in greece always always make half of them in Santorini.
      So 4 days Santorini and 2 days Naxos sounds really good!
      Naxos though is a pretty big island so you won’t see much.
      Have you considered visiting Mykonos instead?

  • Abhi

    Hello Team , I am going to visit Santorini in late april with my wife and kid(14 months). I want to plan my stay as below

    22 to 23 – Athens
    24 to 26 April – Fira or Imerovigli ( Need with Caldera view and outside hottub atleast )

    26 to 28 April – Oia ( Need with Caldera view and outside hottub atleast )

    28 to 29 April – Athens

    Kindly could you please suggest family hotel with caldera view and outdoor hot tub atleast. I am having diffculties in finding one as lots of best hotels mentioned in your site are adult only hotels.
    Also, with a toddler, do we need to hire a car or we can travel in bus or other public transport. Your help will be much appreciated !!

    • PIN

      what’s your budget?
      Also, eventhough most of the hotels might declare themselves as adult , they might be able to accomodate your stay.
      Give them a call to find out!

  • Rami Khanna-Prade

    Kalispera Pavlos – I should be in Greece towards the end of March around the 23rd/2th. This is my 2nd visit to your beautiful country. I am into photography and that is my main reason for this visit – have heard and read a bit about Santorini and its history and specially its cats – yes I love cats. I have been reading your Santorini secrets pages – very helpful – but I would like any suggestions that you may have to really make the best of my trip. I plan on spending about 4 days – is that enough? As far as hotels is concerned clean with private bath and toilets..looking forward to hearing from you
    Efxaristo poli

  • Lisa Smith

    Hey, Couple questions..

    My family and I , 6 adults are looking to book accommodations for a few days in June 2019 for a wedding at Le Ciel. We would need 3 separate bedrooms. Where do you recommend and more importantly When do you recommend booking this? Also we will be flying from Northeast U.S. and looking to spend 2 weeks over there, how do you see us setting up this the best, maybe, fly into Athens ferry over to Santorini stay the 4 nights then mykonos and somewhere else? Any suggestions would be great Thank you in advance

    • PIN

      hey there,
      Book your rooms ASAP!!!
      The best thing is to fly from Athens to Santorini and hen take a ferry between Santorini-Mykonos.
      I would stay at least 1 week in Santorini, 4 days Mykonos and 2 days Athens.

  • Balkrishna Shroff

    I am planning a trip in Greece in August for 17/18 days with my wife. We are 60+. I have planned Crete 7days, Santorini 3, Mykonos 3, Athens 4. Is that fine ? Looking forward to stay in couples/adults only hotels at each place. Any suggestions ?

    • PIN

      it seems that Crete is your focus on that trip…
      A week in Crete is fine!
      Crete is a massive island though…I don’t know if you are looking to rent a car though and drive around.
      The secret for Crete is to focus only on one side: west, east or central Crete.
      My advice is to do the West part first as it is the most beautiful (Chania area)
      Don’t try to explore the whole island in 7 days.
      Regarding hotels, there are literally hundreds of options (especially for Crete…) and it really depends on your budget.
      I always tell to people to have a look at and narrow down their options per their budget and reviews they see there…

      • Balkrishna Shroff

        Thanks a lot

  • Marcey Revis

    Thank you for all your information very helpfully. In your opinion is it wiser to do a sunset cruise are view sunset at Oia location? We are also interested in doing the Volcano tour we will be visiting Santorin in April. Any recommendations will help. We will also be visiting Mykonos as well what type of excursions would you recommend besides Delos?

    • PIN

      Hey there thanks for your kind words.
      I really believe a volcano tour is the best because usually at the end of it you watch the sunset…
      Take a look on the tours offered here:

      Mykonos doesn’t offer that many tours but I always recommend to people that the best tour you can do in Mykonos is to try and visit as many beaches of the island as possible!

  • Emilio

    Hi, i will be staying in Santorini in the month of June for my honeymoon. I know I want to stay in Imerovigli (more quiet and seclusive),but undecided on which hotel. Any recommendations??? Best luxury hoel with private pool in that area? Grace is sold out unfortunately. Thank you in advance

  • Prodyumna

    We are 2 couples visiting Santorini in August.
    We would like to know about the transport in Santorini. Is it a good idea to hire a car or public transport is more recomended?
    We will be arriving from Mykonos by boat. Are there car rental companies available at the harbour?

    • PIN

      I am always suggesting to rent a car while on any greek island because the public transportation is not reliable and you could wait a lot for a bus to arrive. It also doesn’t give the flexibility you may want if you are visiting on a tight schedule.
      Yes, there are hundreds of reliable rental companies.
      I always use big websites like: RentalCars that has many of options.

  • Valarie Benning Thompson

    Guys we are 9 beautiful Black American Women traveling to Santorini for a Birthday celebration. Where can we go and party and hear R&B , Hip-Hop

  • Balkrishna Shroff

    Hi, looking for couples/adults only hotels in August for 4 nights. Our budget is about 350/400 Euro per day. Not on the beach but not too many steps. any suggestions ?

  • TN

    This will be our first time flying out of the country (from Atlanta). June 4-June 12 is our travel time.

    Planning on from flying to London first (1 day stay), from London to Athens (1 day stay), then to Santorini (back to London on the 11th) trying to plan this out not sure the best way to save (we don’t mind paying for flights to save on travel to enjoy more time together doing things) but also get the maximum experience! Really want a romantic/adventurous experience. Want to experience the caldera views! And Oia sunset. We will be renting a car (per your advice)

    Where would you recommend we stay, in Santorini, Fira or Oia…. Or should we mix it up a couple day each location?

    Considering POSSIBLY visiting the Mykonos to party lol

    • PIN

      hey there!
      What’s your budget per night roughly?
      You should spend at least 3 nights in Santorini and then you should visit Mykonos as well! Especially if you wanna party!

  • jeanette

    our cruise ship gets to Santorini at 7am on 07/08/18. what is the fastest and not too expensive way to get from the port to Oia.

    • PIN

      taxi! just outside of the port!
      don’t worry there will be hundreds waiting outside…